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    SQUAD has explained how it came to this decision: Being a small indie-dev company, they NEED the players for the final testing and for updating the mods. Being a small indie-dev, they DO NOT HAVE the infrastructure to make several updates a day available throught their own store to thousands of users. Being a small indie-dev that works closely with its community the chose make the extend this opportunity to as many users as possible without unreasonable expense or effort on their side. 

    Having bought the game does not ENTITLE you to anything besides playing the most up-to-date version of the game as soon as it is realeased. You do not DESERVE anything except to play the game in its given actual state. Every bit of effort SQUAD still puts in this game is a FREE BONUS we should be thankful for.

    The way I see it the only mistake SQUAD made when making this decision was the assumption that the player community is reasonable and mature enough to understand that this is the best they were able to make of the situation.