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  1. So I was playing fine earlier today, but was getting bored of flying up the same rockets over and over again, so I decided to try out this MechJeb thing I'd heard so much about. I downloaded it, and stupidly just copy/pasted the three subfolders (Icons, etc) into GameData separately, instead of copying the folder. I booted up KSP, and it said MechJeb had been installed incorrectly. A quick Google search later and I was hitting myself, and I deleted those three folders, then copy/pasted in the folder "MechJeb2" from my downloads into GameData, with those three folders installed. The game then b
  2. I accepted a contract to save a little guy from his vaccuummy doom, but I can't select him to do a rendezvous. Do I need to upgrade my tracker? I've tried clicking on him, his orbit, etc, but nothing works. I can't really imagine trying to do a rendezvous without having him selected as target - so much in the process depends on the navball and intersection thingies.
  3. That's a great explanation, OhioBob! I liked everyone else's talk about convenience which totally makes sense, but the math behind hyperbolic excess velocity is fascinating - thanks for sharing!
  4. So I've been playing for a while, got a rover or two to Eve, Duna, Minmus, and the Mun, and am currently working on Dres and Jool's satellites. All the "rocket science" stuff fascinates me and I love googling little real-world tidbits as I learn it's KSP analogue. One thing I've always wondered though, is that in every tutorial and video I've seen, from going interplanetary or just an excursion to the Mun, everyone always establishes an LKO before burning for their final destination. In all of my successful attempts so far, I've been skipping any attempt at a Kerbin orbit and just burning to w
  5. So got KSP for christmas, having a lot of fun. The game has crashed a few times but worked fine when I restarted it. However, this time, without a crash, I couldn't click on anything from the space center - right or left click, it just wouldn't do anything. Finally I got into R&D, and now I can't get out. I clicked the back button and it just displayed the space center's bars without actually going back. I can still manipulate the R&D screen, but neither back button works. I've tried restarting, and it doesn't help. What can I do? Is this save permanently corrupted?
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