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  1. My ongoing mission today, and for the next few days is to rescue and return all the Kerbals I have left stranded on the Mun in my career save. There's at least 7.
  2. Can confirm it seems to work perfectly in 1.3.1 if you modify the .version file as MeCripp said.
  3. SVE throws this, and I really want to install it (if I have to do it manually it defeats the purpose of CKAN for me) Please advise
  4. @Galileo The SVE files on CKAN throw this: nm backtracking I see you have already been made aware...
  5. whoa buddy, this aint no daycare centre for human babies.
  6. Yep.. We have a seperate ferret facility with dook dook hammocks
  7. 3/10... so when's the wedding?
  8. I did.. Still allowed to say something... I'm just coming back to checking the forums now, and OP was a big part of my early KSP experience.
  9. I am the blackhole, therefore my cookie(s)
  10. Wait what? Good luck with whatever you're doing, but I trust you will check in from time to time? You're like furniture around here.
  11. Did you validate your files in Steam? No reason it shouldn't just work.
  12. You have been fractally banned.. Every iteration of your being has been banned from everything else, because you caused Fukushima.
  13. The dude abides. I am here to make statements that allow others to prove me wrong. I also provide a handy storage facility for space animals (no camels)
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