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  1. Done. Also, you may (may) want to consider Ktolemy as one of your planet packs.
  2. This is simultaneously amazing and absolutely hilarious! Everything is circular... it just keeps getting better! I had no idea that mods could be such an effective medium for humor before now.
  3. Even using the workaround, I'm getting the "deep space" KSP bug with RSS as the only planet pack installed. I'd give you logs if I knew how to do that without KSP auto-generating them from crashing. Edit: Other mods installed: //Glitter\\ EVvisualEnhancements - 7-4 [.24] Texture Replacer - 2.4.10 [1.0.4] Chatterer - 0.9.6 [1.0.4] Dist Obj Enh - Oct 15 2015 [1.0.4] CollisionFX - 2015-05-14 [1.0.x] ShipEffects (Maintainence) - 1.0.3 [1.0.4] //Core\\ Kopernicus - 0.4 [1.0.4] GN - 0.0.7 [1.0.4] Interstellar Extended - 1.5.16 [1.0.4] Tweakscale - 2.2.4 [1.0.4] Hyperedit - 1.4.1 [1.0] FerramAR - [1.0.4] //Meta\\ Filter Extensions - 2.4.1 [1.0.x] ATManagement - 5-0 [1.0] Toolbar - 1.7.9 [1.0.2] Module Manager - 2.6.8 KSP AVC - 1.1.5 [1.0.4] GCMonitor - 1.2.7 [1.0.x] //Planet Packs\\ RSS - (masterzip)
  4. Drat. I was hoping it was more than that. Oh well, guess I'll just deal with crashes, then.
  5. I don't suppose anyone has made a "support"/expansion science report pack for the Outer Planets Mod?
  6. I've got a fairly "reliable" crash-to-desktop that happens on scene changes (eg going from VAB to launchpad). It takes about 40 min. or so for the crash to rear its ugly head, and KSP never crashes on the first scene change. I wish I could be more specific with how to reproduce the crash aside from "play KSP for a while, then try changing the scene and roll your eyes when KSP crashes". I have a half-hearted theory that the frequency of scene-changing is related to the likelihood of a crash, but further testing requires both more time and patience than what I currently have. KSP Version: [1.0.4], 32 Bit; using -force-openGL I tried installing mods in batches to determine what's causing the crash. I did so in three batches. As far as I can tell, KSP did not crash until I installed batch #3: Collision FX Contract Packs Contracts Window Crew Manifest Extraplanetary Launchpads KAS MechJeb OPM Clouds PlanetShine RCS Build Aid A significant part of me suspects that its PlanetShine and Distant Object Enhancement failing to play nice with each other, but I'm still not sure. Full Mod List, including versions: Mod - mod version [supported KSP version] (Note: in some cases, the mod doesn't have/I couldn't recall the version. In these cases, I substituted the date last downloaded in the format month-day-year.) //Glitter\\ Active Texture Management - 6-28-2015 Environmental Visual Enhancements - 6-28-2015 Astronomer's Visual Pack - 6-28-2015 Chatterer - 0.9.6 [1.04] CollisionFX - 3.2 [1.0.x] Distant Object Enhancement - 1.6.2 [1.0.4] Planetshine - [1.0.2] Texture Replacer - 2.4.8 [1.0.4] Crowd Sourced Science 3.01 [1.0] Clouds for Outer Planets Mod - 2015.09.23 Kerbal Konstructs - [1.0.4] ShipEffects Sound Mod - 1.0.2 [1.0.4] Kerbin-Side - 1.0.5 [1.0.4] complete - 10-3-2015 ksc2 - 10-3-2015 oceania - 10-3-2015 //Substantial\\ Extraplanetary Launchpads - 5.2.90 [1.0.4] Kethane - 0.9.3 [1.0.4] Tourism Plus - 1.2.0 [1.0.4] ResearchBodies - 1.4 [1.0.4] Outer Planets Mod - 1.8 [1.0.3+] //Utility Parts\\ KIS - 1.2.2 [1.0.4] KAS - 0.5.4 [1.0.4] MechJeb - 2.5.3 [1.0.4] //Utility Glitter\\ Nav Utilities - 0.5.1 [1.0.4] Docking Port Alignment Indicator - 6.2 [1.0.x] Waypoint Manager - 2.4.2 [1.0.4] //Utility Meta\\ Hyperedit - 1.4.1 [1.0] Crew Manifest - [1.0.x] Kerbal Engineer Redux - [1.0.4] RCS Build Aid - 0.7.2 [1.0.2] FAR - [1.0.4] Contracts Window - 5.3 [1.0.x] //Meta Mod\\ Toolbar - 1.7.9 [1.0.2] Contract Configurator - 1.7.5 [1.0.4] RasterPropMonitor - 0.23.0 [1.0.4] Kopernicus Beta - 0.4 [1.0.4] Module Manager - 2.6.8 //Parts\\ Advanced Jet Engines - 2.4.1 [1.0.4] DMagic Orbital Science - 1.0.8 [1.0.4] KW Rocketry - 2.7 [1.0.2] KW-Rocketry-Community-Fixes [1.0.4] SCANsat - 14.2 [1.0.4] Kerbal Aircraft Expansion - 2.5.2 [1.0.4] Logs: I have lots of logs because I've just been living with crashes; here's five from the same day (two play sessions ago): (note: the logs are about 4Gb each, hosted on dropbox) Error 1 | Log 1 Error 2 | Log 2 Error 3 | Log 3 Error 4 | Log 4 Error 5 | Log 5 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Po Processor: Intel i5-4690k GPU: Radeon R9 390X RAM: 8 Gb HDD: 1Tb, ~600Gb Free Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. So, extraplanetary launchpads exists. It lets you launch from places other than Kerbin. But Kerbin is always "home". Mission difficulty is based on departing from Kerbin. You can't recover a vessel unless it's on Kerbin. I want to start the game with a different "home" body than Kerbin, and try out a career starting from, for instance, Duna. Imagine having to figure out landings with only SRB's and mk16 parachutes! It'd make for a different and, I think, wildly entertaining experience. It doesn't have to be fancy. I think all (..."all"...) you'd need to make it work would be something that: (a) lets you recover vessels on Duna and ( makes all the missions aware that you're starting on Duna now - therefore adjust the relative planetary mission frequencies and perhaps the rewards as well. Bonus points for adjusting science multipliers appropriately. Of course, you'd also need to use extraplanetary launchpads to launch from Duna, and probably hyperedit to initially get the pad to Duna, but otherwise, bam, Dunan Space Program. Double bonus points for letting you set any (solid) planetary body as "home". Who's with me?
