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  1. With RCs and motorbikes as my other 2 hobbies my budget is a bit tight atm... but yes, next time a new gaming rig is due, it will be a laptop.
  2. I beg to differ. The company i work for stull uses a 32bit OS (for whatever reason). So no 32bit ksp would mean no ksp for me during business trips
  3. I use.the poodle for most of my 2.5m rocket designs. Great isp for a lfo engine, small footprint, not too heavy. Especially useful before unlocking nukes a very handy tool for interplanetary manned exploration.
  4. There's nothing to understand. Any change SQUAD makes, no matter how small or irrelevant, will cause someone to complain.
  5. But you learned from it. That's the best part What works best for me I straight up until about 100 m/s, then gradually tilt right while always keeping within the prograde marker. You should be at about 45 degrees at 10000m, but it also depends on your rocket. At this point your ideal time to pe I about 50 sec. I know, sounds confusing and difficult but that's what YouTube is for :). I'm sure there are better and more efficient ways but for me this has worked best. I usually need around 3300dV to LKO, sometimes less.
  6. Your rocket is pointed 10 degrees above prograde and you are stil losing altitude.
  7. I had 2 crashes in about 16 hrs of gameplay. Both times because my PC went to sleep, so can't really blame the game for that. Also I am using a ton of mods, some not even yet updated for 1.1.3. Though i must add, that apart from a few crashes in VAB I haven't really had problems in 1.1.2 and also never really understood what everyone got so worked up about.
  8. Never had this problem. Which of course doesn't mean that others can't either. But yeah, a backup can never hurt.
  9. You can turn auto-update off, you know?
  10. There should be a winnebago. A winnebago with rocket engines... As for driving a corvette over minmus:maybe some rich tourist would pay a lot of money for exactly that... Maybe sign a contract with him...
  11. They are a lot more efficient than simple LFO-fueled engines. (LV-N has an ISP of 800, the poodle has only 350 I think). I use them mostly for interplanetary transfers. All of my interplanetary shuttles are nukes. The only thing (in stock) more efficient are ion engines, but due to their ridiculously low thrust makes them better suited for people who are a lot more patient than me.
  12. May this be the worst biking-related accident you ever have. Sincerely, A fellow biker
  13. Gorgeous. Downloading now.
  14. Did you get a glimpse at the fireball?? E: Sorry for the off-topic, Badie
  15. I really like the idea. I was thinking about something along those lines. I imagined something like this: You have a basic node at the beginning and need to unlock other nodes by performing certain actions with certain parts at specific situations. The tech tree is not visible, you just unlock stuff along the way. As you also mentioned, first you could only build prototypes, which are a lot more expensive, but also less reliable and have worse stats (battery with less EC, parachute that creates less drag, etc.). There could also be malfunctions (similar to the mod Kerbalism or dangit!) and the more you use a part and in the more situations, you would gather tech points for each part which then you can use to upgrade reliability and performance (similar to another brilliant mod: Kerbal Research and Development). Further unlocks could have requirements like landing a craft on Kerbin using at least x amount of radial chutes and thus unlocking the prototype for the next biggest chute. So in a way that a new part is unlocked by the need for it (as it would happen in RL). Later in the tech tree there could be more complex requirements. For example, that in order to unlock a node, you first need to land on a certain body and retrieve a certain material that only exists there (An extension of this would be a mod where you require materials which have to be harvested on other bodies or refined in space to even build rockets using certain parts; This would also give more reason to build and maintain outposts and space stations, though not sure whether the game engine makes this possible at all). So pretty similar to what you had in mind in fact. Anyway, since I don't even know how to read logs, I won't likely create such a mod anytime soon...
  16. I'm sorry, but then you have the wrong game. KSP is a game where you build rockets and fly them to other planets. What SQUAD contributes to it is the platform, a physics sandbox where you can create your own rockets and rovers and space stations and planetary bases. The things you have listed are simply out of scope for this game concept. Also, I don't think it's fair to deny that the game has not improved much in the past years. A lot of people have put an insane amount of effort, time and creativity into this game and this clearly shows. Also, you mentioned that you have exhausted the possibilities that keep this game interesting for you - how many hours have you spent with it until you realized that? It's a simple calculation: How much have I paid for how many hours of enjoyment? KSP will score easily waaaay waaaaaaay higher than most titles from mainstream publishers. PS: I hope this does not come over too harsh, I don't mean to offend you or disrespect your opinion (just in case this got lost in translation).
  17. I bought this game for 37 EUR when it was still in Alpha. Never regretted buying it, still one of my favorites after 1 1/2 years. There are a lot of games that leech on their prequels, suck really really bad and cost a lot more (looking at you, Anno 2205 and Simcity 2013). 3 days later I bought a copy for a friend for 17 USD in Steam Christmas Sale. And another copy for another friend later on for 23 USD. Just wait for some sale, you'll get it for less. BTW, if you look at the prices for computer games, 40 bucks is not that terribly much with games in the 80+ USD pricerange. Not to mention subscriptions and DLC packs (2 things SQUAD will never make you pay for).
  18. From my experience this is usually not allowed in any forum. It would make things really confusing if people could just swap usernames whenever they want to. Basically you have only one option: Live with your current username (I don't really see any problems with it tbh if that helps). Registering under another name with a different mail adress counts as having several accounts and is not allowed. I could be wrong though.
  19. Really interesting. I can't download it though, getting a 401 error. Can't find it on Spacedock by searching either.
  20. Watched this video yesterday. Can't wait to get home from work and install this mod.