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  1. I translated fer all ye pirates out thar: "Where thar be space thar are space pirates. 'tis a fun mod, it adds parts fer creatin' pirate spaceships. So far, thar are only dozen or so parts, enough t' create simple spaceplanes 'n rockets. Pirates 'ave unique high-tech (magic) propulsion system, so they ne'er run out o' fuel (always active fuel generator). So raise yer black flags 'n off t' explore Kerbol system."
  2. Oh my gosh, i have been looking for something like this for far too long. the stock game just doesn't have enough action groups... yesterday i was watching a live-stream and one of the guys friend sang "squad, if you watch this, then please understand that we have keyboards with more than 10 keys for action groups". i must use this mod
  3. When you click the download link, the download button says "Download disabled".... Why?
  4. Is the legacy pack really coming soon? I miss the old parts and i also need them to update some of my crafts. the link doesnt work
  5. Amnazing mod, sir! really helps with actual plane usage. Also, im a fan of your Space Shuttles, they work great!
  6. how do i use this mod? every button i click only uses normal time warp... (also, how do i slow mo time warp, instructions please)
  7. Internal please? And kerbals in the corner of my screen needed - - - Updated - - - Also, no collision mesh, falls through ground
  8. Same thing is happening to me Maschinenbauer
  9. I was at The Museum of Flight a few weeks ago! I have a few picks of the Sr-71 cockpit if needed
  10. Yes, there isnt anything called "the ultimate plane". Crafts and ships are made and used for different purposes. Being able to make 1 craft that can do "everything" is gonna take a whole lotta mods, and a whole lotta cheats.
  11. I use a Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas X and it works nicely, and it is about $65
  12. I am so happy! amazing new parts, better gameplay (because actual turbofans) and "real" fighter planes!! :D