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  1. >Build customizable rover >Decides to mess up with BDArmory >After besieging KSC, decides to drive it underwater Need to stop to recharge batteries... We could say that the guys back at KSC are extremely good at making things watertight... The cannons could fire too!
  2. Just tested it today... ineffective... I could only create cargo plane that could carry a rockomax-64... totally ineffective. Going to try orbital drop... or could someone teach me how to build a VTOL Skycrane
  3. So, today I went ahead and designed to design a carrier... Now, how do I put stuffs in the cargo bay
  4. Due to school and life related stuffs, I can't post frequently. Expect infrequent updates. About the refueling system, I'm thinking of a cargo aircraft. But, could I drop fuel tanks from the cargo bay through the cargo ramp? Could I put a drogue chute on the tank to pull it out from the cargo bay so a normal chute could deploy later?
  5. Still found no means to refill the craft's fuel. The craft need to be filled with 15000 liters of Liquid Fuel, that alone weighs about 100 tonnes. I tried to Orbital Drop the fuel, but it doesn't have enough delta-v to brake on reentry, so the chutes can't be deployed. Tried to create a VTOL craft so I can sling-load the fuel. But, I find it difficult to balance lift and thrust. Also tried to use the same craft design but with pontoons filled with fuel, can't takeoff. The craft is also powered with large blimp engine from FTT that powered with electricity. So, if I missed, it co
  6. United Kerbilian Empire Military is interested to contract your Raptor 9 launch vehicle to launch the CommSat X1 Here is the detail of the orbit we need: We need you to put the satellite in Polar KEO, we need the satellite to be placed as near to the North Pole as possible, You may use our built-in ION Engine to propel the craft or your own tug. Please remember that this is "JUST" a "COMMUNICATION" satellite. The satellite weight is 0.596 tonnes if I'm not wrong.
  7. QS 1 - QS 2 ___________________ I just realized that the reactor module I put on the ship was unneeded because 6 RTGs is enough to power the craft, so the reactor is useless and just adds weight that slows me down... But it is too late, so screw it! Here we go again! It was a bit messy because I shut down the engine, I thought by shutting down the engines it will make it stop much quicker, I was wrong... SUNRISE! Taste the heat in your skin! And here we see the crew of Locust One enjoying the circumnavigation like they were on a holiday trip L1
  8. LAUNCH - QUICK SAVE 1 _______________________________________ LOCUST ONE - MODEL DESIGNATION A Changes from previous version: -BDTD Scanner -Replaced front prop with intake -Tried to fix misaligned cameras by moving them, still misaligned (duh) So, here it is... Craft is being prepared for a long taxi to the shore, note those dishes are used to relay data between my craft -> RemTech Sattelite Constellation at KEO -> KSC and the other way around, for communication purposes of course! After the long, painful taxiing, the craft finally
  9. UNITED KERBILIAN EMPIRE (could someone tell me if this name has been taken or not?) - PLANETARY EXPLORATION DIVISION presents you (EXPECT BAD ENGLISH) OPERATION: LOCUST "We have explored the fastness of space, but yet, there is still many location at our homeland that lies unexplored, because of this we will send many brave Kerbals to explore the lands of Kerbin, and we are not going to do it next year or next month, WE WILL DO IT TODAY! WE WILL START WATER-BORNE CIRCUMNAVIGATION TONIGHT!" -President of United Kerbilian Empire, Dave Kerman The circumnavigation operatio
  10. Yeah, but I was quite worried about the land navigation capability on it because it took a lot of time to just slightly turn it, and I'm also considering to make a mission report page as well. But my craft can't do the aerial circumnavigation challenge because it uses parts from mods that doesn't allowed by the challenge rule. May your journey brought you fame and fortune. P.S. Sorry for bad english
  11. Decided to make something for the Elcano Challenge, this is the produce of +/- 10 hours of tinkering... Presenting, Locust One NOTE: FRONT PROPELLER EASILY DESTROYED BY WATER, REPLACED BY AN INTAKE Here is some photos of the aircraft's performance Locust One, preparing for engine test Applying 100% Thrust Lift? This thing could fly! And now, for the performance on water Locust One, getting ready to enter water, took a while to get it here from the other end of the runway Look at that! Current to
  12. A little help here, it seems that I cannot find the RealFuel RealEngines RO config.
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