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  1. I was really hoping for procedural parts (especially engines) ala Simple Rockets 2. Their procedural parts system is 90% of why I like that game, so I'll be sad if we don't have something similar in KSP 2
  2. Saw your name, had to say hi.

    Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.

  3. Oops, forgot to mention that. Mainly those hydrolox engines, the capsules, and the heatshield with a hole
  4. See Far Future Technologies in Nert's Dev Thread
  5. 0.3 is out! It took me a while due to finals (which will be continuing next week ), but I finally added everything I wanted to for this update. Changelog: Future plans include more resource extraction, including hydrates and alumina mining, as well as processing for both of those resources.
  6. I'm hoping they'll read the README. If it becomes an issue I can always add information to the OP above the download.
  7. I don't really want to add a dependency when simply deleting a few files can replace its functions. Two folders also doesn't make much sense, as there are far more combinations of patches that you can apply depending on what you want.
  8. Realistic conversion ratios have been finished, using actual stoichiometric equations to get a pretty accurate representation of electrolysis and the Sabitier reaction. I'm going to hold off on adding it as a separate version until I can get the part switching done, as you can't really use most of the conversions without dedicated resource storage. I'm also considering scrapping the Simple Sabitier patch, as the number of different resource tanks it requires (CO2, Ore, LiquidFuel, Oxidizer) is only one less than the standard patch (CO2, Water, LH2, LiquidFuel, Oxidizer), which is also far more realistic. Feedback on this is important!
  9. I'm going to start working on this pretty soon, and so I've began looking at the various mods that enable part switching. So far, Interstellar Fuel Switch looks like what I need, but I just wanted to find out what you had in mind. Is there any option for a stock fuel switch, since 1.4 added stock mesh switching? Thanks!
  10. Thanks! That really helped a lot; I mainly wasn't sure where to put the @Ratio node or how to specify which Ratio to modify, but you really helped clear it up. Right now I'm about finished with manually calculating everything, so I'll probably hold off on making it fully MM-automated, but in a future update I'll definitely use this.
  11. Update for 0.2 is out, incorporating some suggestions from all of you! Changelog: Next update is planned to have a fix for conversion ratios and some patch checks for redundant harvesters/converters. If I can fit it in, I'll also try working on the part switching for stock ore tanks
  12. @Eleusis La Arwall Sorry to bother you, but could you explain a bit more on how to get MM to calculate conversion ratios? I think I understand the math, but I'm not exactly sure on how I would get MM to do all of it for me
  13. Thank you, that would be great! Oh wow, thanks for all that information! I haven't really looked into the finer parts of what MM can do, but I'll be sure to incorporate this into 0.2. As for the license, I included it inside the README, but I can always make it a separate text file if that's preferred.