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  1. Ok, I narrowed down the issue to the module manager: without it and the patches, I can see the docking ports.
  2. Hi all, I recently got back into KSP after a long absence. I updated my mods using CKAN, and got to work. However, as I began to build my initial space capsule, I noticed that my docking ports were missing. I checked every tab, and even went into the Community Tech Tree and checked every single level, and could not find a single docking port. It is probably a mod causing the issue, but I can't tell which one. Can someone help me? If needed, I can post the log.
  3. Unfortunately, there are 6 issues with the procedural ore tank when I installed the recent update to Kerbal Interstellar extended.
  4. To add to the issue, I am finding similarities in all my flights. Before, when I would revert to my first stage, the second stage would disappear from the game because I continued with it into orbit. Now, the second stage does not disappear when I revert to my first stage.
  5. Hey all, I downloaded this mod yesterday and everything was working fine until I launched a satellite and attempted first stage recovery. As soon as I preformed my boostback, the game became incredibly laggy and the landing failed for some reason that I cannot explain. I tried to jump back to my main vessel, but the mod would not let me. Now, this is affecting all my flights. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  6. Hey everyone. I've recently finished my first real mission to Duna, and it was great, but this made me realize that I need a new mission infrastructure. With Kerbal Interstellar Extended, I just unlocked some of the more powerful reactors and can now power up the Vista Engine. What I am asking for is an all purpose "taxi," ship, that I can refuel in LKO, with tons of delta-v, and uses the Vista Engine from Kerbal Interstellar extended. I would also like it to look pretty good as well.
  7. I have a quick question. I cannot seem to get the Vista Engine to work like I used to be able to. Way back around 0.90, I could power that sucker up with a reactor and generator. Now, I have two Q-fusion reactors and two charged particle reactors all at 3 meters, and only then can I power the engine continuously. Is this meant to be, or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Is there still room for someone in mission control during the launch phase? I'd love to join that team.
  9. One question, I cannot seem to get the Vista fusion engine to work whatsoever. I have a charged particles generator and a fission reactor, but I cannot seem to generate power. Can someone please help me a bit?
  10. I am struggling here. Basically, in the VAB, I set the Build Points ratio so that the rocket will be ready in 2 days. When I press build and go into the rocket construction tab, it says that the rocket will be ready in a whopping 247 days. What can I do here?
  11. I have a minor question: does the Frejya pod have Rastor Prop Motor on it? The Odin does, but the Frejya seems to not.
  12. I think that if that were the case, then we'd be on mars at this point. I don't get all the pessimism in this thread regarding NASA. Sure, China is doing cool things, but I doubt that they can get to the moon anytime in the near future; they are all talk right now. Their budget is lower than even Russia, so I highly doubt that they can do it. Even if by some miracle they manage to get to the moon, who would really care? We have done it already and the moon offers nothing of value. We can't colonize it, we can't terraform it, heck, we can't live on it. We've done it already, lets move on. India doesn't even want to. Space X? Space X is basically NASA at this point. Them and and United Launch Alliance would not be around if it weren't for the United States as a customer for their services. NASA is taking it cautiously, which I support whole heartily. As much as I hate to say it, we need to take our time. We needed the ISS to learn how to live in low gravity for long periods of time. The whole Space Shuttle debacle taught us many things. Now we are ready to go to Mars. Mars is not going anywhere. The true test of Space Flight is making it affordable. NASA is on a clear sustainable path, which I applaud them for.
  13. Because I am a devout Christian, I view Math as God's invention but Man's discovery. I think that God is using man made symbols to describe God's handiwork.