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  1. My ongoing mission today, and for the next few days is to rescue and return all the Kerbals I have left stranded on the Mun in my career save. There's at least 7.
  2. Can confirm it seems to work perfectly in 1.3.1 if you modify the .version file as MeCripp said.
  3. SVE throws this, and I really want to install it (if I have to do it manually it defeats the purpose of CKAN for me) Please advise
  4. @Galileo The SVE files on CKAN throw this: nm backtracking I see you have already been made aware...
  5. whoa buddy, this aint no daycare centre for human babies.
  6. Yep.. We have a seperate ferret facility with dook dook hammocks
  7. 3/10... so when's the wedding?
  8. I did.. Still allowed to say something... I'm just coming back to checking the forums now, and OP was a big part of my early KSP experience.
  9. I am the blackhole, therefore my cookie(s)
  10. Wait what? Good luck with whatever you're doing, but I trust you will check in from time to time? You're like furniture around here.
  11. Did you validate your files in Steam? No reason it shouldn't just work.
  12. You have been fractally banned.. Every iteration of your being has been banned from everything else, because you caused Fukushima.
  13. The dude abides. I am here to make statements that allow others to prove me wrong. I also provide a handy storage facility for space animals (no camels)
  14. If I have more than one reaction wheel setup on my craft, usually some in command pod and another set of reaction wheels near the CoM of my third stage. I usually set the larger one to 'SAS only' during launch and that usually gets rid of all the wobble during launch. Once I'm out of atmo I turn it back to 'Normal'. It seriously helps.
  15. Exactly this.. I'm actually very fond of the way these *tankbutts* (this is exactly the name I was looking for thankyou) make my rocket look... It would be awesome if this could be fixed.. Even if it was an additional part I would use it.
  16. One more thing. The *thingy* (I tried, I really did) that vens attaches to the bottom of the fuel tanks with some engines always disappears when I load a save. Screenshot:
  17. It seems that the light on the clamp-o-tron is a little bit overpowered, as I can use it to illuminate the surface of Kerbin from LKO.. Otherwise it's a very nice mod, looks great!
  18. Thanks very much, not sure how I missed it.
  19. Heya! Been on KSP Hiatus for ages (since 1.05) but recently decided to get back in. Chonking my way through career, but there's one thing bugging me. When I switch to map mode, the Navball is hidden. For the life of me I can't remember it being like that, and I can't find any option to change it so I'm thinking I had a mod that did it. tl:dr Is there a mod that reveals the navball when I switch to map, or am I missing a setting somewhere?
  20. Oh yep... haha I have quite a few mods installed I forget whats stock and what isn't... It definitely is a career save though I don't even have a science save.
  21. Yes you told me what settings to change. McIrish3 asked if I was getting better results than the best guess so I did it that way. You understand what your mod does and why, I don't (but I'm trying to) so Best Guess is where most users will get their start. I have checked it, and from what I'm observing the ship does not change to an orbital prograde until about 36km, or are you saying it does this without changing the display of the navball? I guess It must do, because when the navball does change to orbital the prograde marker is already lined up, <this is when it changed to orbital on navball. Notice this is with changed settings but it was the same with best guess. 30-60secs as you suggested, plus using the turn start and speed I usually use. I played with the sensitivity but that didn't change much. The end result was this launch being quite efficient but still marginally more expensive than my usual launch, and very accurate to 100km which I like very much. KER is telling me that my launch stage atmo.TWR is 1.6 and IMO that is not *underpowered* that is more than enough to get the craft off the ground and as I have demonstrated into orbit reasonably efficiently with a payload. Every piece of advice I have read has said anything around 1.5 is fine and much more than that is a waste and that reentry effects are caused by excessive loss due to atmo drag. I have gotten the best efficiency in my style of ascent from that advice. I don't need to touch the throttle, I barely need to touch the controls at all once I set the turn at 50m/s other than to keep the inclination right. I don't know what to say, I'm definitely not trying to nitpick, or enter into a liquiding competition about this, or prove you wrong in any way. I'm just trying to get the best out of what seems to be a very useful mod. I'm hoping you find some use in a different set of data? I'll keep tinkering and if I come up with any results I will post them, it may help others.
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