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  1. Hi blackrack, the new update looks amazing. I really appreciate your work on it, brings KSP visuals to a whole new level IMO. Sorry to bring this up again, but the thing is, the flag issue still seems to exist in the latest update unfortunately. Would you know anything I can try with the settings to fix this?
  2. Hi, I posted about this issue on Github but I figured I could bring it up here as well in case anyone else is having the same issue. I've been encountering an issue where flags with a .png that has blank space becomes translucent or disappears completely over oceans and faraway terrain features. This happens on completely Stock + DLC games with no other mods other than Scatterer. Hopefully this GIF shows it: This is with the default Integral flag .png, with no other mods installed. This wasn't an issue for me in previous issues, it started for me with 1.12.2. I put the rest of the details and my log files in the Github post here: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/issues/135 Thanks for your work on this phenomenal mod. Let me know if you need any further details.
  3. I made a B737-800 if you're interested, check it out on my KerbalX page. I haven't posted here in months but I've been working on quite a bit lately. Here's where I'm at: The B777 has been facing a lot of problems as of late which I can't really figure out, so I'm putting it on the backburner for now. I made a Cathay Pacific livery for it before it started to face some issues, though: Working on a Ryanair livery for the B737, which is pretty much done except I need to solve some fuel flow issues: 1:1 B-29 Superfortress, with Breaking Ground propellers. Also finished, wrapping up a cinematic for it: Fw 190 A-8: Airbus A321-200 (Still a lot of things to change and add, though): And something I started just yesterday, an Airbus A330-300. Still trying to sort out the aerodynamics because it can't fly, and the engines are still placeholders:
  4. Started doing the bulk of the work on what may be the pride and champion of my ships, a replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia herself, depicted as she looked in STS-1. Pride and champion, given that everything goes well. Which, to be honest, it really hasn't. I think I can eventually make something pretty good out of this, though.
  5. Of all the airliners I've tried to replicate in KSP, the Boeing B777-300ER has been the one I've probably tried time and time again, never really being fully content with the result. However, after building and testing again and again, I'm putting the final touches on a version that I guess I can say I'm pretty proud of. This is about as 1:1 scale as I can make it, and this is about the closest I've gotten to the real thing I think, so far. For something that looks relatively simple in construction though it boasts about 600 odd parts, mostly from the struts and set-ups that stop the thing from falling apart when breathed on. It's certainly very difficult to fly, as it's easy to overload the airframe through maneuvers and cause an explosion (not to mention infuriating lag), and it's pretty stubborn to control in general. I'm gonna keep trying to iron out the issues but this is pretty close to done.
  6. I made a few updates to it to reflect the forums now, hope that fixes some issues. Also, are Imgur albums still disabled? If not, then I can update the thread with instructions on how to use them again.
  7. This 1.10 update is one of my favorite ones so far. I can already see the craft aesthetics possibilities with the fairings and flags. Plus, the new color variants for the 2.5m tanks and the fuel lines allow for a lot. Wanting to employ all these shiny new features, I decided to try and make a brand new B-17 that's accurate in relative size to the real thing, the only mod being Airplane Plus for the propellers (I can't stand static propellers that much anymore). It's astonishing how small these WW2 bombers really are when you see them in comparison to real life aircraft. Anyway, I think I'm pretty happy with the result. There's a service bay I chucked under the aircraft which should have served as a bomb bay but because I can't find "bombs" that can fit and jettison properly yet, so the bay is really just for aesthetics for now. Also, let's be honest, why make a B-17 if you're not gonna fly a formation flight with them?
  8. Wow. Didn't even know that could be possible in KSP. Incredible. On the topic of airliners, I've been dabbling around and built up probably my favorite replica to date, one of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30. It's to scale with the real aircraft, and I decided to try making the whole fuselage out of a fairing to get a clean >3.75m diameter fuselage, and I have to say, I really like the result. It looks cleaner overall than Mk3 fuselages and presents less aesthetic and part count problems. It's really a joy to fly, too, and it's hard to get tired of the classic lines of the DC-10. I've had a lot of fun playing with this thing. And to experiment with fairing fuselages more, I built up a Boeing B757-200. Unlike the DC-10, it's a narrowbody and has the exact same diameter as that of the 3.75m part line but I figured with fairings it was possible to have more control over the appearance of the nose, which is an important focal point, and the results are very promising if I want to make more of these replicas. This thing handles more sluggishly despite being smaller but is less prone to overstressing and breaking up mid-flight or landing. I think I'm pretty late to adapting to building airliners this way, and now I'm thinking of revisiting and remaking those B777s and A350s now with this kind of assembly style.
  9. Looks beautiful! Even the small details are done well, and I especially like how you pulled off that bubble canopy. Also, wow, the news about propellers got me hyped for five minutes until I found that it was part of the expansion. Now I'm getting tempted to shell cash out for the expansion pack so much. I might as well share some of what I've worked on; A larger, more true-to-scale replica of the Airbus A350-900. I don't know if it's because of recent updates, but the structural integrity of Mk3 parts (or KSP structures in general) seem to be much better than they used to be, enough to make building this kind of replica a breeze in terms of structural issues. I know the winglets look messy; I've been meaning to replace them with a cleaner arrangement, but it's difficult to conform to the shape of the real life A350's sharklets and replicate them with wing parts.
