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  1. Love this mod with OPT parts. Those two mods have replaced B9 for me. Cant wait for this to be fully updated. No rush though. Just wanted to say I love this mod.
  2. For so long I have been struggling with the do I want to play the game smooth at 40-60fps or do I want the game to look beautiful with sunset and sunrises. This pack has made that struggle obsolete. Thank you. For those having installation problems. I just downloaded EVE without the configs. Dragged and dropped. Downloaded this and dragged and dropped. Worked fine for me.
  3. TheKnave

    [1.3.0] Filter Extensions 3.0.4 (Jul 11)

    This mod has changed my seriously.
  4. Ah gotcha. Thought there might be more goodies
  5. I tried to do a thread search but to no avail. Can any one help me with the extra's in the SSTU Master folder? The custom Shaders and Plugin folder? I think I understand the "Optional Patches" and where to put those but not much of the others. Also the SSTU Tools. Are those for modders only?
  6. "Some" of the parts work with 1.3 but you would have to relatively gut the mod.
  7. Wooooot! Linixgurugamer your the man or girl. Doesn't matter your awesome. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your mods. I pretty much run almost all the mods you have made
  8. Nertea take your time. We have 1.2.2 still. Your one of the best modders out there. We appreciate the work you do, no rush man. Enjoy what you do and know we enjoy it too
  9. This is by far the most beautiful lander. Updating to 1.3 now. I know its for 1.2.2 but still want to try see if it works. I love it that much.
  10. I guess Im just a sucker for silly Kerbal names. Like "Small Foot" "Big Food" "Glows in the Dark 5000" things like that
  11. Oh WOW OPT is like an actually updated B9 Aerospace
  12. Awesome work. Glad to see engines getting some attention. One of the only, if not the only issue, I have with SSTU is the engines. Its so hard to remember them. None of them really stand out. Even a simple name change would probably help immensely.
  13. TheKnave

    [1.4.4] Airline Kuisine v2.1 ~ [July 9, 2018]

    This is a very underrated mod. Very niche but necessary category that has been relatively unfilled. Long term Mk2/Mk3 Life support for Space Planes. Much needed in my opinion.
  14. Cant say I have those problems. I have gotten the response issue thing but that was before I even installed SSTU. I have a feeling it has something to do with KIS. As for the hanging on the SC-C-CM-IVA. I dont get that.