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  1. Wow! It looks nice and sleek. you could just open the debug menu and allow part clipping, then double up on the back wings, to help with the lift/weight distribution. this would also help with the ability to pull more "gee"s
  2. Posted this to the stock exchange, and I'm working on an update to use the 2 meter ASAS and (further) abuse the ability to clip in the VAB.
  3. White Lightning: The name of a water slide in a nearby water park. Oh and the name of my stylish and practical mun lander. Where's the launch tower? The liftoff stage's TWR is slightly less than optimal, but it gets you cleanly into kerbin orbit at 100km with plenty extra for a TMI. Initially the decouplers were underpowered, so I added a bit of explosive power to them. click > < to see it in action.The lander stage is my result of not wanting to use the typical 2m small engine. I use this design in most of my recent spaceships since I like the looks of it so much. http://www./?l0vwtm2r5r0ojuxIf you have an average computer, you will get lag. If you have a sub-average computer, the game might crash while attempting to fly this. Separate thread for discussion if need-be: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/19124-0-17-STOCK-White-Lightning
  4. The new stuff in 0.17 from HarvesteR's blog: New: * Double-tapping the wheel brakes key will now set parking brakes. New: * Added Nuclear-Thermal Engine part * Added focusable areas for internal views * Added Settings for Music and Voice Volume New: * Pressing backspace will now reset the map and internal view. * Middle mouse modifies the internal camera zoom by an additional 2x. * Double clicking middle mouse will reset the internal camera zoom. * Unlit/Transparent shader added to mu reader/writer. New: * Added new tree and boulder meshes for Kerbin (No more paper cutout trees) * Implemented new version of Laythe, should be less performance intensive as well as nicer looking. /\later experimental releases \/first experimental release New: * Internal Cockpit Views: The first iteration of the IVAs (Intra-Vehicular Activities) feature set. * Multiple Player Saves: You can now have multiple ongoing game sessions, as each save is kept in its own folder (instead of all using the saves/default one). * Quick Flight Scenarios: Start flights from pre-set conditions, without interfering with your persistent sandbox save, and also save your own scenarios from your main game. * Scenario Logic Modules: Like PartModules, but for scene logic (and defined on an SFS file instead of a part.cfg). * Training Scenarios: Hands-On tutorials to teach you everything from craft construction to orbital maneuvers. * Center of mass, thrust, lift and drag visual cues on the construction scenes. * Prebuilt ships included with the game, as examples and possible starting points. * Many new planets and moons throughout the Kerbal Solar System. * Physical Timewarp Modes: An alternate time-warp mode where you can accelerate time to 2x, 3x and 4x without putting the sim on rails. * Several new parts
  5. Cores are the number of CPU's you computer has(simply put, core=CPU=brain). newer computers can have 2 or 4 cores. The more you have, the easier it is for the computer to multi-task. But it requires more effort out of a programmer / developer to take advantage of multiple cores. EDIT: (core != CPU), but whatever. ps. the topic of this thread is wheather you should buy more RAM or not to make KSP run faster. More RAM won't help KSP run faster because of misc. limitations. RAM might help you run KSP along with the internet and itunes with less lag, though.
  6. So I guess my 64 bit quad core, 8GB RAM is rather useless... {ps, this is a unity limitation, not squad's fault, correct?} EDIT: multithreading was not used by squad to reduce bugs.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen.... The Mun Cube Because "Mun Rectangular Prism" doesn't sound as cool. http://www./download.php?3gqpph9mzrcdv8c
  8. Today, there was a free air show at Little Rock, Arkansas. My family and I live very close to it, so we see it just about every year. This time was different because I had KSP on my mind the whole time. These are the only snapshots that came out well, hosted on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/Fo6BZ/ Most of these images are the Blue Angels, where you can find more at thier official site: http://www.blueangels.navy.mil/ I can upload some of my movies to youtube later, but I'm going AFK for an hour or so.
