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  1. Are the Bangometer's supposed to be re-usable? Or do they need to be reset by a Scientist?
  2. I ran into this with OPM and the JX2Antenna Mods. OPM does the @antennaPower *= 4, and then JX2Antenna-OPM Patch did a @antennaPower /= 4). With those, the HG-5R had an antenna Power of 1.25G. I didn't see anywhere if you did anything due to the OPM *4 in yours, so I'm wondering if you deal with that in a different way. Removing the JX2Antenna OPM patch cfg reverted it to 5G. (Though obviously the JX2 still isn't balanced in line with this mod.) Not sure what would be good values to edit the JX2 too, but at least that was the cause of the problem for me. *** It also appears Kerbol Origins provides a 1T Relay also. Given you already provide a 3T relay, I will most likely just remove JX2, and remove the KerbolOrigins part altogether for my play through.
  3. Same here. This has saved me countless times when I've had craft spinning to fast to click on the desired part.
  4. Are you running Linux by any chance? I see the same issues in Linux, both the empty roster (though the contract window is populated), and when I click save debug log, it says its written, but there is nothing in the listed location.
  5. I was seeing it with the "Run KEES POSA I Experiment in orbit around Kerbin and return it to Kerbin" contract. I know it works if I manually finalize it via the right click and keep data. It might have to do with ForScience's Transfer Science to Container function. I've been just turning off ForScience when I run these missions and everything works fine.
  6. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but I may have found an issue. Not sure if its with this, or ForScienceContinued! With contracts: If ForScience finalized the data, it doesn't mark the contracts as complete. However, if you disable ForScience via its console, and manual finalize it, the contract completes successfully. Not a big deal, since if you have contracts you can just complete them manually, but just wanted to mention it. Also, Thanks! Its a great addition to KSP!