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  1. Very interesting ... But a lot of bugs. For example, when the transfer of control of these Pod`s - stable kraken. We are waiting for fix
  2. Very strange, but "cucumbers" do not consume oxygen, water and food - easily (intermediate test result). KSP is set again, enclosing a list of mods... &
  3. Thank you so much guys for an explanation, as I have already started using foul language :). Particularly pleased KPBS 1.3.1. I checked 15 minutes ago - is working. We will look further. Thanks again to everyone, but this time as the re-installation of KSP is in full swing
  4. Thank you for the pleasant news of Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, missed the news)), Will wait others :) . Pathfinder installed TACLS 0.12.5 unfortunately work does not wish to resources TACLS. Again sadness. I went testing and reinstall KSP. Thank you for your attention :)
  5. Yes, I have read, but there was hope for the best, I wish that the expectations were not met. I think it is still a wrong decision knocks the ground from under the feet of the many mods (some of them probably will not have to redo it. As a result, we lose them)
  6. Very sad ... We'll have to use an earlier version of KSP, since such a state I (and many people) are absolutely not satisfied. It is so big problem with the integration of TAC GC?
  7. I agree. Directly TAC LS - no. But a lot of mods using its module TACGenericConverter, namely in his 1.2 problem. As a result, we lose a lot of interesting opportunities. The second day looking for a solution puzzle but... You can advise how to beat it? Sorry for the bad english
  8. In Version 1.2, unfortunately absolutely not working production Food (eg mod Pathfinder, PlanetaryBase and others using TAC Generic Converter Module). What is the problem, and is there any hope for correction?
  9. Lander have problems with the release of the crew (EVA). How to fix?