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  1. um.. can you introduce the new bonny as a separate part? please?
  2. aidanbossman

    North Korea's 5th satellite attempt-7th Feb 2016

    kryten is a north korean spy.
  3. aidanbossman

    KSP Racing division

    what about wipEout racing-Anti gravity formula one, anyone?
  4. only the red light shows up
  5. i can't get the firespitter plugin to work in 1.0.2, how do i get it to work?
  6. only the mk2 probe core shows up and no other parts
  7. no parts show up, exept the safety light
  8. this won't work as a download, its format is .txt it needs to be .craft - - - Updated - - - oh wait, sorry. the problem is its a plain text file instead of a document file, thats the problem
  9. where are those little trucks from?
  10. can some one make a curse forge download?
  11. Finally! ksp hudson landing!
  12. aidanbossman

    [1.0.5][WIP]FantomWorks 0.3.3 KAX+ Part Pack

    are the krj parts mk1 or 2.5 m?
  13. aidanbossman

    [1.0.5][WIP]FantomWorks 0.3.3 KAX+ Part Pack

    I think this mod needs stock craft, all of my attempts at making planes have failed.
  14. aidanbossman

    [0.90] Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System v4.13

    I've done that, it just doesn't work, no parts show up at all.
  15. aidanbossman

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    i mean kerbal shuttle orbiter