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  1. Hmm - you are right, the flight computer seems to be the cause and ensuring it is closed before changing prevents this error. Thanks!
  2. I keep getting "Status: slave" message on the flight computer, when i have decoupled a probe from a larger vessel. For example, when trying to set up an omni network of 4 relays all launched as a single vessel, I got this message from 3 of the probes (all but the first one decoupled). What is the cause? How do I fix it? Set flight computer delay to 10 minutes or however long you need before reentry is complete. Toggle the comms (or you can also use this approach to toggle other stuff needed during the reentry, such as chutes, retrorockets, airbrakes, legs and so on). Set delay to 0 and now close your panels and other fragile stuff then finally the comms. Et voila. Your comms closes, and will open when your first more-delayed command is executed.
  3. hi, love NavHud - super useful. Are you planning to add a Maneuvre node overlay?
  4. hey, if i don't want any of the MRS tanks (because your FTP does the same, only better ), is it safe to just delete the Fuel Tanks folder within Parts folder in its entirety? Thanks!
  5. this is cool. If only there was a KSP mod that generated this stuff / stats automatically!!!
  6. love your videos on youtube.

    In your shots with two ships moving together, are you mirroring a mechjeb piloted craft or are you using burn together?

  7. is there a way to change the threshold to mark an experiment as complete?
  8. yes I heard so too. But take that as a compliment that Squad decided something like it was so useful
  9. deserve so much rating QuickSearch is damn useful, and quick goto is a nice bit of icing.
  10. Hi Roverdude, Which is the right config file to change? The one under Kolonization (added by MKS) or under LifeSupport (added by this)? They both look the same
  11. so many updates. so much goodness
  12. looking forward to the overhaul (and the MKS guide you have made). I am thinking of starting a new career. Do you have a rough idea of when it will be updated? asked via twitch. FYI for others: big ole list of updates for most of his mods but its done when its done
  13. in my experience they work best by holding down alt (to disable radial attachment) then rotate with the keys till it orients correctly.