  10. I'm really humbled to hear that! Thanks, I'm happy to hear that my replicas somehow inspired someone to take it up. Man, it's been a while.. Also, the P-47 looks great! The attention to the shape and form of the real thing and the tiny details are really good. That's another level of detail.. Oof, I wish.. Bearings are one of the few things I can never wrap my head around. The snoot would droop. The snoot drooped.
  11. WOO! I renovated the Concorde fuselage design from the ground up, and it looks a lot better now.. and actually gets to supersonic without shattering into bits! Took a while. I'm proud of it though. Here are some shots of it doing it's thing... I've still got windows to add but for the most part it's almost done.
  12. I'll see, I'm still trying to iron it out and the engines are one of the more troublesome components of the craft. Yours looks good! And on the topic of airliners, i've been trying to redo a replica of the famous Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde. Unfortunately though, it's not going so well.. Here it is. And before you ask, unfortunately the nose can't change positions like the real Concorde does.. or frankly do anything good that the real Concorde does. The maximum speed i've been able to reach with it is 306 m/s so far and anything faster than that makes the plane break apart. Somehow, it's fragile despite the relatively simple structure. I would have gone for a fairing-based structure initially but that was even more prone to breaking apart than the usual Mk3 fuselage's layout. Picture dump! Only thing it has going for it, really, is its maneuverability and ease of control. I'm still gonna try to find ways to make it more structurally stable, and then I can focus on making it fly faster..
  13. For the past few weeks, I've been working on a bit of an experimental project on widebody airliners in KSP; Namely, a Boeing B777-300ER that's accurate to the size of the real thing. Being of this size, the aircraft flies relatively well but the entire thing blows up when someone breathes on it.. Landing it is an exercise in concentration and rage. It's a 514 part behemoth powered by around 30 or so Wheesleys within the fairings of the pseudo-GE-90s. The fuselage and its stuctural nature make for a very much flyable but fragile aircraft. This was more of a proof-of-concept to see how large I could push the boundaries with Mk3 fuselages to get it close to the real thing, but safe to say I wouldn't want to try it again. Total pain in the behind to stop the fuselage from blowing up!
  14. I was wondering if there were ways to make my widebody airliners to scale by clipping Mk3 fuselages, and started building a B777-300ER around this idea. The result was something pretty magnificent.. but useless. Any attempt at putting on landing gear would cause it to get destroyed upon spawning, and sometimes it would stand on the runway normally when spawned and others it would rapidly blow up. Probably varies based on the mood of the kerbal replica gods. I figure it could probably be fixed with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement or something, but for now i'm leaving that for something else. I'm considering taking Kronus_Aerospace's idea of making the fuselage a fairing which might work, but that's for another day. I then built up a small, somewhat out-of-proportion Hawker Hurricane Mk. I. I tried fitting (clipping, really) a few Airplane Plus propellers into it but they were too small to look aesthetically in-line. Well, more of the replica was too big and slightly out of scale. My A350's fan blades were slightly improved on; And I remade an Airbus A320-200 replica. Pretty timid project, I know, but it was enjoyable to build. (sorry for the image flood..)
  15. I'm smitten. That 747 is just absolutely beautiful. It captures the real thing's shape and dimensions so well. I'd download it but.. the part count.. Amazing work!
  16. I got a replica of the Airbus A350-900 aloft after contending with fuel flow issues from the engines.. I'm still looking to make aesthetic changes though, like how to make the wingtips sleeker-looking and thinner parts to make the curved fan blades.
  17. Beautiful! Great attention to detail, especially on the wing shapes.
  18. I suddenly had an urge to do something airliner related, so i laid down the framework of what is supposedly an Airbus A350-900 replica. Aside from the engines, elevators, structural elements and everything else required to actually make it fly, there's still a lot of things I have to fix and correct. For instance, the winglets look somewhat odd in shape (God, those will be the end of me...) and the wing itself seems far too long. Of course, it might just be the FOV perspective of the hangar, but still.
  19. Wow, these look really good! Certainly better than my really old ones, that's for sure.. Have you considered trying to make a P-47, or a heavy bomber? (The latter is a massive challenge, though..)
  20. "when your parents ask where all your money went"
  21. I haven't really done much in the past few days, mostly being focused on scale modeling. I'm still overhauling my outdated airliners, most recently the A330. The engines it had before didn't look the part of the GE CF6-80E, and the Trent 700s are becoming more common and so I swapped them out for RR Trent-like replicas. Since they were rather simple-looking, I decided to try new techniques with the fairings and fan blades - I was quite happy with the result.
  22. And IIRC over 1/3rd of Bf 109s were G-6s - It really was the definitive variant IMO, even if it wasn't exactly the best.
  23. What? I'm praising the part, and fantasized how good the game would look like if parts were finished in that standard of quality, not appearance and function.
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