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  1. Perhaps someone can explain this to me. I'm building a base, have a 3.75 Agriculture Support Module, an Inflatable Ware house which can store hydrates and water. I set one of the ASM bays for Hydrates, and when I try to start the bay it says "Water full"???? The Inflatable warehouse is 2 connections away and it cannot find it? Have a similar problem, but the other direction, with the Pioneer+Logistics module make t-credits. I have two inflatable warehouses with ore/LF/Oxi, but the pioneer cannot find the Liquidfuel.
  2. Okay, I see. I hadn't played KSP for over a year and back then you could deploy the inflatables without EVA.
  3. I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so thought I would bring it up. None of the inflatable parts appear to be inflatable once launched. For example, the Tundra HabRing and Expandable Habitats do not have a Deploy option outside the editor. All they show is the option to start habitat/greenhouse. Looking at the ModuleManager.configcache, the module with the deploy option is there, but it just never becomes available to use for some reason.
  4. Not sure if this needs to be posted here, in the KK forum, or wherever KSC++ is, but the Heavy runway by the GSC has several seams in it that cause craft to bounce like crazy during takeoff. Noticed the same thing at the Broken Arrow runway. Seams that cause the craft to start bouncing and make it impossible to maintain a straight take off course.
  5. Unfortunately, this is is not accurate. Attaching the side mounted hover engines cause TCA to spam NREs. Here is a log from a clean game with only FUR, TCA and their dependencies installed through CKAN. Went into the SPH, selected a Mk2 inline cockpit, attached the radial rocket engine to make sure TCA was working, which it was. Then removed the engine and attached the side mount hover engine and TCA never activated, and checking the log showed the start of NRE spam.
  6. I did that with an hovercraft I build using to collect some of the more difficult to land at science on Gael (Kerbin replacement in Galileo's Planet Pack). Only problem is that when the craft tries to slow down, it has a tendency to want to spin around and use those rear facing engines for braking instead of pitching up and using the hover engines for braking. I ended up adding a pair of reversible engines and setting up an action group to switch them to reverse thrust after the craft gets up to speed. It maintains speed using the two main engines, pitches up to start slowing down as the destination approaches, and then uses the reversed engines to come to a final stop and fix position since it always overshoots the target. This craft uses all electric fans from MkIV Spaceplane System for hovering, Turbofans for main engines and propfans for reverse from Thor Tech, all build around a OPT-J main body with adapters to Mk2 nuke reactors from Mk2 expansion to power everything. I don't have to carry any fuel, so the COM is static and easily balanced for efficient hovering. With the recently updated Feline Utility Rover hover engines, I'm going to see if they can improve the speed, as the current design cannot go faster than 125kph horizontally as it kills the intakes on the hover fans and causes an instant unrecoverable tumble, which makes getting to some of the more distant spots to collect science very time consuming. Don't particularly like spending an hour flying to the poles even with x3 physics warp (x4 tends to cause TCA to go unstable)
  7. Make sure you do not have VTOL mode selected. That will cause the movement keys to act as directions of thrust, but since you most likely are in Stop mode, they wont actually do anything. You could also try using the Bearing option, but that has mixed results for me.
  8. There might be a problem with your CKAN as it is showing up in mine for 1.3.1, and does not have a dependency, recommendation, or suggestion for Persistant Rotation.
  9. I think you may have forgot to include the localization info with the last update. In the Action groups box it just shows "#<string>" instead of the old button descriptions. I will take a screenshot next time I start the game if you need more information.
  10. I've found the CKAN will throw an exception if you have a mod that somehow got installed that conflicts with another mod that is installed. Could be due to manually installing, for example, ForScience manually with DMagic Orbital Science. Or if you manually updated a mod, before CKAN could update it, and the update introduced a new file. It tend to confuse the client. Easiest way to fix is to export your installed mods, uninstall everything manually, then reinstall from the .ckan file. You might have to tell it to install from the file a couple times due to dependencies. If you have any mods that you installed outside CKAN, you will have to install them again, or do without.
  11. Resurrecting a slightly older post because I think I figured out what is breaking KEI. Bluedog Design Bureau includes a MM patch that modifies 4 parts with integrated Geiger Counters to use the FASA geiger counter scidef when FASA is installed.... BUT if you do not have FASA installed, but DO have FASA Launch Clamps Continued installed, which uses the FASA folder, instead of it's own, the patched experiments do not have a correctly named scidef and it breaks KEI. Either need to remove the Launch Clamps Continues mod, install the full FASA mod, or comment out the patches in Bluedog_DB\Compatibility\sciencedefs_compatibility.cfg for it to work correctly. (could probably just rename the folder the launchClamps uses, but don't know if that will break the clamps or not.) I commented out the patch and KEI is working again.
  12. Found a slight bug in BDB by trying to figure out a problem with Kerbin Environmental Institute. If you have FASA Launch Clamps Continued installed, but not the full FASA mod, the compatibility patch for changing the geiger counter experiment ID still gets run (at least on bluedog_pioneer1) and renames the bd_geigercounter ID to geigercounter, which does not have a valid scidef since FASA is not actually installed. This causes KEI to break since it cannot find a valid scidef for the experiment ID.
  13. Finally after 2 months I have completed the Jool Mission. There are a total of 4 videos/image gallerys because my computer kept crashing after so much time. First off, Mod List: No part mods, just several design, informational, and visual mods. I launched a support mission ahead of time too place communication satellite around Jool, a ScanSat around Laythe, and left the the boost section in low Laythe orbit for refuelling the shuttle after lifting off from Laythe. Now the actual shuttle launch and landing on Laythe. Launch was a direct to Jool burn with gravity assists at Tylo to use a little fuel as possible. I had a little mistake getting the miner/plane out of the cargo bay so had to do a reload. My computer crashed shortly after lifting off from Laythe, so the launch and first part of the return journey is in this second video. I used Tylo as a gravity assist to boost me out of Jool orbit and Duna for assists to bring orbit down near Kerbin. I mis-timed my Jool departure, so the return journey took about 35 years. Computer crashed again on one of the Duna gravity assists, so last part of the return journey is in yet another video.
  14. Does this mean completion of the V4 missions don't count and we have to start over from the beginning, or can we just continue from where we left off? Just asking as I have nearly figured out all the parts for the Jool mission and planned on posting it when I have time to finish it.
  15. It took me dozens of attempts and several minor changes to my shuttle, but I finally landed on and returned from Duna for Duna STS-2. This shuttle is carrying a set of fuel tanks for the return trip, so I didn't have to redesign the shuttle too much. I decided to alter my external fuel tank to use an asparagus type, dropping empty tanks and engines as the launch progresses instead of throttling down or shutting off engines. I docked with my Duna Station and dropped the return fuel tank off near it prior to landing. Since I have not been able to actually perform a horizontal landing on Duna's hilly surface with this shuttle design, I just stuck about 20 parachutes on it and drifted to the ground. I apparently did not balance them right as I ended up pointing upwards when they deployed, but that was okay, as I did not have enough and needed to burn the engines a little to reduce vertical velocity to prevent crashing anyways, but it landed with no problems. The shuttle also carried a pair of SRBs for launching from Duna to conserve fuel to dock back up with the return fuel tank in orbit. The return trip went off with no problems. The Kerbin aero-capture was nearly perfect and lined me up for a de-orbit and landing at KSC on the second pass. I came in a bit too early and ended up having to use the atmospheric engines to fly an additional 150km to get to the KSC and land. Here's the imgur gallery of the mission: (for some reason it does not want to embed the gallery, so just follow the link.) Next to plan out the Laythe landing