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  1. hey bro, what happened with your b-29 cockpit design? you ended it? i saw this http://i.imgur.com/dxLDRFN.png and i would like to use it for a craft design with a xf-85 goblin inside. can you share this pls?? it would be perfecthey bro, what happened with your b-29 design?

  2. Is the changable fighter cockpit still in kax? Because when i downloaded the latest version it wasnt on there. Or am i thinking about the Quiztech aerospace mod?

  3. Hi, so there is a new link for SpaceDock, where you can download the mod. I've also added a donation link...forgot about that on KerbalStuff -Freddy
  4. I was in contact with the modder who made these parts, but his computer crashed and he lost it all..I was really looking forward of using the parts too Sorry for the not updating or anything, I'll read through all the things I've missed...haven't had my actual computer for months and still there is not much time left to invest in to mods. If there is someone willing to help me a little, and keep this mod going at a faster pace (I really wanna make the 777 a thing), I'd love to hear from you!! Greetings to you all -Freddy
  5. [quote name='Svm420']Will you fix the old cockpits before adding new stuff? I.e the hatches?[/QUOTE] Yes, but at the moment I only have blender and no properly working unity. I think I have to wait until KSP is using Unity 5, because at the moment the specific KSP tags in Unity are somehow missing, so I can't tell a mesh to be the hatch. If someone has an idea PLEASE help me. :) -Freddy
  6. So here is a little preview of what I'm working on. I got that idea when I saw the new 2.5m turbofan. And it would perfectly fit to a mk3 (3.75m) sized Boeing 777. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/mQEVtmg.png[/IMG] What do you think? Some suggestions? -Freddy
  7. I haven't found any problems...except the old ones I have a little surprise for you all coming up next week. I found some time to work a little bit in blender and created something new..I know it's nothing requested, but I really had to try it out, and I have fun doing it -Freddy
  8. Great aircraft!! If you ment my noseart..ofcourse you can make a flag out of it! Freddy
  9. Hi, I'm not at home for 3 months since early September, and without my computer I can't really work on it, I'm sorry But it's not dead, when I'm home I'll start working on it. -Freddy
  10. Hi guys, I'm sorry for the delay. I'm not home for three months since the end of September (so can't use my actual PC). I have some problems with Unity. The tags to select what kind of object, such as hatch, etc., are not showing up. So I think I have to wait to the next update of the game and the part tools. BTW, beautiful starfighter -Freddy
  11. If you want to make an other one for an other cockpit feel free to do so, I'd love to see what kind of ideas you have !
  12. Something like this? Does everyone has this problem? For what actually?
  13. I remoddeled the B-29..wasn't too happy with the old one: now I have to start with the textures
  14. I'm working together with an other member of the forum, and we are planning of probably making a military and a commercial airplane parts mod seperately..so there is a really good chance of seeing more fighter cockpits in the future
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