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  1. I don't think that limited ignitions should be a thing for thermal engines and nozzles. In Kerbalism it's present for chemical engines, since they must be ignited somehow. I say this to legitimize my actions by removing reliability module from thermal engines till next KSPIE release xD
  2. I was so excited reading this, but I'm kinda disappointed after some testing: It is really nice to see KSPIE integration with Kerbalism mod, but it comes with the grain of salt! I don't know how is that balanced when Halberd engine has unlimited ignitions, and don't require reactor. On the other hand, spaceplane with the reactor and "Phoenix" engine has only 1 ignition (ok, 2 with high quality setting). What's the point of having hybrid mode then? This kind of reliability renders thermal engines useless for SSTO spaceplanes, and if these restrictions are by design, it's sad. I'm aware that
  3. @Mathis Chatard Holy thrust that does look scary indeed xD It seems like my instructions were unclear, or your text editing skills aren't that good. I've reproduced you issue, then I've edited OPT_B9PS.cfg, and bam! To make some kind of excuse, I'll provide you with the file that actually works. Be warned it has different name than original file (to avoid confusion). Make sure you've deleted original OPT_B9PS.cfg before you start the game =)
  4. @FreeThinker I am sorry for tagging you, but I believe I found a bug: ModuleStorageCryostat - when added to parts with already present EC resource, removes it and leaves only electricCharge buffer. It happens when vessel is loaded (runway), In VAB/SPH all values remains as they should be. In my case it happens with OPT Cockpit parts. To make it all playable I have to remove ModuleStorageCryostat from that parts with MM patch, which makes stuff kinda unrealistic. Once again I apologize for being impatient, but I'm stuck at home quarantined, playing games, you know =)
  5. @Mathis Chatard I guess, the problem is: 1805:[LOG 10:46:32.944] Deleting node in file OPT_Reconfig/OPT_B9PS subnode: @PART[jk_3m_adaptor|k_3m_fuelTank]/MODULE:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,!Pathfinder,!Kerbalism,!ModularFuelTanks,!RealFuels] as it can't satisfy its NEEDS This means that B9PartSwitch didn't apply, coz Kerbalism is installed OPT_Reconfig/OTP_B9PS.cfg removes Firespitter dependancy, replacing it with B9Partswitch. If you delete it, and your OPT tanks will be handled by Firespitter (you have it installed) If you want to use B9Partswitch for OPT tanks, you have to edit the file,
  6. @Mathis Chatard I play Kerbalism with OPT, but I also use KSPIE which provides its own fuel switcher, so I've had to remove tremendous amount of patches and edit some lines from OPT_Reconfig xD If you provide your /Kerbal Space Program/Logs/ModuleManager/ModuleManager.log (zip, upload, lnk) - Maybe I would be able to help
  7. Ok, after some poking around I've figured out the following: ModuleStorageCryostat - when added to parts with already present EC resource causes the problem, described in my previous post. I have no idea if this a bug, or a feature.
  8. I'm experiencing an issue with Fuel Switch: I'm using parts, with fuel tanks, so they get handled by LF/O Integration patch. But these parts also contain Electric Charge Resource, and it's values somehow gets altered by Interstellar Fuel Switch. I can see correct values in the VAB, but it's always 0.04 for the loaded vessel. Part on the screenshot must have 4200 Ec (visible in VAB) according to MM Cache These are my ModuleManager.log and Modulemanager.ConfigCache Part on the screenshot is j_cockpit_qs - from OPT Space Plane mod
  9. Did "rated ignitions" thingy got removed with 3.8? My engines last forever atm with no restrictions, I want my hardcore back =) UPDATE: oh sorry, gotta apply 3.9 right now. My bad didn't pay attention =)
  10. Yay! one of my favorite mods got updated! Time to kill some kerbals xD
  11. Greetings and salutations! I have a problem with OPT and Interstellar Fuel Switch and/or B9 Partchswitch, I really have no idea atm. My current mod set relies on KSPIE and Kerbalism mods. I have B9 Partswitch installed and all that stuff works fine together w/o any conflicts. When I install OPT and OPT reconfig - OPT parts do not contain any fuel tanks at all. If I remove OPT Reconfig, they're handled by Interstellar Fuelswitch, which is desirable. If I use only OPT, w/o OPT Reconfig - OPT parts behaves weird (false EC values in VAB, no Cargo Bay radiators, etc) so I believe that OPT R
  12. And still no joystick/game pads support on Linux?
  13. After CRP installing and providing converters with right resources, all works like a charm. Ability to turn on/off things automatically, insane! Maybe it worth to mention somewhere that CRP is a dependency for Kerbalism?
  14. Thanx for the answer. Is that mandatory to turn converters on in the editor? I've tried them during flight with no success =/ PS: CRP installed
  15. I played around 8 hours in Science Mode: First of all, I want to play this game again, because this mod is awesome! I love new science system, finally I have a reason to get to the orbit and stay for a while instead of "flyby the system, collect your data". This is what science model of KSP should be. But I have few questions: 1 In early stages of career, it's almost impossible to get science due lack of power. No solar panels, no batteries, misery. Converters aren't provide any power generation options, which makes start of the game a bit frustrating. 2 My planner not showing f
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