  9. I'd like to re-post my application to Gold stingray as a Rocket engineer. First off, I have this VERY clean-looking 3-kerbal mun-lander with realistic(ish) staging. Where's the launch tower? Due to the size of the craft, the liftoff stage's TWR is slightly less than optimal, but it gets you cleanly into kerbin orbit at 100km. Initially the decouplers were underpowered, so I added a bit of explosive power to them. click the \/there\/ to see it in action Video of staging: The lander stage (in my biased opinion) is just as beautiful as the previous stages. It has four Mark55 radial engines and a single LV-T45 Engine for extra gimballing power. It is obviously equipped with four landing legs, but each is re-enforced with two struts to keep protect the kerbals during a rough landing. In this picture, it has left kerbin's SOI. It might have enough deltav to land on Eve; I'm not sure though. This is my personal favorite mun lander. But I have plenty more that are (I think) capable of landing on one of Jool's Moons or Charr's moon. http://www./?l0vwtm2r5r0ojux
  10. +5 for awesome ksp bg +4.5 for good artistic neon lights -.5 for MLP 9/10
  11. I'm getting psyched for the mini-SRB's, actually. They can be especially helpful for staging, such as moving radial drop tanks away from your spacecraft. And also, in emergencies, instead of simply having the pod detached from plane and open parachutes, it can rocket away form the out of control plane. and.... oh yea, missiles.
  12. That's not lag. That's what it looks like behind a loading screen. There simply isn't a loading screen there so the devs can easily see what's going on behind the scenes.
  13. full size: http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/1093/screenshot14s.png This is a very clean-looking 3-kerbal mun-lander with 3 stages. It is designed for a mun or minmus landing and return. Where's the launch tower? The design was inspired by another craft in these forums that used the spaceplane hulls to hide staging, and this is my attempt to make a similar ship The liftoff stage's TWR is slightly less than optimal, but it gets you cleanly into kerbin orbit at 100km with plenty extra for a TMI. Initially the decouplers were underpowered, so I added a bit of explosive power to them. click > < to see it in action.The lander stage is my result of not wanting to use the typical 2m small engine. I use this design in most of my recent spaceships since I like the looks of it so much. http://www./?l0vwtm2r5r0ojuxIf you want, you can easily replace the ASAS on the top with a mechjeb for easier takeoff if you have an average computer; because you will get lag.
  14. physics-ish games I've played quite a bit: phun (now called algodoo) there is a free version that is all you really need. 2d physics objects. build cars, build contrapions, etc. 100% sandbox I've seen people make rockets by using water. garry's mod (gmod) 10$ for gmod10. free updates. I suggest wire mod, and the stacker tool. basically 3d phun. requires a "source" game. most of the game is based on half-life 2's physics engine, such as setting up tons of NPCs on a battlefield of your choice. but is 100% sandbox burning sand (old free game) siebn.de download burning sand 2. (not building vehicles, but other things.) 100% free a 100% sandbox game where you play with pixel elements. This is a game where you want to dl tons of mods. (I modded a game for it. Lightbikers) fallingsandgame.com for the forums. look for my mod there dang! virtually everything on my laptop didn't like the exe for bs2... It's 100% clean, but it has some programming that allows outside programs to use it. That's what I've heard from the creator. I don't blame you if you aren't trustful though.
  15. Oh, looks like you have RCS tanks in the center wired to engines, those only power RCS thrusters (small nossles on the ship to rotate the craft in space.) The white fuel tanks have the regular amount of fuel, and is technically what you are supossed to use for air-breathing engines. The tanks with caution strips are for rockets, but currently work for space plane engines. Even those half-sized tanks you're using store more than the "correct" full-sized tanks. Keep in mind they weigh a lot more too. EDIT: you can upload the .craft file to http://www./
  16. That story reminds me of how I found out about gmod. Popped into existence, played it for hours on end. Good luck with your planetary travel endevours! I know you know we all need some luck.
  17. Since you're returning to kerbin, don't you need a decoupler under your pod? and a parachute as well? Let's not forget those!
  18. Notice the distinct lack of the word "safe" in "First stock mun landing!".
  19. Any questions can go on the how to.. section of the forums. >>But be sure to search before creating a new topic.<< Any small questions might be better suited to just post them here (click reply). Welcome to the forums, and happy launching!
