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  1. I used to play with RemoteTech, but don't do that anymore since the stock CommNet. I do use SCANsat. I have started a game with ResearchBodies, Tarsier Space Technology (for the space telescopes), KerbalGPS and kOS, and my goals/challenges are: Totally unmanned All probes controlled by kOS No debris left in orbit Discover every planetary body with space telescopes Full SCANsat scan of every planetary body: polar LEO orbits GPS coverage: MEO orbits Communication coverage: GEO or semi-synchronous or Tundra or Molnya, depending whether synchronous orbit falls within the SOI. I define semi-synchronous as an orbital period that is a simple fraction of the rotational period, like 1/2 or 2/3. ... should I record this and put it on YouTube? I don't think anyone would be interested though... I have no clue at all how to display Frames Per Second. Do I need a mod for that or some third party software?
  2. Alternatively, if no such plugin already exist, what language is the closest match to the KSP CFG language and already provides some kind of syntax highlighting?
  3. I'm a pure Linux user and my preferred IDE is IntelliJ IDEA. I know of at least 4 plugins for the Windows editor Nodepad++ that provide KSP CFG syntax highlighting: https://github.com/JadeOfMaar/NPP_KSPlang I was wondering if a similar plugin already exists for IntelliJ IDEA. Google, nor this forum, didn't turn up anything useful so far. FYI, I already have a kOS syntax highlighting plugin installed in IntelliJ IDEA, and that works really well. EDIT: When I write "IntelliJ IDEA", JetBrains Rider (their .NET IDE) is also ok of course.
  4. Can confirm. I'm playing around with some ancient contract packs for SCANsat, which still mostly work. Some of them have a requirement that a certain part must be unlocked, and these are old SCANsat parts that are now deprecated. Instead of debugging these contract packs, I just re-added the old parts by restoring the original values of "TechRequired" and "category". Why am I bothering with these old contract packs? Because some of them have an optional parameter that you can de-orbit an old satellite, for example one that completed a AltimetryLoRes, after you launched a satellite that does a Biome scan. I want to study how that works and maybe find a way to also have that in the SCANsat Official contracts, and then I'll submit a pull request.
  5. I threw some things against the wall to see what sticks. This is what I ended up with, for a kOS for all patch: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],@MODULE[ModuleSAS]:HAS[#SASServiceLevel[3]],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 256000 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],@MODULE[ModuleSAS]:HAS[#SASServiceLevel[2]],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 64000 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],@MODULE[ModuleSAS]:HAS[#SASServiceLevel[1]],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 16000 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],@MODULE[ModuleSAS]:HAS[#SASServiceLevel[0]],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 4000 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],@MODULE[ModuleSAS],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 4000 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],!MODULE[ModuleSAS],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 1024 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@MODULE[ModuleCommand]:HAS[#minimumCrew[0]],!MODULE[kOSProcessor]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 1024 } } It may have some redundancies, this is literally my first MM patch. Works without errors or warnings in 1.11.0. Disk space is related to SAS level. The order of magnitude of disk space is comparable to that of the original kOS parts, so imho quite balanced. I plotted a graph in a spreadsheet (SAS level vs. disk space) and it doesn't deviate much from the fitted curve. Also, in the VAB/SPH editor you can increase size twice, when at max, you're at the baseline of the next disk space tier. I kinda liked that idea. I was thinking of using powers of two, but imho it's more readable this way. You know, megabytes versus mebibytes. Enough has been written about that elsewhere. I just made an exception for 1024. SAS service level 0 doesn't appear to exist as a variable, as someone mentioned earlier. So, as a fallback, if a part has a SAS module but I don't know it's level, then it gets 4K disk space. And then finally, when a command module doesn't have any SAS at all, it gets a 1KiB disk. Have fun with that! :-p The resulting disk spaces for some stock parts: 1KiB Probodobodyne Stayputnik (has no SAS) 4KB Probodobodyne OKTO Probodobodyne QBE Probodobodyne RoveMate 16KB Probodobodyne HECS 64KB MTM Stage Probodobodyne OKTO2 265KB Mk2 Drone Core MPO Probe Probodobodyne HECS2 RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit There is also a mod out there called No Crew Requirement Continued, which simply adds a level 0 SAS to all manned command pods and sets the minimumCrew to 0 for all command pods that have a crew capacity > 0. I have tested with this mod, and I am happy to report that, next to a level 0 SAS (only stability assist), all command pods now also have a 4KB kOS disk. That should be enough for those missions where you have to rescue a kerbal stranded in orbit.
  6. I had the same problem in 1.10.1. Stock version. Installed with CKAN, which installs it in directory scottmanley_NORSS. This is the same directory as the ZIP file on SpaceDock. That's not the directory that the plugin expects, for example: cacheFile = scottmanley/Cache/scott.bin So I renamed the mod directory from scottmanley_NORSS to scottmanley. Problem solved! Here it is, in my save with 83 planetary bodies: The CKAN install did not include the ResearchBodies cfg, so I manually added that too. I don't know who is responsible for the CKAN install, either the mod maintainer or the CKAN team, but someone should definitely look into that.
