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  1. Getting back into the game because I have more RAM now. Trust me I had 4GB before, and I have 8GB now, and makes a HUGE difference. And as usual I forgot some stuff my first launch back.... This time I forgot to check subassemblies, I have a complete Duna probe package in there...wit that I wouldn't have had to make these solar arrays....bleh
  2. So I was just wondering what was up in KSP, and I run across this thread. I can see both sides of the issue here, I think OP is mad because Unity according to him is like a "real" game engine with training wheels. Well it isn't the engine, because I've seen loads of awesome games that use Unity. Some of them are even indistinguishable from other engines. I think Unity bashing is really unfair...
  3. Since I did not want tons of planets via planet packs, but still want some of my favorites, I'm picking and choosing a few to edit into my "stock" game. Newest addition is Tekto from OPM, which I placed between the orbit of Duna and Dres. Also have Kalley, another moon of Kerbin, originally from Interstellar Adventure Revived, and a small rock around Minmus called Jopa, from Kargantua System. I'll probably put Hale around Tekto as its moon, and I definately want that Kargantua black hole in there. hey who knows I'll maybe work on getting permission from the original authors and release it
  4. I PROBABLY made the most Kerbal thing ever: - Chance of bodily harm? - Potential for things to go wrong? - Jeb would love to fly it?
  5. Jim, we're never gonna leave you alone heh...in a good way I hope. Time to start reading.
  6. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to do this, but one problem - I'm still stuck on 1.2.2 I believe the props will work though. I'm going to put one on my Kustard and see how it works. aaaand I may have to edit the craft file to get it to load in the new one.
  7. hmmm, now I'm worried, I kepty checking the YouTube channel for a new video, but now you guys say he went AWOL? Oh, and I never really got out of 1.2.2 myself. all my mods crashed 1.3.1 when I tried to update so I'm stuck here lol
  8. I FINALLY finished the Dragon II spaceplane. Dragon I was good too, but in hindsight I made it with aesthetics first. This one still looks like a dragon, but this one was handling first.
  9. This is MY thread. There are others like it, but this ones mine. ....WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT?!?!? Anyway, I've been away from story-ing for a while, just no inspiration lately. Until that is I saw a film called either "Alpha Gateway" or "The Gateway"...I hate it when films have more than one title....argh. So, I started thinking. What if Kerbals found alternate realities too? And what shenanigans could they get up to when the world is your banana....or crayfish...or whatever? Working on the first chapter now, and I want to get a buffer as usual before I start posting, so I th
  10. I can't pigeonhole THE funniest bug...but I recorded probably ONE of them. Take a look
  11. Well, RL got me AGAIN, so no time to really do anything, but now that winter's coming I'm slowly starting to get back into it. Needless to say, I think they found new ways of training while I was gone.
  12. Plot twist - SQUAD ITSELF is the Kraken...and it stole our showrunner. so the entire universe is slowly being erased, which was it's plan all along! MWAHAHAHHHHAAAA!
  13. Slowly working on my large SSTO, I've never lost a kerbal during testing, even though sometimes it crashes (the stress is absorbed if I soft-land it) Newest addition, some drag brakes because it's been very unstable after re-entry.
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