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  1. He most recently took a trip to the Mun with all three of the other orangesuits on board. He was upset he missed the first launch to Minmus, though. It's okay, that very nearly failed. Val only got to do a short flyby before realizing that the rocket would tip over in just about any landing circumstance.
  2. So, no update? :C This looks like an awesome tech tree; I've been looking for one that's a bit more sensible than Stock.
  3. √Funds. No, seriously. They're called '√Funds'. I'd have preferred an actual currency name, really.
  4. Could, in theory, enough floatie modules allow a space station to float in Eve's atmosphere? Actually, if not, that would be pretty damn cool for a mod.
  5. Kerbal Kspace Kprogram: Katastrophic K Kusage Seriously, we don't need a subtitle. Kerbal Space Program is enough.
  6. I watched Day9's video series on it. (not that that helped! ) Before then, I had seen it around, but wasn't terribly interested.
  7. Thanks to the guy who made the original Procedural Fairings. It's both a good thing and a shame the mod is redundant now.
  8. I think it's a moon, because a dessert several miles in diameter would probably fudge up the orbit badly.
  9. Well thanks all of you. At least now I feel like actually playing the game, if just to test these ideas, and that's quite helpful. I'll shoot for the Mun a few more times, then try applying some of this stuff to get to Duna.
  10. It's not that I'm concerned about the kerbals, it's that my rockets either don't get there, or are way too big and can't get back.
  11. Apathetic towards kerbals? :U But thanks for the Quicksave thing, I didn't know that. Time to murder kerbals but consistently set time back so they'll never know how much of a screwup I am! Actually, this doesn't really help me with rocket building. I keep not adding enough fuel, or something, and if I add more then it just explodes on the pad, or the lower stages don't get built up enough, and by the time I quit I have a rocket capable of getting there but not back that takes up half or more of the VAB.
  12. So, I'm afraid I'm stuck. I don't know where to go, really. I'm rather new to the game, and I hit a roadblock something a week ago or so, and I'm having issues designing a rocket, heck, even a lander that could take me to Duna successfully. It's a combination of lack of motivation, overwhelmedness by the game's scope (and more specifically the massive distances involved between planets), a concern for safety for my kerbals, and having my first and second missions to the Mun (second time was to rescue the first, third time was to rescue the rescue mission) as well as my trip to Minmus being thiiis close to being a colossal failure because apparently I simultaneously overbuild and underbuild my rockets. I need help. Can somebody find me a guide or something, or explain what I'm doing wrong, because I'm incredibly nervous and it's completely wrecking the game for me.
  13. Awesome! I haven't gone to Duna yet because I'm absolutely panicky over rocket stuff and overengineering, but you've done pretty well. Just design a way to take him home now
  14. ahahahah I love it. I'm trying to work up the nerve to go to Duna but I'm so worried and I'm afraid of something going catastrophically wrong like it did with my mun landing when my launcher ran out of fuel upon landing, and then the rescue mission exploded twice before I landed successfully, and then when I finally landed properly it ran out of fuel too, so I finally had to resort to mechjeb to get both kerbals home.
  15. I'm shocked nobody else has responded I love it, it's adorable! Actually somewhat moreso without the mouth. You might want to make that look better.
  16. Realism is quantitative, as opposed to qualitative. What is realistic is always realistic. KSP's system is decidedly non-realistic.
  17. 1. Never let one of the three veterans get killed. 2. Because of 1. Never send one of the three veterans on a mission beyond Kerbin's SOI.
  18. Looks absolutely amazing. I'd like it if there were a higher technology level in the game that lets you build more sci-fi-ish SSTO ships that looked like this.
  19. And here I was hoping it would be a comedic video series based around kerbal news channels relating to space launches and disasters and whatnot.
  20. The furthest back I can remember it is a few videos and several images I saw browsing over the internet. I only watched anything relating to it in 2013, when I watched Day9's Day Off trying to play it, and a week or two later watching Zisteau (somebody I've followed from afar since 2011 thanks to his Minecraft Super Hostile series) and his series of videos, though not the entire playlist. It wasn't until this last Steam Winter Sale after I got an awesome new computer that could actually run it (and lots more!) that I seriously considered buying it, and soon did. No regrets, except the first moon launch (not enough fuel to return!), the rescue mission (Not enough fuel to even get off the surface!) and the following many attempts to land a 3-pod lander near enough to rescue the now two stranded kerbals.
  21. Right, thanks! I'll watch that tomorrow, it's late. I'll probably ask later for other things like interplanetary ship design...
  22. So for my very first forum post, I'm asking for help. While I have a grasp of basic mechanics and can, in science mode, put a ship into orbit or get it to the mun/minmus and sometimes back, I have little to no knowledge of anything beyond that. I can't figure out how to build a ship large enough to reach another planet, and while I'd like to try to set up at least a small space station, I have no idea where to start at all. Let's focus on that last issue. Can somebody direct me or show me how to put together a space station around Kerbin?
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