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  1. Silly me, I left the VT_FSPack_Debug set to true in the config file! Flip it to false. It's in VT_FSPack_Settings.cfg under your GameData\VerneTech\FieldScientistPack directory.
  2. I tried KSU from github and KerbalStuff but the toolbar button is all white and does nothing for me when clicked, anyone had this issue? Edit: Apparently FPS limiter requires FPS viewer and I deleted that one. My fault
  3. What a coincidence! This sounds exactly like the premise of my *very secret* WIP mod... Most of the things you speak of are pretty much doable and I've managed to figure out a way to mod them. However, it's a WIP in an early stage, mostly conceptual, and progress is kinda slow.
  4. Whilst EVA-ing with any of my kerbals (regardless of the current situation; happens on the launch pad as well as while orbiting) "Fanno" spams my debug log with this: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at FerramAerospaceResearch.FARGUI.FARFlightGUI.PhysicsCalcs.CalculateForceBreakdown (Vector3d velVectorNorm, Vector3d velVector) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FerramAerospaceResearch.FARGUI.FARFlightGUI.PhysicsCalcs.UpdatePhysicsParameters () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FerramAerospaceResearch.FARGUI.FARFlightGUI.FlightGUI.FixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 I tried one of the dev builds (somewhere around 17th May) but it consistently summoned forth a Kraken devouring all my active flights (namely while transitioning between VAB and the Launch Pad) and I'm a bit reluctant to try the latest one. Sorry if this has been addressed before, though I did perform a search referencing "CalculateForceBreakdown".
  5. KIS currently doesn't handle science containers correctly, though I suspect the problem is limited to this specific instance, that is: a part with a science container module and data transmiter module. When you transmit your data, the backpack's inventory counter-part doesn't get updated to reflect this, and you end up with the backpack still storing the experiment (you can check this yourself by hovering your mouse on the backpack in the kerbal's inventory screen). If you DROP the backpack now, it will contain a duplicate of the experiment you just sent. This doesn't occur if you UNEQUIP the backpack first (as this updates the item's state). I notified KospY about the issue but have not received any response yet. I'd love to have an animated antenna too, alas, my 3d-modelling skills are a tad rusty.
  6. I was wondering this myself, but dismissed the idea since no one suggested it... till now. I am also considering moving the FSE to somewhere earlier in the tech tree. Good idea, I'll take a look how it's done with the EVA tank.
  7. That's SCART91's TP: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60961-BROKEN-0-90-TextureReplacer-2-1-2-%2820-12-2014%29?p=1576978&viewfull=1#post1576978
  8. Correct again KIS works a tad differently than KAS and you will need a tool to dismount it from a surface.
  9. You are correct. I saw no other way to add logic to an existing class. However, I have very little knowledge of the inner workings of C#, so I'd welcome any constructive criticism
  10. @ferram4: I may be a bit late to the party but let me just say that reading about FAR now being voxel-based has fabulously brightened my day! I hope the final result ain't too heavy for our already strained CPUs, running 'demanding' KSP physics and all that Can't wait for the release build. Thanks for all your hard work, man.
  11. "...and there was much rejoicing."
  12. I borked the linky on the first page... Sorry for that, is fixed now
  13. Updated for KSP 1.0.2 and transitioned from KAS to KIS. Known issue: After transmitting experiment data via the FSE's antenna, dropping the FSE without UNEQUIPPING it first will result in experiment data duplication in the FSE. In other words: UNEQUIP, RE-EQUIP each time after you Transmit your collected Data. Also please notice that Kerbal Stuff download says KAS Portable Science Container instead of KIS Portable Science Container because I still haven't figured out how to change the name of the mod on Kerbal Stuff :-/
  14. Hi KospY, I'm having trouble transitioning my Portable Science Container mod from KAS to KIS; it features an EVA backpack that can store multiple science experiments and an integrated antenna (ModuleDataTransmitter + my ModuleScienceContainer extension). Transmitting the data via the built-in antenna doesn't clear the experiments properly and results in experiment data duplication once the backpack is dropped from the inventory. Duplication also happens when a kerbal enters a command pod with data ending up both in the pod and the backpack (the pack falls off the kerbal though). Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue? Update: After some more testing I can conclude that: With ModuleKISItem.carriable = true, experiment data duplication occurs when dropping the item after transmitting data or entering a command capsule (and the item doesn't end up in the kerbal's inventory) With ModuleKISItem.equipable = true, experiment data duplication occurs only when dropping the equipped item - unequipping and reequipping updates the science container though, and entering a command pod transfers the experiments (and the item itself) correctly