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  1. I have both a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air from 2015 and 2016 respectively. Both run KSP without a problem. This would seem to indicate that it is your machine that has the problem. I also run High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102).
  2. I rebuilt my old YF-23 replica using the new MK1 non-commercial cockpit. I created a full-scale RSS replica, and a Kerbal-scale replica. The new cockpit is very aerodynamic: it dropped my Mach 1 wave drag down to 0.188m2. I also wrote BDArmory configs for the cockpits. Thanks for the neat parts, @blackheart612! Click for full album.
  3. I think that the new mk1 non-commercial cockpit is just about perfect as is. That being said, it may make sense to release a shorter cockpit in the old style that seats a single kerbal.
  4. On a more positive note, I appreciate all of the IVA changes. I also greatly prefer the new MK1 non-commercial cockpit.
  5. I still have Beale's old KLIPER. That was a fun little spaceplane. @steedcrugeon has developed one of these in his WIP escape pod parts pack. Here's a link to his release post.
  6. @blackheart612 The changes look great. My only complaint with your current IVAs is that the airspeed indicator is obstructed in the current MK1 non-commercial cockpit. The lip on the dashboard covers the airspeed indicator. This happens with and without RPM. Here's a link to a screenshot on Imgur displaying this behavior. I've placed a red box around the airspeed indicator to illustrate what I mean. You can also see that the navball is improperly centered when using the latest version of RPM. I have included a screenshot of that as well in the album, and it is also visible in the screenshot below.
  7. Thank you, but I don't understand your post. Could you give me an example? Northrop Grumman drone built with 0.625 parts.
  8. Northrop Grumman's MQ-25 Submission: General Atomic's Avenger MQ-25 Submission: Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel: Mods: FAR, B9 wings. Northrop Grumman's F/A-XX Program prototype: The wings were a little tricky for this one. I tried to reproduce them as faithfully as possible.
  9. I use the dev release of FAR, ModularFlightIntegrator, and Boris' AtmosphereAutopilot without problems.
  10. Here's a semi-replica of the proposed Northrop Grumann X-47C. I call it a semi-replica because I used an MK2 cockpit (the real X-47 is unmanned). Link to Imgur album. This is a blended-wing-body design rather than a flying wing. Unlike my flying wing replicas, this design uses 2 brake rudders to maintain yaw control. The wing shape was copied almost exactly from Northrop Grumman's specs, but scaled down to Kerbal size. It's extremely maneuverable, moreso than a real-world 4th generation fighter. It can also supercruise at Mach 2.2 with ease - no sideslip. In fact, I tested the X-47 up to Mach 3, and it's completely stable right up until the point where it overheats. I attached a screenshot of it flying at Mach 2.7. SAS + reaction wheels are disabled as they're unnecessary and unrealistic. Northrop Grumman plans to use this blended wing design on all of their future UAVs and I can see why. It's extremely stable at all speeds. However, they'll be using the flying wing V shape for the upcoming B-21.
  11. I rebuilt the B-21 in the latest KSP release. I had to use the stock MK2 cockpit, and minimal mods (b9 wings). Link to the Imgur album.