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  1. Had the same issue. Make a clean re-install (backup saves, crafts, screenshots!!).
  2. I finally got around to install 1.1 with a decent amount of mod. Started with building a small spaceplane in sandbox with 2raapiers and a nerv. It flew really well and had ~900dV left in LKO. Italso had about 550 units of oxidizer left so the next step will be to replace the surplus of ox with lf and see how far I can get. On a related note, does anyone know how lf and ox relate in terms of mass?
  3. You can even turn an asteroid into a spaceplane and land it. Just ask @5thHorseman
  4. I doubt that KSP is nearing "Endgame". Recently someone posted a GIF from KSP on 9gag and dozens if not hundreds of people asked what the game is called. Pretty sure at least some of them bought it since. There's still a huge potential market for KSP.
  5. Saves holding a list of installed mods. Genius! Simply genius!
  6. There was a mod for 1.0.5 that enabled you to freeze a craft in atmospheric flight and pick up later right where you left off. I think it's called atmospheric parking or sthg similar. I doubt that it has been updated to 1.1 though.
  7. 10 points to Griffindor for situational awareness. Though I do hope you left her a nice tip for her reaction...
  8. Just figured out that KRnD stops working when I have Cryogenic Engines installed (KSP 1.0.5). I still have the button in the VAB, but selecting a part doesn't do anything (the KRnD window stays empty). Deleting CryoEngines and CryoTanks solves the issue. @-MM-: I guess there's not much point in trying to fix this before the 1.1 release (if at all possible), but it might make sense to put a warning into the OP, in case others experience this problem as well? @Nertea: Maybe also mention this in your thread? Cheers, Zoid
  9. Zoidos

    KSP YouTubers

    I was just about to mention Cupcake, I was surprised I had to scroll down so far... I found a lot of inspiration from Cupcake's vids, especially for more efficient manned landing and crew transport missions.
  10. Welcome to the forums! Don't remember exactly when but it was in my first carreer. I started to build a small station in lko using 1.25m parts. It took quite a while and several redesigns ("huh. should've put rcs thrusters on this thing...") but once finally docked it was one of these awesome ksp success feelings. I actuallystruggled a lot more with mastering orbital rendezvous.
  11. @Reason 1: this is a simple business decision: i can sell 1000 units of a product with 10 bucks profit per unit or i can sell 100.000 units of the same product with 1 $ profit per unit. Steam is a service that helps small indie devs distribute their products to a broad playerbase they would never reach by their own means. this of course has its price (this is capitalism, after all). I see your point and I share your preference of the little company over the big mammoth but in a way, steam tips the scale towards the former. This might of course just be my point of view. Not trying to convince you or anything, but you do have the choice to turn steam off or disable automatic launching. Since ksp has no drm, you don't even have to run steam to play ksp. Just a thought.
  12. Honestly I don't know, neither can I imagine the reasons you are referring to that speak against steam. I have been using it for years and never experienced any real issues. OTH, I am rather easily satisfied when it comes to such things (I also never got the issue with Curse vs. Kerbalstuff, I got my mods, that's what matters). But I trust that you have your reasons and respect that. However I am sure that you are aware that this is your personal choice that keeps you from the pre-release. You can always deactivate automatic updates of the game in Steam which makes you pretty much independent from updates (be it the steam client or KSP) and ensure that you have a working copy of the game. Anyway, I too hope that 1.1 will be available for everyone soon and people will forget this whole topic over how awesome the new version is.
  13. If you have bought KSP before it was available on Steam, you can transfer your licence to Steam. There is an option for that in the Squad Store (dunno exacxtly how, it was posted in the pre-release announcement a few weeks ago).
  14. LOL well played SQUAD, well played. It was really amusing to see the alternating spikes of hype/hate/hope/despair/more hate/ecstasy throughout the forums Bad news for me: 3 a.m., work tomorrow, no chance to play before saturday evening... To everyone who uses steam and actually has time to play, enjoy the update Ps: if there is a graph showing the break in forum activity at the exact point of the beta being available, please share! EDIT: Dammit, too hyped, can't sleep. If I would not be absolutely certain that my gf would murder me with her bare hands, I'd fire up my PC and play until work starts.
  15. Sorry if I missed something but wht is the rage about? I just don't get it.
  16. By dumping this thing into the ocean you just raised global sea levels but at least 120m. Bye-bye KSC. EDIT: Aww, Ninja'd
  17. Welcome to the forums and the addiction. It depends on what you are looking for in KSP. Realism? Awesome Spaceplanes? A deeper, more diverse Carreer Mode? If you are new to the game, I would suggest Kerbal Engineer Redux, which gives you a lot of info that helps to design crafts and get a hang of the mechanics. Chatterer, Scatterer, EngineLighting and Planetshine give you a more immersive and beautiful experience without changing the gameplay. You can also try some new parts once you grasp the basics of the game (Novapunch, KW Rocketry and MKS are my must.haves). If you're into Spaceplanes, I recommend B9 Aerospace, KAX, AoA Tech, MK2 essentials and MK2 Stock-a-like expansion. Firespitter enables you to build some bad-S atmospheric planes, helis and other stuff. If you are somewhat experienced, you might want to look for mods that give you further challenges and more stuff to do. Station Science and UKS are good starting points, the latter especially in combination with Life Support mods such as USI LS or TAC LS (which I personally prefer). Also RemoteTech or AntennaRange. If you are looking for ways to spice up carreer mode, I would suggest Strategia, KRnD and StateFunding. There are also lots of very interesting contract packs to alter your experience. I would really recommend you to just browse through the addon releases forum. Sometimes you can find mods you didn't even know you were looking for.
  18. The biggest limiting factors in my Spaceplance missions are my piloting and my engineering skills. Everything else is fine.
  19. Errr... The screenshot says you have 180 RP... I would go for the electrics update (bottom) to get solar panels. And if you have enough left, for the pods.
  20. I can totally imagine that. Jeb is a real jerk. I'm sure he's the kind of pilot who pretends to pass out about 300 meters above ground during a Mün-landing while still plummeting down at 50m/s just to give the others the creeps.
  21. Jeez, I totally forgot to reply to this. I feel genuinely ashamed. That's what happens when you read the forums on your phone under the table in a booooring meeting... For my defense, I hadn't really had the time recently for testing all my ~50 mods for conflicts (btw, big thanks @ssd21345 for your research! I just installed KRnD aroung that time. Choosing between the 2 is a real dilemma though). I actually have to restrain myself from launching KSP now which would be a very bad idea given that it's 00:40 here and there's work tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for your tips @curtquarquesso and my apologies for not reacting.
  22. Welcome back guys. I hope you managed to get a little rest! I love the cutaway feature! Can't wait to see my kerbals panicking and screaming in fear during a suicidally steep re-entry... Keep up the good work!
  23. Wow, nice, Your CV must be too big to send in a mail I can relate though (a bit). My jobs so far: Swimming instructor, waterpolo coach, museum tour guide, antiquities trader (antique paintings), shop sales assistant, service desk agent, incident manager, sdm; Sorry to hear about the disability part. Were you injured during your time in the army (if I may ask - if not, just ignore pls)?