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  1. From my observations it seems that RealChute parachutes break way too quick compared to stock chutes since 1.0.4. Ive had RealChute break at 250m/s semi-deployed while slowing down only a Mk1 pod. Anyone else encountered this? @Edit: this is with DRE and re-entry heat at 120%
  2. Yup I am aware of that, but Im one of those lunatics that want the game to be super-hard. I expect my ship to be destroyed if I let it hit a dense atmosphere at interplanetairy speeds.
  3. The thing is that Im not even using heat shields :/ When doing a 500kmx30km re-entry the pod should desintegrate, even with a heatshield. Right now I get to only 90% heat (with DRE, 120% heat, maximum aero heat generation and the thermal mass scripts from last page) and land perfectly fine. HeatControl doesnt help unfortunately, it seems to be a mod to cool down crafts that use nukes, generators and solar panels.
  4. Ive been trying out your configs and it is still impossible to kill the pod for some reason. I even upped the aero thermal production setting from 3.650 to 5.000 (making every rocket with a TWR over 2.0 go boom on ascend) and lowered pod maxtemp to 1200. In the ModuleManager configcache file I see the Thermalmassmodifier is altered correctly . Maxtemp however gives 'maxTemp = 1523.15' with the 1200 setting. Something wrong? Is any of you able to destroy a MK1-2 pod on re-entry (crashing doesnt count)? If so, please tell me how you do it and what settings you use. Having immortal command pods kinds ruins it for me atm
  5. Im using DRE and even on 120% its still far from deadly. A mk2 pod without heatshield can survive re-entry from the mun without any form of aerobreaking. Thanks, I'll try the config and see what it does. Guess I am one of those few players that tries to make this game as hard as possible Edit: I cant seem to get the code to work. How do I use it?
  6. Nobody else being troubled with re-entry being too easy? Because due to the above change its pretty much impossible to fail on de-orbiting a crew.
  7. Just played KSP for a bit again. It still seems impossible to kill an MK2 pod with reentry heat. Or is there another new mod/setting that gets things back to DRE-reentry difficulty in .90?
  8. Im very much looking forward to the next patch. <keeping fingers crossed about reentry heating> Playing KSP in current state (no matter of DRE/stock/increased heat settings) it just feels like cheating to be able to return crew from pretty much anything
  9. Could it be that we are on to a bug that makes crew capsules invincible to re-entry heat? Or is it just not tested properly by Squad?
  10. Thanks will try that. I did that, however for some reason DRE (v7.0.3) went soft with 1.0.2 Some other weird occurance: when I launch a high TWR rocket the fuel tanks will explode around [email protected]/s. Compared to the effort I have to go through to BBQ a capsule this seems odd. Update: changing ReentryHeatscale to 2 makes the above occurance even more absurd. I flew up a test rocket rather carefully and the fuel tanks exploded at [email protected]/s. Rockets should be able to break the sound barrier, even at lower altitudes.
  11. I love KSP and I love more realism. Thats why I played 0.90 with DRE, FAR, Remote Tech, TAC life support and a bunch of other stuff. Returning from orbit used to be something that needed some thought and some proper engineering if you wanted to bring back more then just a capsule. With 1.0 I got excited about the implementation of aero and re-entry into stock. However now Im playing in 1.0.2 I find it near impossible to BBQ my crew on re-entry. Meaning that all my missions can safely return my crew guaranteed...no fun in that! Goal: Burn up an MK1-2 capsule on re-entry Settings: DRE, re-entry heat 120%, Aero heat production maxed at 5.000 (default is something like 3.250) Attempted re-entry orbit: 500kmx30km no heatshield, 500km 90 degrees straight down no heatshield, 1000kmx5km no heatshield The capsule survived all re-entry attempts. The crew died from excessive G-forces on the last 2 attempts, but the goal of capsule BBQ still failed. Does anyone have tips on settings, mods etc to make re-entry more deadly again. Pretty much like how it was in .90?
  12. Problem solved! The issue was indeed caused by assymetric thrust. When I switched to rockets at 105% intake air there was no problem at all. Stubborn as I am I wanted to see if I could push the engines harder with proper balancing so I installed LordFjord's mod and added 2 vertical stabilizers to reduce the risk of unwanted yawing. The result is that I could push them to 75% intake air. Rather pointless as I started losing speed and altitude after 80% due to lack of thrust, but point is proven As a double check I wanted to test a single turbofan design and as you guys predicted there was no control loss at all! Thanks a lot for all the help. I just got a bit step closer to using spaceplanes in carreer games!
  13. To be honest it will be pretty much impossible to keep a craft like that from wobbling/shaking when applying force to it. Timewarp does this in a rather brute fashion. I see you already strutted everything so construction-wise there is not much you can do, other then a severe overhaul. What might help is using the mod 'Kerbal Joint Reinforcement': http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55657 This mod does stiffen connections a bit, but more importantly it applies the forces from going in/out of timewarp more gradually.
  14. Thank you for all the helpful replies! I didnt think of asymmetric thrust issues because the engines didnt suffer a flameout (they produce roughly 60-70KN of thrust each at the moment of control loss). Tonight I will try the tips to counter it and add some more vertical stability too. I will also attempt an flight with a single turbofan engine plane to double check if it's due to the assymetric thrust. Just to be sure: Do I need to avoid dropping under 100% air intake with a multiple-turbofan to prevent assymetric thrust? Because I have seen pictures in tutorials where people (using FAR) went to very low air intake levels. For example Ive seen @wanderfound going to 54% (although assisted by a rocket engine) with a dual turbofan plane in his tutorial: http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah120/craigmotbey/Kerbal/Tutorials/Hangar%20to%20Landing/screenshot334_zpseb061602.jpg How do you manage that? Once again thanks for the help, I will post the results tonight.
  15. Hi everybody, For quite some time Ive been watching these forums with great interest and learned many things. Rockets hold no secrets for me anymore so I started building planes which are lots of fun. However Im currently stuck with a problem: When building a spaceplane an issue that keeps comming back is that as soon as my turbojet engines start lacking air (air supply goes below the required 100%) my planes lose control. Mods used: - FAR - Deadly Re-entry - Pilot Assistent (doesnt seem to work well, so have made tries with and without it) - Lots of other stuff that isnt related (TAC, Remote Tech, MJ, Flight indicators) Planes used: All kinds of and their FAR statistics seem ok. To eliminate the issue of me building bad planes Ive started flying with de Kerbodyne Initiale craft from Wanderfound: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/90747-Kerbodyne-SSTO-Division-Omnibus-Thread?p=1626507&viewfull=1#post1626507 First I thought the sudden control loss was related to reaching a certain height. After lots of modifications to my own planes and different ascendance tactics I found out that the control loss happens only when engine intake air gets below 100%. In the many tutorials I read this problem doesnt get mentioned at all and people fly their planes up to regions of 30% intake air availability. What am I doing different/wrong? Ascendance profile: 1) take off, steep climb to 10km 2) accelleration and further climb at a shallow angle to roughly 24km @ 1200-1300m/s 3) putting my prograde vector almost on the horizon to speed up while not losing height 4) not long after step 3 the air gets too thin. Somewhere between 26-28km the plane gets unstable: it drifts left/right or tries to roll. I see control options trying to counteract this, but even with counter steering from myself it quickly becomes impossible to hold the plane and I get into a stall. For giggles a screenshot from two flight attempts when my plane is starting to lose control. The first with Pilot Assistent for stability control, the second one with FAR assist. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
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