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  1. or at least 'close enough' that only minor tilting is needed to get things lined up right- I did a Harrier-alike using KAX's inline VTOL engines that (due to also being a 'traditional' flyer, need to not be super flip-happy) that had to nose up about 15° to take off properly (read: without flopping over onto its back) but a helicopter type thing would need its CoT on the CoM (though in that case having the CoL above the CoM is a necessity for actually flying like a helicopter, IE 'tilt rotor in desired travel direction') .... quadcopters are fun. launching Soyuz upper stages from Quadcopter platforms are more fun.
  2. heh nah. I spend too much time using Timewarp for EL to add that management headache, unless I'm doing so deliberately. also I'm running pretty close to the limit of my hardware with the number of scripts and widgets I've got loaded in. hmm, I'll have to try a 55000km Salyut just for testing reasons- it's no good if it deorbits too quickly after all.
  3. honestly I have to laugh at people putting ISS and MIR replicas in 100km orbits or similar. if you wanted to be really accurate, you'd set its orbit to ~55000KM, so you actually have to do regular missions to it and boost to keep it from falling out of the sky.
  4. honestly my suggestion is to use Davion Supply or something like it and just add materialkits and specilizedparts to its Big List of Shippable Stuff, which is what I did for Kerbin SoI stuff, or build a ground colony first and use in-situ production and a reusable freighter. I, for example, used Karibou bits and NFT Trusses to build an Eagle-alike one time, and another I built automated lifters based around 2.5m shipping containers with some engines, RCS and a docking port stuck to one end. but then, I also used MM configs to give myself a couple alternate production chains for a handful of key resources, one based around a clone of Nertea's Itenerant container (which is about the same size as a hitchhiker but only seats two) as a 'fabrication module' that can whip up some basic stuff from Karbonite, ore and a good bit of power, and another based on Metalore=>Metals=>Materailkits+specilizedparts using Nils' KPBS stuff. though I did balance them as rather less efficient than the more complicated MKS chains so as not to be overpowered. on that note: a seed base using a Hitchiker drill pod (right), a Fabrication module (center, with large radiator) and an EL survey station (right.) also shown in the foreground is a utility truck for transporting KIS stuff. I'll be adding more variants later.
  5. that seems to have fixed the issue, thanks. not sure WHAT was out of sync, since I literally just pulled the latest releases off their respective Github pages today, but whatever. sometimes things just break for no reason lol.
  6. latest release off the github- I literally just spent the last four hours re-downloading and reinstalling all my mods after I borked my saves trying to do something clever, and went 'well as long as excrements's loveed I might as well do those updates I've been putting off so AVC will stop pestering me' and I'd strictly been using TSP-hire before that. I never even saw the double-layering behavior reported upthread, nor did I really care since I was still mostly messing with sandbox stuff. however I have been thinking about a career save and wanted to get my current setup (reasonably) stable and Working As Intended before I start adding contract packs.
  7. yeah, that's both not impossible and somewhat unlikely. while I do run a lot of mods, most of them are parts stuff like Fuel Tanks Plus or Planetay Base systems, immersion widgets like chatterer, or QoL tools like Precicenode or the aforementioned TRP-hire. I also have seen this behavior with just USI installed for testing purposes, which is why I've been confused.
  8. so question! this supposedly ships with a TRP-hire fork, but I have yet to actually see it- using the normal TRP hire mod works, perfectly (though without the UKS classes) while removing it gives me the stock hiring system with UKS classes... which, generally, means it's friggin' impossible to actually staff a mission as the stock system only generates Kerbals in batches of 10, so good luck getting a Pilot or Engineer instead of, say, a botanist. it's a wee bit irritating since I do like the idea of more classes to play with (especially Kolonists, since I can stuff them into things with lower EPL values in place of Pilots or Scientists) for RP reasons. any ideas?
  9. It's a silly reference to RA3's Geneva mission as one of the capture lines for the banks is something like "Attention capitalist pig-dogs, this bank is now property of glorious soviet army!" (though my favorite is still " Such riches! Aah, all the borscht we could buy! ") and yeah, she's a Hydrogen-burner- the plan is to stop at Duna (or, more specifically, it's handy low-gravity moons) to build some initial (largely automated) infastructure (as well as refueling its supply of Hydrogen and Oxidizer, those big Yucatan motors are pretty hungry for a cryonic rocket, and it's pushing a lot of mass in Materialkits and Specializedparts to do initial construction on top of that) then tour the outer planets doing much the same thing. meanwhile, the United Kerbal states are still trying to get that ridiculous Jool heavy lift rocket off the ground, I ligit launched that whole thing with Proton or Soyuz lifters. mostly Soyuz- all the solar modules AND the science module launched on a Soyuz rocket, only the core and shipyard/engine module launched on Protons. the tank and engine were then assembled in-situ via multiple Progress-alikes shipping parts (also Soyuz launches) docked using a CLAAAW-equipped tug, and then welded because Konstruction ports are awesome. I may post the UKS's exploits with the Jool lifter elsewhere (TLDR version: RUD happens. a LOT. usually as soon as the gravity turns on. because the Jool lifter doesn't ever go smaller than 3.5m. because launching a space-station all in one go amuses me. even-no, especially when it fails in some hilarious manner. this is likely why I don't play career mode much.)
  10. those curved ones on the core module? if so, those are NFT Curved Solar Arrays, and so each separate 'array' is all a single piece. construction continues: the science module arrives... an engineering crew EVAs to assemble the module's high-bandwith dish. hey, we can get Nickelodeon on this thing! the science module decouples its cargo/service module, which then deorbits, leaving the docking port clear for later expansion. hmmm what's this? another Solar module! gonna need that to power all that shiny new lab equipment! the second solar module docks and deploys its three-panel array. Looking good!
  11. me, putting new parts (especially antennas, can never have too man options for those!) to use:
  12. try using the Hanger Grid mod (here) which lets you force alignment and adjust things very precisely. you might also just be having Pilot Error problems, because landing perfectly flat is a cast-iron poodle. but then, I've basically never been able to actually LAND a plane in KSP even WITH autopilot help, so I may not be the best advise-giver in this case.
  13. and maybe pink for lulz, and a nice white to blend with stock stuff. ... I may be fiddling with both of those things.
  14. black void seems the best interim solution- you'd have to define the part shapes and kerbal positions either way, right? it'd be a step up from the 'majjikal black cube grid' look at least.