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  1. I'd like to ask, now that @Nertea has released the new-and-embetered Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux, full of habitation modules, centrifuges and the like, are there any plans to either support it from the Get-go like Kerbalism does with NFT Electrical?
  2. Nertea, if I could I'd kiss you. That thing there is what dreams are made of.
  3. As you're starting on the Fusion reactors' conceptual stages, I assume you will start making assets not too long from now. Seeing that no real-life fusion reactor usable as a generator yet exists, I'm really excited to see how you'll approach this; do you have any early ideas on what they'll look like? Any real life concept you intend to use as inspiration in mind? And of course, will you provide tasty, tasty pictures of your creative process when you start?
  4. Very impressive. I like the concept of the 'Glowing Reputation' you mentioned! I do have two questions tough: The first is that I seem to recall you once were experimenting with a ray-path radiation modlet, correct? Was it just an experiment, or are there future plans for it? And my second question is, managing so many (amazing) mods seems to be very hard work. How do you manage? (I suspect you might be some sort of super-human! ) Thanks again for your mods, Nertea.
  5. Nertea, how did you learn to make such beautiful models? (Lots of practice I assume, but hey, it's always nice to ask!) And also, how do you decide on where to put the piping and details when making engines? I've noticed that when I make engines in 3D, they are basically just DeLaval nozzles with a reaction chamber. The detailing you put on yours is what sells it! If it wouldn't be burden, could you show us a bit of your creative process in that regard? Thank you very much for all the effort you put into your mods! Keep it up!
  6. By the way, my apologies if I sounded a tad accusative, my bad - sometimes it's hard to express oneself correctly on the web. I'm glad to see the work you've done so far. Keep it up, 'cause it's good!
  7. According to my build of the mod, the Fission Z-Pinch uses up ~1000 Ec/s and the Fusion Z-Pinch (The one I was previously referring to) uses ~5500 Ec/s. If you say it's too right, thought...
  8. From the quick tests I did on Sandbox mode, I've found that the Z-Pinch Drive is quite hard to maintain powered at peak capacity. I believe this is by design to encourage use of capacitor banks?
  9. @Nertea I just wanted to say how much I love your mods; all of them. I am extremely grateful for all the hours of work you pour in to make this gems that so greatly improve the game we love so much. And if you'll allow me the question, do you have any ideas on implementing Fusion Reactors to FFT, akin to NFT Nuclear Reactors? You didn't seem to mention anything of the type, but I think it is worth asking.
  10. You sir. You Da Real MVP. (I feel very Derp-y right now d:)
  11. Bug confirmed: Using KSP 1.1.2 and Kerbalism v0.9.9.5 on a Mac OS, 10.11.3 and using Module Manager v 2.6.22 Bug: Command Pods/Capsules do not get food, oxygen nor shielding, VAB Helper lacks most of it's features. Further testing needs to be done to conclude if other mod aspects are missing. [EDIT]: Tested mod reliability by removing all other mods, leaving a clean install with only MM, Kerbalism and the Squad folder in the GameData folder. Tomorrow I will try downloading a fresh copy of KSP 1.1.2 and re-installing Kerbalism first, and then all the other mods one by one.
  12. @ShotgunNinja I think I may have found an issue with the latest version of Kerbalism. I am using KSP's latest version, but Kerbalism doesn't seem to be adding in resources to the command pods. Not only, but the VAB Assistant also lacks all of it's features, excluding lifetime and electricity info. I am using a few other mods, however. I'll perform some tests and try to isolate the problem for you, but as this is a game-breaking bug, I think it should be noted. I'll come back with some intel soon.
  13. @ShotgunNinja, first let me say that this mod is, putting it mildly, utterly amazing. I've waited for something like this for so long, it is a delight to see it finally happening! I'd like to ask you some things regarding compatibility with other mods I think are essential to every non-vanilla KSPlayer. The Near-Future Technologies series of mods, and in general @Nertea's other mods, like Stockalike Station Parts and his Nuclear Engines pack, are all dependant on the "CommunityResources". In this are included Food and Oxygen, as well as Waste, as already-defined resources. Would this
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