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  1. I had a bit of difficulty trying to find out how to control a Kerbal in orbit. I did look up and found you could change Kerbals with [ and ]. After bringing my ship a little closer, I took control of the Kerbal but I couldn't move him at all with the propellants. Is there a special key to activate or control it or a specific condition that has to be met with for it to work? So far that's my only problem~ Thank you. I just recently got this game and I'm having a blast with it, though there are still gameplay mechanics that aren't fully in the tutorial or in any help page in-game that I still have to look online for them.
  2. Thanks for all the info everyone. Not sure how to change a thread to "Answered" from "Unanswered" though~
  3. Knowing that "Aerodynamic Nose Cones" have pointy tips, do they really contribute on how fast a rocket can pick up speed during the launching phase if I place them on top of a flat surfaced cylinder fuel tank? Or does that only stabilizes the rocket more, preventing it from tilting towards the horizon? Or both?