  8. "Green Lightning".... I literally facepalmed when I saw that monstrosity.
  9. I have to appreciate the ions now. They apparently are decent at accelerating things on wheels.
  10. Mmmm, the Mun is such a delicious place to rove. I'm a little jealous.
  11. I've gotten 1/12th of the way around Pol so far. It's been... bouncy. I like this challenge; it's given me the opportunity to repair a tire mid-bounce. And those piles of Pol-ar rock are really starting to creep me out. I took some video this time; uploading and editing it added an extra day or two to this process. Anyway, you can read the report here.
  12. Day 1: Embarking Or: Bouncing Around, Mid-"Air" Repairs, and the Nadir of the Journey Before I start, I feel like I ought to explain why I'm doing this. First, I love Kerbal Space Program. But, if you're not careful, you can fall into the trap of only playing for the orbital mechanics. Planets are just points. Who cares what's on them? So often, Kerbin just becomes either "green field" or "ocean". Duna is just "red desert". The Mun is "middle of a crater". And that's boring. The planets and moons in this game are so much more diverse than we give them credit for, and you can only really see that diversity if you go overland; if you drive them. Second, rovers are next to completely useless in this game (especially on airless rocks where rockets are just... better), and I've got a strange drive to always try things that seem completely useless. Maybe it's just to confirm that they really are useless. Or maybe it's to try and find a use for them. Third and finally, even if you do like rovers, you aren't likely to use them on a low-gravity planet because they're "impossible to drive". I contend that they're not. I also contend that they're perfectly easy to control, so long as you've got a wide wheel base and low CoM. As far as why pick Pol, I'll hazard that Pol is the least interesting body in the Kerbol system. It's not the smallest, it's hard to get to, there's no anomalies, the terrain is annoying but not particularly interesting, and it's just not... cool. I'd like to try and prove myself wrong. First thing to do would be to figure out where I need to go. If I am where I think I am, I should go south to the lowest point on Pol. Probably a bit South-Southeast. So, I--wait, where's the flag? Valentina couldn't find it. She'd just planted the thing not five minutes ago and now it had disappeared completely. Even Bill couldn't find it from his external seat. Turns out it's 600m above the surface. With the discarded "spare" fuel tank. Oh, and somehow, it's daylight now. Bill chalked it up to eddies in the spacetime continuum. I think it's something to do with loading a save file on Pol's notoriously bumpy tiny surface, but I'm no astro-engineer. Weirdness now safely explained, I started off down Twilight Ridge, moving South-Southeast. Already I encountered a problem. With Jump Cannon jammed on top of Noether's Revenge, the CoM shifted upward enough for the rover to want to wheelie. But it's still quite manageable with SAS on. I set off down Twilight Ridge at a good clip, and then bounced. I landed fine, though; the tires can take it. But I bounced again. And again. At one point, I hit the ground too hard, and a tire broke. Of course, however, I'd bounced into the air again. Problem being that if one tire broke with the previous bounce, presumably, more tires were going to break with the next impact. It looked like it was going to be a particularly long bounce this time, so Bill did what he came to do: repair some tires. In mid-air. As I predicted, once I'd landed that bounce, even more tires broke. But this would be okay; as long as I fixed the tires before the craft hit the ground, I could maintain control. Bill got to work again. This time, however, Bill couldn't get back onto Jump Cannon before Noether's Revenge bounced. Bill hurriedly used his jetpack to arc skyward again, but Noether's Revenge was spiralling out of control rather badly. If it landed on anything but its wheels, it'd be a mission scrub. So there wasn't much choice. I had to switch to Valentina, and hope Bill bounced instead of dying. I brought Noether's Revenge to a juddering, broken-wheeled halt. Bill was speeding past the ship into the air. Apparently he'd survived the first impact. Now that Noether's Revenge was stable, I switched back to Bill. He juuuust barely managed to gain altitude quickly enough to pull out of his dive. I landed him next to Noether's Revenge to repair some tires, refuel in the