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  1. because the devs are of the opinion realism and fun cannot be synonymous. or even worse, realisim = unfun but grinding for science = difficulty and fun.
  2. I tried FAR in an attempt to get some actual aerodynamics in the game, this is how it went -planes reacted and flew better, had the capability of stalling, i was pleased. -rockets suddenly became EVEN EASIER this is primarily a rocket game for me, so making the already too-simple rocket mode even easier was unplayable. so i thought to myself, "no worries, i'll just install RSS and ISP balance mods and we'll be away again, playing the game like it should have been." -game is unplayable, crashes every 5 minutes -ragequit, uninstall mods, cry myself to sleep
  3. i feel like it would just be trouble if i posted in this thread.
  4. well, i am of two minds. aerodynamics are broken. plain and simple. if people have spent time building and designing planes in this broken system, cool, it's not a finished game, so you can't expect every update to allow every ship you design, to fly the same if those designs are based off a flawed system. it would be a shame if the aerodynamic fixes were tweaked to allow some of the old flaws back into the system just so billy doesn't have to re-design his [silly] plane design. it would also be a shame if they changed the aerodynamic system for something akin to FAR, making rockets "ez mode deluxe" without also tweaking planetary size and ISP's to maintain the Dv requirements for orbit. we plain will not know until either more details are released or we have a chance to get hands-on and experiment ourselves.
  5. it's okay, i think we understand, but a screenshot would be 1000 times more helpful. you are 100% sure you are clear of the atmosphere while the orbit is decreasing? ( more than 70km) it's easy to set an apo above 70km, yet still be in the atmosphere, causing your apo to decrease while in flight. are you talking about a circularized orbit? or your initial burn?
  6. I can completely understand where you are coming from, and I am of two minds on this matter. on the one hand, squad have neglected many major components that are included in kspEDU that by rights SHOULD be in the stock game on the other hand, kspEDU was developed primarily by a third party, and had essentially only tech support and QA testing from squad, so in my eyes, there is not a case for mismanaged funds here, i would expect squad to provide some form of tech support for a company who has clearly done amazing work and some fantastic coding, in return for the massive amount of hype/attention kspEDU has given the stock game. this is fair and reasonable in my opinion. as a result, i think it would be extremely unfair to the kspEDU crowd to provide their top-notch "mod" for free considering how much effort and particularly money has been put into it. this is taking into consideration my opinion that kspEDU's business model is immoral, but that is my own opinion, and nowhere near a mainstream view. and is in all likely-hood, extremely biased I am seemingly unable to quote, but to sum up my thoughts on this matter, (@MarkZero) - you are doing fantastic work, and making leaps and bounds ahead of what ksp's "dev" team considered feasible; or couldn't be bothered attempting; it's hard to tell. please don't be discouraged by any controversy around this, what you have created is fantastic. My own thoughts on the matter are as follows: KSP edu is developed by a separate team to squad, they have put time and money into creating this product, which is a fairly specialized product, and not at all suitable for the average billy on the street. however, it contains features that have long been asked for, and often denied (not naming any names here) therefore i think it would be tragic for these features not to make it into the stock game. it is up to squad whether to "attempt" to create these features themselves, or contract teachersgaming to implement some of these required features. my prayers rest on the latter @ObsessedWithKSP, my mother always taught me if you ain't got nothing nice to say... I apologize profusely for my typing, i have been up a long, LONG time drinking and watching spaceX's fantastic (and largely successful) dragon launch. so many red-underlines it's not funny. TL;DR please give us these features squad, but please don't take over kspEDU at the same time. be gentle mods, I'm trying.
  7. because there are features that were planned, and then removed because "there's already a mod for it" for example, resources.
  8. I can't believe i am only just finding out about this now. why on earth isn't this stock? are we expected to buy a separate license for it? absolutely disgusting.
  9. I just download the game fresh every time. it is quicker than that terribad launcher plus i archive all the versions myself - - - Updated - - - see, what you did there was use the ol' "unity not us" excuse i think you'll find I address why this excuse is pathetic, second paragraph from bottom. everything else you said is pure speculation, and I speculate that Unity 5 will likely fix nothing if the problem lies in the devs. as for joining you.... after reading this thread, i want to commit seppuku. this community is so sheltered and brainwashed it is sad. - - - Updated - - - NO you can't just skip over this, that is a serious issue it's literally a game-breaking issue. it is THE issue.
  10. I agree with derfel, and here is why. KSP's development has been severely cut back in the past year or so. resources, scrapped weather, scrapped career mode, simplified i could honestly go on and on, but my point is, these features have either been pushed back repeatedly because there is already a mod out there that does these jobs, or they get straight cancelled. so essentially, squad is skipping out on features because they have such a strong modding community unfortunately, they do not have a strong game to run all these mods, most of which are frankly required, such as deadly reentry, remotetech, FAR. so now we are left with a half completed vanilla game that has no purpose. or a modded game that has purpose, but is unplayable. "oh it's just an alpha, calm yourself" this was the excuse i heard over and over again once we started this slide into the mohole after 0.18. well now we are in beta, "feature complete" but without many of the features that were planned, and features i feel the game desperately needs to give the gameplay some definition. and it's so full of bugs that have been around for multiple versions it's not even funny "oh it's just a beta, it's not supposed to be polished, bugs are to be expected" okay, you say that now, but once they hit full release, full of bugs, and i bring these concerns up again, the response will be "oh it's just an indie dev" or my personal favorite "you already got your moneys worth out of it, stop complaining" these are the excuses of the weak. the fact is this game has lost direction, it had the opportunity to become great, but now it is a giant lego simulator. difficulty is slowly being removed, and replaced with a horrible science grind that makes no contextual sense (inspect runway unlock decouplers) and having things like moho's temperature removed, magic boulder removed etc so now, this game is dull and a grindfest unless you have mods. but you can't have mods "b-b-but dont blame squad, it's not their fault! it's unity's fault!" that doesn't fly. not after 4 years. there are plenty of examples of games out there, that run on unity, have waaay more assets, and don't have anywhere near the issues KSP has. The reasons behind this are not my expertise, so i won't go into them, but for example, loading EVERYTHING on startup is not required. a [insert adjective here] dev would streamline the loading, keeping only the assets you need loaded at any one time. TL;DR yes, derfel is allowed to get mad at squEAd, it's kinda their fault these mods are all required, and game needs serious streamlining. as it stands he will be told to "uninstall your mods they're causing problems" and if he does, he will be sitting in a bare room twiddling his thumbs because everything in vanilla has been done to death and squad wont add any necessary features because "there's already a mod for it" see the problem?
  11. Anything to make something similar to KOS more accessible to billy, and gently push him away from mechjeb is a good move in my books. this would be amazing. i'd use it.
  12. Hullo again ksp forum! I was on a short hiatus from here due to some unforeseen issues, but now I am back and ready to roll. I am SO happy to be a part of such a fantastic and transparent community. It seems things have changed a little bit around here since i was last here, but with such a wonderful and supportive community surrounding such a fantastic game, surely this place is just as friendly and open to opinion as ever. see you guys round!