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  1. I know the terrain scatter has been a beta feature for some time, and I apologise if this has been asked before but are there any plans to bring a basic terrain scatter to the consoles, I feel the planets are just that little bit more interesting with them, helps differentiate hills and stuff, distance...
  2. Thanks guys, as suspected it was me being an idiot. just not really browsed the main site in a good couple years. Nice. looks like I'm good for it.
  3. I See that since the new update is coming to PC soon, I thought I would ask how the people who bought it before Mar 2013 get it free how thats going to work. Now I'm sure I purchased the pre-steam beta versions on the website before this date, but cannot remember and would like to confirm this by checking.,. I can't seem to find the area of the site that will tell me about my past purchase etc. (how it used to be) Any clues for this little question would help, cheers. I'm probably being an idiot but you never know.
  4. Its an incredible shame there can't be some transparent explanations on the EU PS4 release. Bit more detail than just working on Certifications?
  5. a few shots from my latest adventures: Crash Landing on Laythe Osiris II Liftoff Leto 2 Lands at Mun Base 1 Leto 3 EVA on Minmus
  6. Hello, I've been seeing some great Ornithopter's made on YouTube, I was wondering if anyone could share any tips on creating them, and what the protocol is with these crazy aircraft now that we're on .90. I've seen an unpowered one in flight for .25 now do the wings actually generate lift within KSP's physics model or was that a kink of the previous version?
  7. Currently assembling my 3rd KSS... The old fashioned way
  8. "Uh... One of you is gonna let me back in right?"
  9. Catastrophic Shuttle failure in LKO. Jonnie Kerman was pressing the wrong button I should imagine.
  10. VallKing 2 Leaves LKO for the Jool System. Inside the ship: Don't worry Tommond, I'm sure we'll be okay.
  11. Damaged Duna-1 Lander, but the Goo survived. experiments continue. I've now landed 3 further Landers here in anticipation of a Colonization. I had planned to colonize the Jool system but I prefer the shorter flights to Duna.
  12. JSOL-1 Orbits Jool, readying for Laythe Rendezvous, some orbital miscalculations have led JSOL-1 to have rather extended the flight time by seven years. Well, it ain't perfect, but it's a landing No need for rescue as this is the start of a Polar base on laythe... he says.
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