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  1. One thing I'd really like to see added is procedural life support tanks, only thing I miss about TAC, was just a tank the same as fuel tanks/structure fuselage with options for water, food, oxygen or a mixture of all three. Super useful, other than that, now that I know about this mod I won't play without it, it's fantastic and thank you!
  2. This mod is awesome for landing any of my first stages, the only way I can attempt to show my appreciation is by bringing your attention to my hoverslam kOS script which looks awesome using your legs and I can't wait to try out the new gridfin sizes with it too! Thanks heaps for the awesome mod, including the many laughs with bugs along the way http://github.com/mrbradleyjh/kOS-Hoverslam/
  3. Could you at some point make the icon for the stock toolbar be hidden with everything else when F2 "hide UI" is used, it's the only thing that sticks around for my screenshots :P
  4. I have a feature request, it would be really cool if FMRS could look at the options in your save and based on whether or not you have revert flights enabled from the difficulty settings would then show or not show the "revert flight" option, I play without revert flights enabled and don't like having the temptation to just revert when something goes wrong :P a simple option to disable it in FMRS would be fine too, either would be really good to see added in the future :) Edit: While playing I just realised using F2 to hide the UI for taking screenshots doesn't hide FMRS, would also be nic
  5. I've found it's a pretty easy problem to work around anyway, as I said I was only using MechJeb to avoid having to add a 500kg remote guidance unit (which also doesn't look pretty when using procedural tanks!) which has a decent reduction on the amount of fuel needed to land the first stage doing stage recovery, so if that is the issue you can fix it just by using a different way to control the vessel over a MechJeb unit or by putting MechJeb on something other than a fuel tank. So waiting for 1.0.0 shouldn't be a problem, hopefully that is what's causing the issue for @numerobis Somethin
  6. I reported this on reddit and Hvacengi and I did some testing to figure out what was causing it, I discovered it was having a MechJeb module on the craft doing it and he then discovered that it only seemed to happen if the MechJeb module was located on a fuel tank. At the time I was using a MechJeb module to have control of the vessel without needing a stacking remote control unit so if you have a MechJeb module try removing it and see if that fixes the issue, if it doesn't then there may be an additional issue here that needs to be reproduced and reported, I'll be happy to help with test
  7. I think the way I will deal with this is having the root part on the first stage so at the time of separation the active vessel is the first stage which then will flip, boost back and land all while being the active vessel. There would be a second kOS module on the upper stage and hopefully using the LoadDistance stuff could keep the upper stage in existence (and unpacked) long enough to have another script circularise its orbit, once that's done the upper stage is fine until you change back to it, it can just wait in orbit. I have used FMRS but I'd REALLY like the ability to do these lau
  8. Same issue here, the "Resize all" stays the same, but all the other options (staging, navbal, navball offset etc) reset each launch, hope this can be fixed without much effort as this mod is great, really appreciate it!
  9. No worries, I also have my old 1.0.5 installation which I'm mostly using until everything is more stable with 1.1. Just tried to load LZ-1 in 1.0.5 and while in 1.1 it flies off into space at incredible speeds in 1.0.5 it results in an incredible explosion followed by the camera moving away from kerbin again at incredible speeds, not sure what causes it to happen or why there is a difference (no explosion in 1.1) but yeah, no rush just thought I'd report it and see if it gets fixed, I like the idea of having a landing pad, even though I don't know I'll actually ever be able to hit it haha
  10. Not sure if it is known or not and I realise the version on the SpaceX pack still says 1.0.5 so I'm not sure if a fix is planned, BUT, the LZ-1 "pod" flies off into space at GREAT speed when you try to launch it (loading it on the pad, I mean)
  11. Can anyone let me know what I'm missing, I have access to a lot of parts straight up (chutes, thermometer, barometer, a few crew capsules for planes) but no engines (only the snub and separatron) and then same with fuel tanks there seems to be a lot more then there should be, to finishing it off I don't have the sounding rocket avionics package and I can't see it in the tech tree (basic avionics is empty too, no parts in that node). I've tried to figure it out myself, have done a fresh install with RSS, RO & RP-0 and all their REQUIREMENTS but nothing more and it's still the same. I h
  12. Thanks, no rush, I had an idea that worked, I edited the MechJeb part.cfg for the radial MechJeb part and added the level 1 SAS capability and that fixed it as StageRecovery now sees that as a control part with SAS
  13. Trying to figure out why powered recovery wasn't working and I suspect it is the SAS requirement, I'm using mechjeb as a control point on my first stage as I was previously landing it manually. Could it be added that mechjeb be a valid control point? EDIT: I tested this theory by adding a probe with SAS and the powered recovery worked perfectly so if MechJeb could be added as a valid control point for powered recovery that would be really great as I prefer MechJeb as it can be attached radially and I think feels/looks a lot nicer. Cheers!
  14. THANK YOU, sincerely! I was disappointed to see "no exceptions" on the transfer to steam rule (it only being for those who purchased before it was on steam) as I wanted exactly this feature and I'm so glad I decided to google and see if there was a mod, this will be awesome but as previously said probably force me to admit I have an addiction to KSP xD Again, thank you, awesome!
  15. I'm just going to drop the message I posted to save time but I've found a small bug, probably not gonna bother anyone much and now that I know how to avoid it (use the different radial chute) I'll likely never encounter it again, but still I figured a report wouldn't hurt. Here is the message I posted to the RealChutes thread, the dev doesn't think it's likely it is a problem within RealChutes but likely a problem with the inventory system. I discovered completely by luck that using the kerbal attachment system to attach a RealChute Radial Chute causes a bit of weirdness. The chute isn
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