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  1. whiteout1911

    [1.0.5] RemoteTech XF [RemoteTech v.1.6.9]

    Does the probe need to have EC left to activate an antenna/change the direction?
  2. whiteout1911

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    Alright, thank you!
  3. whiteout1911

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    I have a KerbalEngineer EngineerChip (that has a simple ModuleSPU module) onboard of my rocket. That rocket though is controlled from a manned mk1 pod, and still, as soon as I set a target, the Flight Computer spams: Out of power, cannot run "Target: ..." on schedule. How can I fix that without removing neither the Chip nor the ModuleSPU from it?
  4. whiteout1911

    [0.90] Orbital Material Science version 0.6

    Hey man, love your work! I just had one gripe with it: When recovering experiments from vessels/stages that were recovered by StageRecovery, contracts would not complete. As I cba to manually complete the contracts via the debug menu, I modified your plugin to support experiment recovery via StageRecovery. If someone is interested (modified *.cs is included): http://www./download/aqzu2tj26ortugy/OrbitalMaterialScience_0.5.1_StageRecoverySupport.zip (StageRecovery is obviously required!)
  5. whiteout1911

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    Yeah, shoudve mentioned that. SCANSat is up-to-date as well.
  6. whiteout1911

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    Yep, I will post a clean log later. In the meanwhile, this is what the debug console says after I switched to the VAB:
  7. whiteout1911

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    I have a problem with a SCANSat contract. Both ContractConfigurator and the Contract Pack are up-to-date (0.5.9 and 0.5.0 respectively). I am trying to to the "Altimetry Scan of Kerbin" contract. I accept it and as soon as I switch to either the VAB or the SPH the contract disappears (and can be accepted again in the MC center).
  8. Just wanted so drop by and say that your wheels are awesome! And I have the same texture problem as Koosmonaut has them.
  9. Ah well, that explains it then, thanks! For what reasons are the science experiments disabled on everything but easy though?
  10. Hey guys. I just downloaded v 0.25.3. Is it intended that many parts are not available currently? Like the Seed Bank, the compressors etc.? Why?
  11. So to actually make the textures read only I need to explicitly create an ATM config file for each folder that I want that to apply to? DDSLoader does not make them read only by default and uses ATM config files for exceptions? Edit: Had a look at the src. I have to define exceptions, aight.
  12. whiteout1911

    [1.0.x] Habitat Pack v0.41

    @Starwaster Yes, I did test it with your module, no problems. I have to fix something else though, I'll reupload that in a second and add a license. Edit: Here's the download: http://www./download/e469ren9ir5v3hc/RotationAnimStopper.zip Released into the public domain: If someone has any idea why I have to loop through the ModuleAnimateGeneric objects instead of just being able to use I would be grateful.
  13. whiteout1911

    [1.0.x] Habitat Pack v0.41

    Hey guys, I wrote a module to stop the centrifuge animation. Compiled version and source: see below... Jut extract the archive content into your HabitatPack folder. It removes the option to reverse the rotation though.
  14. whiteout1911

    [1.1] RemoteTech v1.6.10 [2016-04-12]

    Hey guys, I've got the following issue with RT: I have a probe/satellite-delivery-rocket, which has no probe core of its own but a dp-10 attached. The rocket has 3 probes/satellites attached, and one of those probe cores is taking control during delivery (it's not optimal, but I might change that in Mk II of the rocket). When I first try to launch that rocket, I dont have a connection on the launch pad. I have to restart the whole game for it to initialize correctly and give me a connection. What might be the problem here? Addendum: The 3 probes/sats sit on decoupler ontop of a tri-stack which itself is directly connected to the rest of the rocket, where the dp-10 sits. I have another problem after decoupling one of those probes in munar orbit. It is linked to several other satellites by dish and omnidirectional connection, the flight computer symbol is green, i can access all actions when right clicking a part, but when i want to do something it says i dont have a connection. I guess that is a bug. How can I work around that to get my sat back online?
  15. whiteout1911

    Argon + Xenon ISRU for Near future propulsion.

    Did you actually do that? Would you mind sharing that cfg?