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  1. The bulldozer sounds are his fan/cooling system. He wants a way to not have the strain of all of KSP running while he is in the VAB. Unfortunately, I do not believe this exists either.
  2. I know vanguard parachutes mod allowed that, but I don't know it's development status.
  3. On reaction wheels, you can set it to three modes, normal, sas only and pilot only. Orbitalbuzzsaw is suggesting this apply to engines as well
  4. I'm pretty sure Kerbodyne is a play on Rocketdyne, the company that made the F-1 engine.
  5. My greatest feeling was a recent munar inexpensive return flyby that I managed to do with the level 1 tracking station.
  6. This might belong in technical issues (modded installs), but I'm not sure. What mods do you have installed?
  7. Okay, so I fully reinstalled KSP, and it is back to normal. 4.5 m/sec is realllly slow by the way. Anyway, thanks all.
  8. Steam not only saved my saves, it saved my mods, too. Is there any other way to get it?
  9. Updated through steam, then copied it to another directory for a less-modded experience. Would that change anything?
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgm4x83j5ompigf/First%20Plane.craft?dl=0 here it is if you want it
  11. It's not only the plane, though. With the first available stock craft with no other unlocks, it is visible down below. I still end up hitting the ground and destroying the SRB on the bottom.
  12. Here it is in the VAB, with the blue chutes
  13. here is a link to a picture of a plane I am using. It weighs ~5 tons, has 5 blue radial parachutes, and falls at 15m/sec.
  14. So I looked in my GameData folder, and all I have is Final Frontier, a mod that gives Kerbals ribbons for achievements, X Science, and KER. I have no other mods installed. I seem to be flying normally with no other problems in flight.
  15. I fixed it by installing a newer version of RemoteTech personally, although it might've been another mod I updated, cause I also have SKANsat and KER
  16. I am sure the min altitude slider is at 1 km, and my first craft had a mk1 pod, the little SRB, and three starter parachutes, and my SRB still blew up. I don't think I have any atmospheric mods, but I'll check when I get home.
  17. I've been doing a stockish career mode, and I've been finding that putting <5 parachutes on my basic capsule, materials, and goo setup always ends up just destroying anything on the bottom of the craft, because I'm falling at about 15 m/s. Was there any change to parachutes I didn't notice, or am I just messing something up?