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  1. I've run into the same problem. Just started today, so I'm assuming it has to do with a mod That got updated. Updated Mods (Grabbed names from CKAN): MechJeb 2 - DEV RELEASE Transfer Window Planner ScienceAlert ReAlerted Toolbar Docking Cam
  2. If you installed from CKAN, it didn't have AT Utils updated and that is your problem. I ran into the same issue.
  3. These part revamps are way better than the stock updates that have been trickling in. I especially love the new parachutes.
  4. kkrunway2 (used at Round Range) seems to have a collider issue. Attempting to land, take-off, or taxi down the runway causes "<part> crashed into _Combined Mesh [whites]."
  5. The fix listed on the Kerbal Konstructs page fixes the issue. Thank you @Ger_space
  6. HebaruSan is aware of the install issue from CKAN and has a fix in the works. Clean install from Spacedock gives me the following weirdness. I do have a crap ton of mods installed, so I'm going to try with a completely KSP and see what happens. I can now say it does happen with a clean KSP having only Kerbal-Konstructs and Kerbin-Side Complete.
  7. Still there. I would attach a screen shot if I could figure out how. I dug through logs but didn't find anything.
  8. Heads up for anyone who is seeing things in strange places (i.e. Arakebo on its side on top of KSC) with If you installed from CKAN you are missing a folder. Now if someone can help me with the square of arrows that thinks it's KSC2 and attaches itself to my planes I would be very appreciative.
  9. I'm having a problem with updating BonVoyage through CKAN. I'm getting this error: CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken: BonVoyage 0.14.2: E:\Temp\tmp8647.tmp has length 161362, should be 161357 at CKAN.NetModuleCache.Store(CkanModule module, String path, String description, Boolean move) at CKAN.NetAsyncModulesDownloader.ModuleDownloadsComplete(NetModuleCache cache, Uri[] urls, String[] filenames, Exception[] errors)
  10. Another option, for people who didn't move their install, is to just start a new game so it isn't dependent on Kopernicus and other mods that have disabled themselves. When the mods get updated, go back to your old save. You get the opportunity to try out the game updates and (and the "Oh Crap!" point updates) while you wait PATIENTLY. Now let the people who write these wonderful mods in their spare time do their thing.
  11. I've got the same issue. I have Ship Manifest and MKS installed. I verified I have enough Material Kits but it still doesn't work. I'm going to try without Ship Manifest and see if that fixes it. (edit) Minor correction, I get a message saying I need 1800.00 material kits to expand the Eclair. I have exactly 1800 material kits on the vessel but it doesn't work. Also adding the update that Ship Manifest is not the issue. (Found it) My problem wound up being a rounding issue. I had a container capable of carrying 2000 material kits but I only loaded it with 1800. In the save file it showed to have 1799.9999523162842. I updated the value to something just slightly over 1800 and it works fine. Sorry for the stream of consciousness post.
  12. How about actually fixing some of the things you keep saying you've fixed, like the landing gear bounce, especially on scene load. When I switch to a landed craft and it jumps nearly a kilometer, that's not fixed.
  13. I'm running the latest dev build and not seeing this issue. What build are you using?
  14. @Ger_space What do you mean vacation?!?! Why don't you just...have a good time and enjoy yourself. Thanks for mods.
  15. With the number of mods you're maintaining, I'm not sure you really have a life outside of KSP. Either that or your day has more hours in it than mine. Thank you for all of the hard work