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  1. I feel very excited about this DLC, mostly the surface features and exploration/science. I always thought it was fun to fly to other planets but once I got there, there was nothing to do so I just planted flag and flew back. These new features should add a whole new level of gameplay. As for the price - I think it is justified. I have already played KSP much longer time than any other game. They just can't keep fixing bugs and adding features for free, they need to earn some money, otherwise the development makes no sense from the business point of view.
  2. I had the same problem. CKAN thinks that my KSP 1.6.1 is actually 1.1 and does not offer me any compatible version of Astronomers visual mod. When I set comptible version to 1.1, the mod suddenly appears. I did manual install instead.
  3. Thanks, I will try this. Ondrej I didn’t know about this feature, will try it. Thanks. ondrej
  4. I play only occasionaly - maybe one or two hours a week or less. My problem is that when I fly a long and difficult mission - like landing crew on Eve - it takes a long time (could be a few real months) and before I finish the mission there is usually an update (automatically downloaded by Steam), which can sometimes break my game progress. I use a few mods (Kerbal Engineer, Fuel tanks plus, TAC life support, transfer window planner) and often some of them break the save file. Yesterday all my parts with variants switched to default versions (this broke my rover with the new long mk2 capsule) and could not be switched back. Some time back all the fuel tanks from a mod changed to zero fuel on a saved ship in flight to Jool. I also wanted to try RSS but it seems their updates are way way behind the current version of KSP. My question is how to do it better. Is there a way to prevent updates before the mods get updated as well? Do you fix save files by hand? Should I stop using mods? How do you cope with the updates vs mods problem?