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  1. ANNNNNND welcome to my head. yes, I am fine. Yes, it is weird, yes, just looking at it makes me slightly sick. https://kerbalx.com/Draconiator/I-have-no-clue-what-to-name-this
  2. Okay...now it's time to GET WEIRDDDDDDDD....submission soon.
  3. GOT IT WORKINGGGGG!! https://kerbalx.com/Draconiator/Kerbtrolite-K-1
  4. I have something coming for Light Aircraft but I have to fix all the bugs first. Here's a teaser shot of it for now.
  5. Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a reason for my absence lately....Real Life. Lately I don't seem to get as much time anymore to do what I want to do, hell...even my remake of a KSP machinisma I want to do is sorta rotting in a dark corner somewhere...Still build stuff though because I seem to be able to throw things together in KSP and have it fly right off though. and for the record I did want to finish Etherium...Stupid RL, lol
  6. I'm working on something for the Light Aircraft category too, just need to fine-tune it. I'll probably do something for the Wacky category as well.
  7. AND AS A BONUS, when the save is available, The Green Dragons will perform on it. I intend to make a video of it.
  8. First some context. One of my latest builds was used for this. Rear view - those are shrunk Junos Anyway, it's supposed to be highly maneuverable, so I decide to take it through its paces, and not only does it fly exactly as I envisioned, it's so small that the reaction wheel in the cockpit makes it able to do stunts that would be impossible if it were bigger. Here's a stunt I came up with that really struck me as unique. Starts as a loop, but then turns into a series of tiny "looplets". And I also drew a diagram of it. Thinking of calling it "The Kidney" because it looks like one on the diagram. Any of you guys come up with something similar?
  9. Okay, that last chapter made me want to install Sims 2 again...if only for the zany antics they get up to sometimes. I remember one time I was working on a relationship, when she wanted to bring her friend over. Then, in the queue at the top, I see the guy wanted to take a bath in the SINK, in full view of his girl and her friend. game won't let that happen but just seeing that up there was funny.
  10. Oooh I didn't notice that you can use props, I think that one's a Kitty. Then I guess I'll use one of my planes I already have. Will update this post. Here's my submission. I think it would go in Heavy Aircraft Link is below, it is the KTR-10NP (No Procedural, I had procedural wings so had to replace them; ended up having the same wing area anyway.) https://kerbalx.com/Draconiator/KTR-10NP
  11. I too am building something for this. Here is it in progress. I just started.
  12. Again, Just Jim inspires a mad scientist creation from me. And again....it handles like...well something that would get me banned if I said it. https://i.gyazo.com/ed7bac2fd4bd63b34f1367db46becd56.png
  13. Been doing some experimenting in the lab. This thing actually flies real nice
  14. Okay bad news good news. Bad news, I decided to trash the craft I was making. Good news? I made a MUCH smaller one that will do well, I just have to figure out how to make it float.
  15. Ooooh NICE. I may try this later. A wing of 6 fighter bombers via Wing Command mwaha