command pod, and plant a flag. It had been a long and eventful five kilometers. I named the place "The Last Bounce". It seemed appropriate. After deciding to set out again, I immediately got sick of the Noether's Revenge's tendency to wheelie. I pulled her to a stop and detached the Jump Cannon. I was going to find the lowest elevation point and park there. Unfortunately, that'd cripple my ability to repair Noether's Revenge, because Bill would be far, far away. No more mid-air repairs. But that's okay, because there weren't any mountains between me and the lowest elevation point, so there'd theoretically be fewer bounces, and therefore fewer broken tires. Bill was excited to stretch the Jump Cannon's legs, or rather, rockets. So, he set off to find today's goal: the point of lowest elevation. I managed to land at 317m altitude on a downward slope, about 22km from Noether's Revenge. If the bottom of this valley isn't the lowest elevation on Pol, I'll be surprised. Jump Cannon performed beautifully; no complaints there. However, when I switched back to Noether's Revenge, the recently-planted flag was mysteriously floating 1000m up. I wonder if this is the beginnings of a trend.... As I started off again, I realized that there was going to be a mountain in the way. Drat. Oh well. At least Noether's Revenge was much easier to control, although it still tended to wheelie. This was disappointing; my previous (hyperedit tested) iteration of Noether's Revenge didn't wheelie, but it did scrape the bottom and explode when it landed large jumps. As I roved, I learned quickly that the best method of accelerating and braking is to make like an Antilock Brake System, and do it in rapid spurts. Turning can be surprisingly well effected by rotating the whole rover in mid-(air). So long as the angle from your heading isn't too great, Noether's Revenge just bounces forward in the right direction at that point, and then eventually settles down. Land-based turning happens both surprisingly effectively and shockingly normally. Also, whatever you do, don't press the brake button on landing. That'll lock your wheels for sure, and then flip the rover.* Coming to the top of previously-mentioned smallish mountain, I decided that I'd take this one slow to try and spare the wheels. With luck, I could avoid being airborne for too long. The sheer cliff at the bottom of this thing makes that unlikely. Though I took the descent gradually, the cliff proved too much. Four wheels broke. And Bill was 20km away. I debated getting Bill back to Noether's Revenge by EVA jetpack, but then I had a better idea: drive Noether's Revenge on the remaining front two wheels by listing starboard. It worked, though it slowed my average speed from 10 or 15 m/s to 6m/s. Finally, the front wheel popped. That left me with one wheel in the middle of the starboard side. Time for repairs. Bill jetpacked in from 12km away, repaired Noether's Revenge and refueled, and then sped off back to the Jump Cannon. As I was flying back, I really started to appreciate just how alien Pol is. It's just me, Bill, and Valentina here. I really feel exposed; I regret not making room in the delta-v budget for some kind of permanent base for my Kerbals to relax in. Poor Valentina's been cooped up in that one-kerbal capsule for years. Bill hasn't even had that comfort. Jeez, what have I done to these poor Kerbals? I made some good headway in these "flat"lands, far from any mountain range. Or should I say "mountain ring"? My average speed was up somewhere around 19m/s, and I spent a good deal of that, unfortunately, airborne between bounces. These hills can be quite annoying; I don't think there's a lick of flat land anywhere on Pol.** I slowed the video down to 1x near the middle so you could experience what 20m/s on Pol is like. For those too lazy, the answer is "bouncy". Without much further incident, I caught up to the Jump Cannon. Bill launched the Jump Cannon and efficiently re-grabbed the Noether's Revenge. Then I ventured down into the valley, trying to find the lowest point on Pol. Eventually, I abandoned Noether's Revenge, and travelled about 700m on foot to where I think it is - 82m in altitude. I made about 28km today. That means it'll take just about 12 days to get around Pol. Casualty report: -1 SAS Module (Fore Starboard) <Wait, shoot. When did that happen? -1,5,6,1 tires (in four events) Progress so Far: Next: The Zenith of the Journey *Hmm. I think this is an ideal place and vehicle to do stunts. I'll have to investigate that. **Well, maybe at the poles. I'm going to keep pretending that that's the case until I can't any more. Hope is a good thing.
  13. By the way - you have to use the shielded solar panels if you want them to be retractable. Just so you know.
  14. Ooh, innovations. I appreciate those. Along with adaptability and change. Neat!
  15. Part two of my mission to Pol is up. You can read it here. Okay, that took way too long to get there. And most of my struggle wasn't even with orbital dynamics; it was just Kerbal Space Program itself. But it was nice to finally get there, at any rate.