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  1. These are my must-haves: KER KAC Mechjeb KIS+KAS Planetshine Chatterer USI LS (toggleable) UKS Portrait Stats Waypoint Manager Wider Contracts App There are also a lot of parts packs I use but this is difficult, as my selection represents merely my personal taste and should not be shoved done everyone's throats. Also, with the vast choice, awesome quality and ease of installation of mods created by the modding community I am perfectly happy to use mods for features that are not stock.
  2. Bad luck. In a recent save I had 7 rescue missions that yielded 4 pilots and 2 engineers. And I wanted scientists.
  3. I don't. When they look at me with those big, stupid eyes, I just can't bring myself to tell them they have outlived their usefulness. JK, in fact I don't see any reason to get rid of Kerbals. On the contrary, I sometimes grudgingly accept grindy rescue contracts for the 20th time just to get more Kerbals because hiring them would just cost too much and I need them for my bases, stations, interplanetary ships . And I don't mind having them idling around in the astronaut complex, since their corrupt, incompetent union let them sign away their rights and they have to work for me for free, forever (muhahhahahaaa *rubbing hands*).
  4. Jeb could never be replaced by MechJeb. MechJeb can't collect surface samples.
  5. I have done this in pretty much every save so far. Usually by the time I have colonized Duna and started to send my first probes to Eve and Jool system, I have the tech tree maxed out. With science mods like orbital science or station science it is possible to max out the tech tree without leaving Kerbin SOI.
  6. Thanks for sharing, great story. A tip to the head for sacrificing your already limited spare time to give a few happy hours to a little kid. Also great reaction @KasperVld I would also support @adsii1970's suggestion if this would happen.
  7. I like the building rockets and shooting them into space part. Seriously though, I couldn't really single out one feature, as the game in its entirety offers such a superb and unique experience which no other game can offer. And all the little features just make it a more deep, exciting and colorful experience, but none is more important than the other (it's like which of your organs are you the happiest to have). Also, kudos for creating thist thread. There is too much complaining and moaning on these forums, it's great to have a thread encouraging people to think of and express the positive sides of the game (and to give a little credit to squad, who have created what brings so many hours of joy many many people).
  8. I've had this issue too. Weirdly, it just suddenly started one day, i was never able to figure out why. Even weirder, i don't use hamachi or any other vpn and the issue disappears only if i disable my lan-controller. Yet even weirder, this only happens at home. On the same pc at my parents' or my gf's mom's house the game loads in about a minute. The ssd also helps.
  9. That would be really cool. An actual museum as a separate building. With little models of all the craft that ever flew a mission and info about their crew and their achievements. I know there's no way this is ever going to be implemented but still, that would be cool
  10. I always use life support mods. Sending Kerbals on a 4-year Duna-mission and not sending any supplies just feels wrong. I also never send them alone on long trips (anything lasting longer than a week) and make sure, they have enough space (habs, labs, etc... UKS is very useful with inflatable living space), like you do. I, too, rotate the crew on bases and stations. Not only to not let them rot in space, but also to let the Kerbals level up. A certain amount of realism in the aesthetics of my craft is also mandatory. Already in .90 I always used nosecones and fairings, despite the fact that they added more drag to the craft. But sending up a rocket with a completely flat surface pointing upwards is just weird. Another thing is the use of Mechjeb (without wanting to slide too deeply into the "is xy cheating" debate), which is exclusive for circularization and interplanetary transfer maneuvres, but never for landing or ascent.
  11. Wow, a whole thread for this. Nice Of course I could be wrong, but I imagine it this way: If there is a circular hose floating in a vacuum, with a pump in the middle, as soon as the pump is activated, it creates momentum - and the hose starts to spin. It should be approximately the same principle with a big rocket with asparagus staging all around. But as mentioned in the original (hijacked) thread, even IF this force exists, it is very small compared to the mass of the rocket. And again, I could be wrong of course. I think the only way to solve this is for someone with a camera, a garden, a hose and temps over freezing point to create an experiment
  12. In principle, 5th Horseman is right. If you stand on a merry-go-round and pump water in a circle into the same bucket where it came from, you are still moving mass around, thus exerting force. This will cause the merry go round to accelerate as long as water is pumped. Although compared to a 100t spacecraft the force of the fuel being pumped around is negligible.
  13. Congrats! Ah yes, that sense of accomplishment after a successful Duna mission You can also try using a smaller lander with just enough dV to land and return and then rendezvous with an interplanetary ship that takes you back home. Something I have been experimenting with lately (after watching some of Cupcake's videos...). All the rendezvous-ing and docking can get a bit tedious with time though.
  14. You should specify that the kerbal must survive. Just in case PEGI come sniffing around the forums...
  15. Reverting is not an option, no mod support, no bugfixes, no updates. Still, I never understood all the moaning and whining when 1.0 came out. Yes, there were a few minor glitches (like the no-physics heatshield which caused the craft to turn prograde in atmo and could be solved by replacing 1 character in the persistent file) but overall I found 1.0 great. With the new atmo and re-entry it was almost like an entirely new game with new challenges. And SQUAD really put a lot of effort into listening to the community and fixing the problems. My perception was that that there was a lot of unjustified whining about the version numbering (As a regular player I can't really see any impact of the version on the game itself) and many people were actively searching for reasons to complain just so they can say "I told you so". I personally loved the beta (I bought KSP shortly before 0.90 came out) but I loved 1.0 even more. And 1.0.5 improved the game even further for me. I love the new features and new parts and 1.0.5. has an overall more polished feel to it.
  16. Thanks, guys! @Rocket In My Pocket The design was mostly inspired by the tech level in my current career
  17. I finally managed to get a plane into space that had enough dV left to actually perform something meaningful in orbit. After construction of a space station in LKO Jeb and Bill have finished their long-term orbital habitat experiment (which is a nicer way to say that I simply forgot them there), I decided to find more efficient means for a return mission, which meant to build something, I have never used before: A spaceplane. After lots of designing, crashing, reverting, re-designing, crashing again and watching some Scott Manley videos on youtube, Ferly Kerman finally managed to rendez-vous with the KSS (I wonder if there is anyone here who has never named a Space Station KSS...) and safely return the crew to Kerbin (even if on the exact opposite side of Kerbin from KSC). Overall, a successful mission. It's amazing how this game still offers new challenges even after a fairly long time. The sense of accomplishment after the plane came to a halt came close to my first successful orbit and return when I started the game with 0.25. Here's the craft: Happy Landings!
  18. Although I can't imagine that there is a great overlap between Minecraft players and people who regularly read The Guardian. I could be wrong of course.
  19. Thank you so much for this mod, this is a must-have. And also thanks for updating it for 1.0.5 so quickly!
  20. 00:17 a.m. -"Alright, let's go to bed a bit earlier today. Just a quick look at the forums." 00:18 a.m. -"Hey, 1.0.5 is out! Let's just have a quick peek." 01:53 a.m. -"Ok, I finally got the batteries. Time for the first Mün fly-by!"
  21. Sorry for digging up this thread again. Just wanted to add that since today it's suddenly working again normally without having to deactivate the LAN Adapter. No clue why. @sal_vager: To answer your last post (Which I have only noticed now ), it didn't cause any problems during gameplay. The only thing not working was the AVC but I'm happy as long as that's my biggest problem.
  22. This is even more amazing than the announcement of 1.0.5. So... hyped... And impatient... And hyped...