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  1. These are actually pretty neat. I quite like them What are you making them in? And if you're taking requests, a Falcon 9 heavy would be cool!
  2. No, like it's actually 162.
  3. Pretty sure I started with one of the first public releases, whatever that even was.
  4. Or you could learn to install them yourself, considering it involves simply dragging the files over. If you can't do simple things like drag and drop a file somewhere, you got no business being on a PC imo.
  5. Hah That's a load of crap. He's a big boy. He can buy his own copy like the rest of us. KSP is what, 25 bucks on steam? Although he is pretty famous, and I can see the publicity being a good thing, I just don't agree with giving out free copies.
  6. 'Cause the "Only babes" section is appropriate for the KSP forums right? xD
  7. He doesn't want to have a powered front wheel necessarily. A plane wheel that was unpowered like the current one that could TURN like a rover wheel would be great too!
  8. Ah, but that's where you're wrong. You just didn't look hard enough
  9. I regret to inform you I am not this Jones-250 you speak of. HarvestR!
  10. Check out the desert, there's some interesting things in there
  11. This exact thing happened to me while I was getting out of bed the other morning. Get something hot on it. Electric heating pad or whatever you have for that pourpose.. It's going to hurt pretty bad for a while but it'll heal up fairly quick, from personal experiance. You defiantly didn't break it. You'd know if you broke it If the pain gets worse or you think it's bad enough, you should probably get to a hospital and actually have it checked out though.
  12. Sorry. Me already did it. WITH A BALLOON! <iframe class="imgur-album" width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>