  7. I started a fork of this contract pack, to make it work with the stock CommNet. There's still a dependency on the standalone RemoteTech antenna pack, because of the parts requirement. Will post a link once I iron out all of the issues.
  8. There is also a mod "kOS for all", which adds GameData/XyphosAerospace/Tweaks/kOS-CommandPod/kOS-CommandPod.cfg: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]] { MODULE { name = kOSProcessor diskSpace = 100000 ECPerBytePerSecond = 0 ECPerInstruction = 0.000004 } } My comments: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:NEEDS[kOS]:Final is better than @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]] The diskSpace is smaller, and I actually prefer a smaller diskspace in command pods, and I'll have to add a real computer core part if I want something bigger.. But that is personal preference of course ECPerBytePerSecond = 0 is the default value anyway, so can be left out. ECPerInstruction = 0.000004 is also the default value. So what am I going to do: Uninstall "kOS for all". Change the diskSpace value in GameData/MechJebForAll/MechJebAndEngineerForAll.cfg
  9. Actually, no. This has nothing at all to do with my internet speed. I just ran a speed test at http://www.speedtest.net and this is what I got: IP_ADDRESS,TEST_DATE,TIME_ZONE,DOWNLOAD_MEGABITS,UPLOAD_MEGABITS,LATENCY_MS,SERVER_NAME,DISTANCE_MILES "","11/4/2018 12:14 AM","GMT","5.82","4.68","10","Brussels","50" That's 5.82 Mbps, so no, I can definitely rule out my own network connection. I will repeat again: Github, or more precisely their Amazon AWS backend they use as a CDN, will rate limit if multiple or large files are downloaded in succession from the same originating IP address, in a round robin fashion. This is a known issue, see https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Basic-troubleshooting I have tried to cancel and restart the download several times, but obviously this only makes the problem worse. Before you say that this is a CKAN issue, I will repeat: I have exactly the same excruciating slow download speed when I use Chrome to download the zip file. You say that other large mods also use GitHub as CDN and while this may be true, this particular mod is the largest mod I have encountered so far. I appreciate the additional complexity in providing a secondary CDN and for now I will have to wait 15 hours until the download completes.
  10. Downloading this mod (the "Full" ZIP, 1.5 GiB) is extremely slow. Either through CKAN or directly in the browser: a crawling speed of 16 kb/s. This is a known GitHub issue: it will throttle large binaries. To quote one of the engineers on GitHub's Git infrastructure team (from the famous CocoaPods incident): Might you consider a secondary CDN for your build artifacts?
  11. To be honest... I only make sure that my Kopernicus mod is compatible with my KSP version, and I don't bother much checking if individual planet packs are compatible with my KSP version. In my personal experience (and I'm using over 20 planet packs in one install), it's usually not a problem and I only have very little glitches, like this one, that I can solve myself. I mean, you mod writers really do a good job most of the times, and as long as my KSP doesn't crash, I'm happy.
  12. I am playing with far too many planet packs (find ~/Games/KerbalSpaceProgram/Logs/Kopernicus -name "*.Body.log" | wc -l gives me 232) and what I have noticed is that the SoI of Polaris is a bit too big. Any craft that is in the inner solar system and leaves the SoI of a planet, gets sucked into Polaris' SoI, which is 5,243,926,691 km. Compare that with the SoI of Interstellar Adventure Revived's Cervantes: 552,945,218 km. When comparing the config files of the two stars, I couldn't help but noticing that Gamedata/IA_Revived/CervantesSystem/Cervantes/Cervantes.cfg contains a line sphereOfInfluence = 552945218330, while Gamedata/KerbalGalaxy/Polaris System/System.cfg contains no such line. Could this be the reason why Polaris is so overly attractive? I mean, I like the star, a lot, but not *that* much. I also noticed that none of the other Kerbal Galaxy stars have an explicit sphereOfInfluence. Am I on to something here or am I talking complete gibberish? And if I am making sense, then my next question is if explicit sphereOfInfluence are available for all stars in the upcoming update of Kerbal Galaxy? EDIT: I'm going to try something and give feedback.
  13. This mod has a small incompatibility with New Horizons. New Horizons re-parents Laythe to the Sun, but JoolSystemTweaks changes the semiMajorAxis to something rather close to the parent. The two configs fight and the result is that Laythe is reeeeeely close to the sun. I solved it by deleting the Laythe config from JoolSystemTweaks, but I suppose a better fix is possible?
  14. Your 11.6 KiB file Liscence.docx only contains 2 lines of text. You can simply change that to a plain text file (.txt) or a MarkDown file (.md) and save >11.5 KiB. Also, it's spelled "license". If you post a link to your GitHub repo, then I will send you a pull request for this change.
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