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  1. What happend was that you guys forgot the - -70 (+)
  2. we are still at -67(+) though you guys forgot the -
  3. This mod looks really awsome, maybe you should consider making a seperate catagory for filter extension
  4. Looks good, have you looked at making a module for a seperate part catagory for filterextension, because of the larger amount of parts that might be handy
  5. Oh no -70(+) sanic seriously dont forget (+) or (-)
  6. For the damage itself you could try some kind of rocket launcher with special bullets that you have to follow for them to actually hit, and they must go straight down, a laser wont hit the ksp from the lowest possible orbit
  7. -48(+) sanic dont forget the (+) or (-) or something like that
  8. You can always start with the first version, it may just be a long list of added but still
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