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  1. As, I said, I am just learning to use the full capabilities of Git. Previously, I have worked on big teams with SVN but so far I have only used Git on projects on which I have been working alone, so I guess I haven't really been using Git yet. Also on all the projects I have worked so far it has been with people I know personally and can meet with in real life (research projects at the university / I'm at Aalborg University), so there we have always just worked on the same repository, and if you messed up you bought some cake and apologized. I guess the clone + PR is a pretty standard way to collaborate on open source projects with Git, so I'm very ok with learning it. For now I think I will just clone the project and see if there is any thing I can perhaps contribute with. One thing I originally was considering was that there should be an antenna link between the beacon and the FTL drive in order to be able to jump.
  2. Thank you. I see you are four that have worked together on the mod. How have you organized that, have you added them as collaborators to the repository? If that is how you have done it, then my github username is krhe. I also have to admit I am new to git. I've just resently decided to move to github from an internal svn server (yes - I know - I am a Dinosaur The FTLDrive was on github originally to test git, but I never got around to move to git at that time, because I was to busy with work, and SVN was working. Now on the other hand, I am amazed about how much better git is over svn.
  3. I would like to stick around, would you be ok if I help with the mod?
  4. I am really happy to see that you have taken over my old mod. I stopped all these years ago, because I am just a programmer and not a designer, I could not create the models in Blender that was required to bring it to the next step it needed. Just for nostalgia I looked it up now, and saw that you have resurrected it, thanks, that is awsome!
  5. Hi Timmy The idea is that the probe is connected to a fully functioning ship/space station. I have to admit that I have never tested the MOD, when the beacon was not attached to a ship or probe core. Please let me know if you still have problems after the beacon is attached to a probe core.
  6. Hi With the new aerodynamics model in KSP 1.0, I was curious about the new delta V requirements for reaching low Kerbin Orbit at 75km. So I decided to test it by doing 5 launches with an orbitor. In these launches it took me 3780 +/- 28m/s to reach an orbit of 75km (mean +/- For the individual launches that was 3776m/s, 3748m/s, 3804m/s, 3812m/s, and 3758m/s. I am curious if other has been experimenting with that, and what figures you have come up with for the new delta V requirements. This is also only for Kerbin, I've not yet done any experiments for the other planets/moons with an atmosphere. So if you also have some results, I would be grateful if you will share them.
  7. No I'm living in Denmark, with Telenor as my ISP. Their pretty ok usually, no bandwith caps and you even get a static IP and can have a server at home.
  8. That is the thread and I would be very grateful if you will remove it.
  9. I had the same problem. Apparently my ISP cached the kerbalspaceprogram site or something like that. When I changed to google DNS it solved the problem.
  10. Hi I've added a poll to my MOD development thread. Now it is pretty obsolete. Is there any way to remove it again? Sorry if it is a pretty basic question, but I'm relatively new to the forums. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Oh my, oh my, oh my. KSP 1.0 is out! This is so cool. I re-linked the MOD to the new libs in KSP 1.0. Fixed the tech tree, and tested the mod. It a pretty rushed release of the MOD for KSP 1.0, but it seams to work. If please let me know and I will try to fix it ASAP.
  12. I created a release candidate: That should solve the problem. I hope you would like to test it and see if it solves your problem. If it does I will put it up on kerbalstuff.
  13. Well at least it is Bohr bug, and there is a good reason why it won't jump. Could you tell, where your ship is when you try to jump, and how you got there. Generated Force gets incremented in OnFixedUpdate() so if its not running then it will always be zero.
  14. Is it possible to get the OnFixedUpdate() running programatically without activating the first stage? The reason for my question is that I am writing an FTL mod: and while the right way to use it is to build a ship launch it into orbit and then jump from there, a quicker way to just try it out, is to catapult a ship into orbit directly from the launch pad with Hyper Edit. The problem with that is that then the OnFixedUpdate() does not get called and the mod will not work (i.e. the ship will not jump). This leads to comments about the mod not working. I would like to include a check in the action that starts the drive, whether the physics loop/OnFixedUpdate() get called and if not then start it. However, I have not been successful. Any help would be really appreciated, and thanks in advance for your help.