  20. Wow! already made it to the mun and minmus! Congrats! Also, I totally agree on your third paragraph of the first post. Most space-themed games either insult our intellegence, or are impossible for a normal user to.. use. I agree that KSP has been the first to find teh middle ground between realism and fun. Rarely, on ANY game, do I say that. More props out to the sqaud dev *and* community teams. Some great minds, and great people out there. I also tried orbiter. This is how it went: Launch game. Look at earth. click mouse buttons. click keyboard buttons. close. I could've given it another chance, but if they don't even have a title screen, I don't know why I'd play the rest.... On second thought, It might've just been loading... uhhhh, might want to try it again now! For your ships, I'd say nice move on using stock parts. Mods are great for opening up new types of spacecraft, and (of course) more parts to mess with. IMO It's best to be creative with the stock parts first. Using mods to get to the mun gives *way* less satisfaction after an achievement (such as landing on minmus). Some pointers for your spacecraft: avoid fins on your lander (unless you like the look of them ). They add weight, and actually a bit of unstability. As of now, drag is only partially implemented. So a fuel tank added to the side of your ship adds a bit of overall drag your ship, but inline fuel tanks add the same amount. So, as of now, the best way to do staging is by adding each new stage radially. I usually add fuel lines from outer stages to inner ones, so only the outer tanks are being drained, but every engine is firing, all the time. (If you're up to it, calculate the F/W ratio. Around 2.0 is best for sea level). You can find theads with complicated math in the "challenges" section of the forums. There are many more forum users that are *much* better than I am at that kind of stuff. Also, try not to get too attached to a certain ship. With the constant updates, you are likely to need to re-create your ships, due to saave files changing and new parts replacing old ones, and stuff like that. Best way to do it is to just keep making ship after ship; give them simple descriptive names. You'll still want to save them, though. I had a ship that launched fine, but simply exploded once it got to a certain altitude. Saved it as "time bomb" and started from scratch again. Later, I found out what part causes a lot of problems. (large in-line decoupler). I I edited the time bomb to re-enforce that part, and it works great as a lunar lander now! Anyway, hope you have lots of fun in the future, and as Capt'n skynky said: Happy launching!
  21. Newt0570


    Hey edd! Welcome to the forums! You can find tutorials on youtube, or use the "how to..." section of the forums. They can help you get into an orbit, to the mun and back, and some will start helping with getting to other planets. Quite a bit of math involved in some orbital rendezvous maneuvers, but it's not too difficult.
  22. <responding to a p.m.> These are both full stock. My only modded ships (so far) just have mechjeb on them, and are included in the name of the craft. e.g. "Mun Cube 2 mech" your inbox is full, btw </responding to a p.m.> I'm mostly applying to join because your "rocket" section seems disappointingly empty (and I need some inspiration for more rocket designs) I can write up some spec.s for the types of rockets for you. You can use them or ignore them... Low Orbiter class: A rocket that is capable of a 70/70km stable orbit. Capable of a rendezvous EVA crew switch or rescue. Typically these rockets are cheap and have a tight fuel budget. High Orbiter class: A rocket that is capable of a low to far orbit. Also capable of a munar or minmus orbit. These rockets have plenty of fuel to make rendezvous easier than a Low Orbiter, due to additional fuel. These rockets are basically mun-capable, but without the landing legs. So it is not a suggested use of such craft. Light Munar Lander class: Capable of getting your kerbal(s) to the mun and back safely. These craft require efficient gravity turns, TMI burns, and return maneuvers. These rockets typically leave nothing on the mun, and are simply for exploring the munar surface by EVA. Heavy Munar Lander class*: Capable of landing a large lander of the mun, and on minmus on the same run. These craft can usually serve as an emergency High Orbiter class to rendezvous and rescue stranded kerbals in orbit. Munar Base Lander*: Capable of starting a mun base on the mun. These rockets can basically take the ISS and land it on the mun. Returning back to kerbin might not be necessary. Planetary lander class*: Capable of landing on the two nearest planetary bodies to Kerbin. Do not expect it to be easy. Do not expect to return home. Planetary explorer class**: Capable of orbiting or landing any planetary body in the kerbal solar system. Do not expect it to be easy. Do not expect to return home. * = {The liftoff stage of these craft will typically slow down most computers, due to large stages.} ** = {The liftoff stage of this craft will slow your computer to a crawl. Even if it's a NASA computer. You've been warned.}
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