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  1. Claw; Still using Internet Explorer 10. Work computer, IT doesn't upgrade much. THANKS for the drill cooling info. Still wonder why Squad things we all want to work on this. The cooling should be part of the drill/IRSU design.....
  2. Prior to new update, I often had upper stages activate (at 100% thrust) in same "stage" (spacebar) as separator that released spent lower stage. Just launched for first time since update and "BOOM" biga bada (channeling a certain Gungan), but saw no damage to rocket. Is stage sep and rocket start on the same "stage" (spacebar) not a thing to do anymore? By the way, anyone know why I can't get a new paragraph with an "enter" on the keyboard in this forum? Used to be able to. That's why the lines.
  3. fourfa, thank you. I remember the drill having a very high temp and if memory serves, it's eff. went down too. If I keep playing and replace my mining ships, I'll try the med with a small. Has anyone done this yet. By the way, anyone know why I can't use return to create a new paragraph in this forum anymore???
  4. Squaded again! I've got a mining ship on Ike set up for refueling my Duna lander and one at Kerbin to re-fuel missions in LKO before heading out, plus an asteroid catcher and an now unused old one on Mun. NOW, the mining takes forever with hot drill and I have to turn the ISRU on and off. Why does Squad think we want to be HVAC designers in a rocket game!!! So my question is, what can be done to my existing ships, or do I need to trash all four of my existing mining ships and build new ones and launch them to the planet systems they serve...... I'm thinking the "solution" is to limp along with what I've got in place, finish one last planned Duna landing, then quit playing.... I really hate having to re-do a whole bunch of work because I didn't put radiators on things when I launched them three months ago (real life time). This is not the firstime the game I was in was messed up by update changes. I restarted Career mode from scratch when Beta came out. Jeb was on way back from Jool in atomic rocket, midflight 55% of fuel un-usable (can't use Oxy in atomic rocket motor anymore) and it's just not worth efforts, plus all science on ship lost even if I rescue him from way big orbit he could make with 45% fuel left (and mass of all that Oxy to boot!). Not to mention that half my science gone. PS, the lines are because I don't seem to be able to get Paragraph (return) to work in this forum.If I do build new mining ships, any suggestions what radiators are needed on drill and full size ISRU?
  5. Yes, but you still have a bad full to empty weight ratio then.....
  6. Could it be that I haven't unlocked all the parts for his ship? I'd noticed that a lot of parts I had unlocked were now locked again. Not just new tech I hadn't researched, but parts that I had researched (were green), but not have to pay to unlock again.
  7. I've not used planes (I've been a rocket only guy). So I'll need to unlock aircraft tech to use nuc rocket engines....... figures. Need wings for radiators anyway, as I've been reading.
  8. Is there a way to make a fuel only tank for LV-N's? Or do you need to use a bigger normal tank (to get the same fuel tonnage) and set the O2 to zero and just put up with the much greater structural weight of a bigger tank that only has fuel.
  9. I had a ship in flight - Jeb returning from his triumphant trip to Jool. When I first opened KSP after 1.0 last night and went to this inflight ship, it was not on the camera view. I went back to spaceport and to tracking and it's now no longer listed at all? Help, I want Jeb back.
  10. My avatar is related to my screen name; Rematog. The pic is from the original "Atog" card in Magic the Gathering.... from around '93. I had custom license plate ATOG on my RX-7 in the 90's when I lived in Vegas.
  11. Martians Go Home.... good book by Fredric Brown... trash movie....
  12. Or... Convert the old airliners into motor homes..... someone's done this...
  13. True, Gilly may be easy, but with 0.049 m/s/s surface gravity, it gives few points. if you Jumped (100% fuel left, and got double points) you'd get 2 x 100% x .049 or 0.098 points. This would be about equal to Minmus with 20% fuel left or Mun with 6% fuel left.