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  1. I just came across this today. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I can tell you that the difference on a linux system with a 3950x and a 5700xt is huge. The performance improvement is instantly noticeable. I used to run a 1060 and it and the 5700xt is only a little bit better when running eve, but with your version it's just liquid smooth at all points during the launch, and hugely improved at the space center or when in LKO. Nice work Blackrack. Thank you!
  2. Hi RTB! I'm running linux. Since the only api available is opengl blackrack's last version for 1.8 is continuing to work in 1.9.1 on linux because we're still using the old opengl two camera etc. I decided to take a look at yours and while it's mostly working I was getting some interesting effects from the water. This is the fresh version from yesterday 2nd April: It's all about where the water meets the land. Interestingly my memory of them is that they weren't as well defined when I was looking at them as the game was playing; they looked all fuzzy.
  3. Instant core dump under linux. The Long Dark will work with -force-vulkan, with one caveat; the shadows are on a meth trip.
  4. It works here, latest ksp with dlcs, linux. I think the values need a lot of tuning. I've done some stabs at it, but my experience level with that stuff is basically zero. Basically it all seems to work as it should.
  5. Hey folks, I decided to get back into KSP after a long hiatus, and I'm having a problem with the latest version of KER (i.e. the one on jrbudda's github). It is active and works in the Tracking Station, but the button is greyed out in the VAB and while in flight so I can't use it. KSP with both DLCs. Any ideas what's going on?
  6. May also want to check out how dusty the heat sinks are on the video card... could be as simple as blowing some of it off with compressed air.
  7. Aye. Just cracking wise. I mean, even given that, it's still true that the most common reason for smoke plumes going up is a TWR of less than one. You know, like when you've completely screwed the pooch on your lifter and you fire off the nukes way too low because they're all that you've got and it's just not enough.... That said, I've noticed that the plume has become wrong for the swivel; it starts at the top of the bell now. I'm guessing there are some configs that need to be updated because of the parts facelift in the latest update, and figuring that you can chalk it up to that.
  8. Looking forward to it. I've got the last general release in 1.3 with ocean shaders turned off, and ... it works Take your time and get it right. Thanks again for the awesome eye candy.
  9. No it isn't. When they announced in 2013 that only folks that had purchased up to that point would always get free DLC indefinitely, they were implicitly saying that there would be paid DLC in the future.
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