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  1. Actually the coriolos effect hasthe opposite effect: it makes winds at the equator blow from east to west (passat wind). Which would confirm the original statement of this post. @OP: wind direction varies during the day. Generally, water keeps heat better than land. Thus, in the morning, when land is heated up bythe sunlight, the pressure above land increases, creating winds towards the sea. In the evening land cools down faster than water, so the pressure above the sea is getting higher above the water, turning the wind direction. So at least during parts of the day the ksc flagis pointing in the right direction . Anyway, this discussion will truly make sense when and if actual winds are implemented to the game
  2. I'm on a business trip this week and with nothing to do in my hotel room i thought "hey, let's kill some timebrowsing the forums." seriously bad idea. I have the worst craving right now. I dream ofstarting anew career, building a mining op on ike and colonizing laythe. It's like a recovering alcoholic watching Dallas... If anyone feels like easing my pain (or making it worse, not sure yet), feel free to post a few screenshots here. Launches, spaceplanes, stations, landings, explosions, all is welcome and appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums (though i have been reading it ever since i started playing ksp; which was about 2 weeks before .90 came out; wish i had known about it earlier). I Love the game and hope to play a more active role in the forum in the future. P.S. English is not mynative language so apologies in advance for any weird stuff i may post .
  4. Totally agree with you on everything you wrote. Besides the fact that the whining is unbearable, but it is also unfair to "reward" SQUAD and everyone who has put a lot of effort into this with this arrogant und unjustified negative attitude for all the hard work. It's exactly as you wrote, most of the criticism is about minor inconveniences that can be worked around with the slightest of efforts (like editing 3 digits in a cfg file to eliminate the re-entry issue; It's not rocket science... ). If you don't like challenges and need everything laid out for you to your convenience, KSP might not be the right game for you... And just paying 20 bucks for a game does not entitle you to anything. Face the challenge, if the built-in features or the way the game is balanced don't meet your personal preferences, get the right mods or better make your own. But please stop the whining and above all, cut SQUAD some slack...