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  1. You guys can be proud of your work. Also, I've met a lot of great people over the years through the game. Therefore I wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you dear Squad-Team. Edit: My Gratitude also goes to so many Modders and Mission Builders, they must not be forgotten.
  2. Sorry to hear that. How did you install the mission? Via Steam or manually? I'm asking because I finished the mission a few months ago on a stock ksp 1.10.1 install. The only thing I'm always altering on the mission is the amount of fuel in the supply probe. Last time I forgot to fill it up, but I still was able to use only the red rover to get to the ascend vehicle and use the fuel cell for power generation. Maybe the game can't handle it so good if you don't do things in order. Edit: Did the mission progress until the landing task?
  3. Why ist that? Did you manage to crash the rovers?
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know, that the mission still works just fine in KSP 1.10.1. And there are still no mods needed.
  5. When you click on the missions tab on kerbal x, there is a list of 54 missions. Just click on one of the missions, there is a big download button. After downloading go to your Kerbal Space Program folder, which contains a Missions folder. Put your downloaded mission into it. You should be able to start the mission now. You can only filter the mission by destination in the missions tab on kerbal x.
  6. I wanted to do this mission again since I've done it last time a couple of KSP-Versions ago. For some reason, when I launch the munar 2 vehicle, it doesn't recognize the 50 km height border where the M3_DIALOG5 should pop up after passing it and so the mission doesn't progress. I can even crash the rocket and the mission isn't failed, simply nothing is happen anymore. Maybe one of you guys has an idea how to workaround the issue or at least can confirm, that this is just another new bug. Edit: Nevermind, it works again in KSP 1.10.1.
  7. Yeah right, it's about 600 m/s Deltav. You have to do the Iron ManTM!
  8. @CamnewHi there, stupid question here! Are you certain that it isn't just a simple typo when naming the KAIJANG KHEN? I mean of course it's really unlikely that it happens twice but just to be sure you could have a look. Copy/paste -> KAIJANG KHEN
  9. Could it be possible that you switched control to the docking-port of the dreamchaser? I believe that doesn't work because of some reason.
  10. Hello beik, I would say it should be obvious that you are supposed to dock the supplyprobe to the kermes and not he other way around. Bring the Kermes to a normal or anti-normal position and let the dockingport face the probe/ship which you want to dock. Then switch to the probe/ship and dock it to the kermes. So I'd say, just practice a little more and all will be good. The crafts are very well balanced. The hard mode is to meet every objective without messing things up. You don't get all points when you fail to land the supply probe on duna close enough to the hab for example. Or if you mess up the duna encouters in a way that the kermes would have an earlier encouter than the supply probe for duna, you would be a little late for ascend and rendevous because the kermes would have already flown past duna, when you don't get to the ascend vehicle in time. So there already is some kind of easy- and hardmode if you like. The problem with delta-v is, that it depends on the initial kermes orbit which could be an elliptical orbit or already a hyperbolic trajectory, and that is different on every install I would say, but I also could be wrong.
  11. After investigating the issue I found that when you collected the pathgrinder and are docked to the hab, you can't send the data when you still sitting in the command seat. So one has two options, either just board a crewcapsule and send the data from there or take out the data from the storage, board to the commandseat of the rover which is connected to the pathgrinder and then you can also send the data. weird But as you can see, there can always be a thousand possibilities why it won't work.
  12. Well, there is a dead deep space kraken on bop. Maybe someone can make something out of it.
  13. @Ashaman42Extra points for generating so much science. I have to admit here that I was simply to lazy to take the extra step to do more experiments, obviously because it wasn't critical for the mission. But now I feel challenged, hmmm. ...also Happy New Year!
  14. Hi @IgorZ I noticed that I can take of kerbal helmets in space now via the button from the inventory window. I guess it isn't supposed to be like that and was locked in previous versions. It isn't a big deal of couse and I don't dislike this cool mod all of the sudden.
  15. @Burning KanHi, I've tried downloading the EVA Mechjeb but unfortunately the *.zip file seems to be broken in some way. I just want to mess around with it a little bit. It would be cool if you could provide a new download-link.
  16. Yeah @Mikki I look for new posts here every now and then. Also glad for you to get such great feedback from the community. I hope ksp gets some life support functionality in the future, to make the mission even more cruel.
  17. @C7 Aerospace DivisionHi there, could you provide a link to your savefile please? I would have look at what is going on there ,maybe I can help.
  18. Ok well, that's unfortunate. I've disabled steering for all wheels except for the front wheels when was testing, there is/was no bending at all. But ok, I don't use them then. It's not that big of an issue. Edit: Works like a charm in KSP 1.5 now.
  19. Something seems a bit weird about the hitch. I can't get the pivot to work, it always stays locked even when it says it's free. Also it was the only mod installed when I was testing it.
  20. @JONYghostTry doing an EVA before examine the DRV. Just tested it, using the steam 2.4 version now. It worked perfectly fine on my side and took only 5 minutes to find out.
  21. I had the same "issue" when I first played the mission, but figured it out quickly, and therefore I can tell it's findable.
  22. @MikkiWhy is this mission not on steam yet? I did notice that there are quite a few missions to subscribe to in the steam workshop, also the 2001 missions I mentioned earlier in this thread. Maybe you'll have a look at it.
  23. @Mikki Yeah I would've played it earlier but my motivation to play pc sank to zero in the beginning of june because it's so hot. Glad to hear you also pulled yourself through. If I'm honest I never had a scary situation this time, because of my new friend Precise Maneuver node. It gives you some much needed finecontrol for the maneuvers.I think it's not cheating, mechjeb would be, but who needs mechjeb for travelling to duna or back from it?!
  24. @Mikki It seems version 2.4 is just working as intended this time. I have finished it yesterday without running into any issues. (Only issue are the temperatures here these days)
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