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  1. Cool. When I get my life back we'll have this all documented so's I can implement it.
  2. Thanks guys for helping each other out. I'm sorry I can't do anything on this for awhile. Meatspace screenshot of me not working on UKS:
  3. Totally cool. This sort of thing will save me a lot of time when I can get back to gaming. Sorry I've been AWOL. I have to paint my house this summer and all my formerly free time has to go scraping 120 years of paint and restoration generally if I'm to have any chance of getting my house done before I have to go to the old folks home. Thanks to @kcs123 for helping out with questions,fixes,and updates in the interim!
  4. You can use the small cube structural piece to accomplish the same thing. Attach as many as needed to the bottom of a tank and add the engines to those. Scootch them up to improve appearance. I demoed it in one of my Let's Play videos.
  5. Sorry I've been busy with house projects. - instead of swaping prices, set lower part number limit for VAB/SPH to 40 That's a good idea. - radiators in gizmos node - no use for them that early in the game, can be safely moved to early heat managment node I'm not really basing availability on need - At least LVT-30 engine (without gimbals) in tier 3 node General rocketry - there is few 1.25m fuel tanks unlocked, but not much use of them because almost all of engines are much higher in tech tree. The delayed availability of larger engines is intended. Fuel tanks availability is based on volume not radius. Multi-engine stages are encouraged and work great. - B9PW should be in tier 4 Aviation node instead of Advanced aerodynamics node - people who use them would usualy not need wings of other kind, but P9PW are too high in tech tree for them - Basic rocketry node contains resource tanks from USI/MKS mod, those should be placed somewhere higher in tech tree, with their ability to be used for various resources it seems to be too early for them to apear in career game a tanks a tank, whatever it's used for. I think they should be available when a sumialr sized fuel tanks is. - RA-2 antenna should be slightly earlier in tech tree - in Space Exploration node, to be able to establish better relay network when it is time to explore Mun/Minimus I'll look at it. Probodobodyne QBE - add reaction wheels to it. With very low torque, though. Something like 0.1 or 0.05. IIRC, Probodobodyne OKTO have lowest value of 0.3 torque in stock game. Found it necessary because linear RCS ports are too powerful for small probes, making even kOS steering manager to jerk it a lot, wasting monopropelant and still not being able to point probe in desired direction. Linear RCS port is on right spot in tech tree, though and may be necessary in ascent of unstable rockets, can even be better and lighter solution than wing control surfaces. Because wings are only useful in lower atmosphere. Not changing parts is one my design principles. I use a mod that nerfs reaction wheels so using RCS on small probes is mandatory. I reduce the power of RCS thrusters in the build menu to 25% or less and get good results. I won't have time to work on this for awhile but these are some great ideas for the next version.
  6. That is intentional. At the point where a new technology becomes available, the current max size and all smaller become available at the same time. You'll see that all thru the tree.
  7. The upper end of the tree is only used by a few mods. I can change them to be more in line with KSPIE. What would you recommend?
  8. The two missing nodes were being overlapped by the subsequent nodes, so that's why they weren't showing up. I scooted those back and that is fixed. I then repositioned the lightspeed node to fit better. I put scientific outposts there because I was trying to indicate a mining/resource exploitation line and it seemed more appropriate. CTT has two science lines which I didn't need to I moved and/or combined some of the nodes. Here's the modified InterstellarExtended.cfg if you want to give it a try. Stick it in the UnKerballedStart\Mod Support folder. ---> Dropbox Thanks for finding those errors!
  9. My reasoning is that volume/pressure is the limiting factor in tank size rather than simply diameter. Each tier gives an expansion to the volume of tanks you can build, regardless of the part size. The nodes that have two inputs give a double bonus. This generally increases the number of parts you need which is why I swapped the upgrade costs for VAB/Launchpad
  10. It's already supported. There is a InterstellarExtended.cfg in the Mod Support folder. Is it not working? That's how I did it too.
  11. It's really easy. Take a look at the cfg files in the UnKerballedStart\Mod Support folder
  12. That sounds cool. Nothing is cheaty. However you enjoy playing is the right way. You bought it, play it however you want.