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  1. Hullo It's always during timewarp, but more specifically during warp time compression CHANGES. At first I thought it was the due to loading the new planet or moon, but it can happen even without a change of SOI - such as an altitude change. When it happens in connection to an SOI change, it also doesn't really happen AT the SOI change, but rather when timewarp gears down AHEAD of it. Tried it in many different situations, don't think it was due to a specific date or time. I've solved it by downgrading though, and if I'm the only one affected maybe it's something odd with my set
  2. I'm experiencing a bug with Galileo where the game very often freezes on automatic time compression changes (or maybe situation changes?). I've tried it with different versions of KSP (1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.10.1) and also release- and bleeding edge versions of Kopernicus. It's completely reproducible in all configurations where Galileo is present. I does not produce any error messages in the log, as far as I can analyze. Issue does not appear in vanilla, and disappeared completely when I downgraded Galileo from to I'm quite happy with, but thought I'd let you k
  3. I've loved Modular Fuel Tanks, but are there viable alternatives? I'm looking to keep the number of mods as low as possible, and am really only looking for something to change stock tank contents in stock, KW and SXT tanks.
  4. Same experience. I tried playing a new Galileo game, and thought the old mods were doing the crashing. Turns out it was TWP.
  5. Great mod! I tried five craft organizing mods before this, and this is by far the most practical! Good work!
  6. parts seem to work fine. Life support stuff also works, and is being consumed by Kerbals. I'm a bit unsure if it kills them if anything runs out. Icons doesn't work, neither does life support projections or options menu.
  7. Is it just me, or is Full Reward not working since the latest Module Manager update? edit: Found that this is looked at in the Module Manager thread:
  8. The completion text for the Salyut 1 mission lists the original Soyuz 11 crew as having died (Leonov, Kubasov, Kolodin) in that mission. It was actually the backup crew of Dobrovolsky, Volkov and Patsayev who perished. This according to Wikipedia. Also, thanks for a great mission pack!
  9. First, thanks for a great mod, I realize only now how dependant I am on it. Secondly, my apologies in advance, I also realize I probably am making some noobish mistake since the mod seems to be working for everyone else. However, I still can't get any functionality at all. I reinstalled KSP (1.1 1203 prerelease now). Then I only install IFS and CRP into the fresh install, tried both 32 and 64-bit KSP. When I right-click tanks I only get the basic sliders for liquidfuel and oxidizer, nothing else. Anyone has any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Kind regards
  10. I can't get any IFS functionality for any part. It's installed correctly, and so is CRP. Playing KSP 1.1 (1196) with a few USI mods and CRP 0.5.0. IFS and IFS core is 1.19
  11. Hi guys I'm using KSP 1.1 (1196) with USI Life Support and a few other USI mods. Also got Kerbal Engineer and X Science. I'm not able to see or manipulate Replacement Parts from any container that in fact has Replacement Parts in it. Also, Interstellar Fuel Switch doesn't seem to work with CRP 0.5.0. Kind regards, Felix
  12. Hi guys. Love this mod, it's my favourite engine mod. Is it safe to use with 1.0.5? Thanks to mod author for all the good work. Kind regards,
  13. I definitely got 100% females in rescue missions. I think this started after I added Asteroid Day and Kerbal Construction Time. And oh, I also upgraded to Windows 10.
  14. Hi Boris, thanks again for your efforts! I get some strange effects with Tritium breeding. First, when breeding vessel (tried this with both Akula and Aegletes 2 reactors) is in backround breeding is MUCH slower than when vessel is loaded. Second, when vessel is loaded I get Tritium decay (quite rapid) at time compressions up to and including 50x, but good breeding at time compressions of 100x and above. Kind regards
  15. Hi Boris, thank you for maintaining KSP IS! I can't seem to mine water. The IRSU Refinery also doesn't show any capacity to store water (even though the option to extract water exists and seem to be working). I looked in the .cfgs in interstellar and CRP and Water seems to be referred to as both "Water" and "Lqdwater". I tried editing the cfg to harmonize the nomenclature with very strange results. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?
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