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    What are your craziest dreams?

    Hello, forums! We all have experienced the brain phenomenon in sleep that is known as dreaming. The thing is, dreaming can get pretty absurd. So what's the weirdest dream you ever had? Well, for me, I was on an aircraft. Perhaps an A320 or something similar-looking. I heard the news about Jupiter being destroyed from a probe crashing to it (I know it's incredibly inaccurate!) , and debris from it was going to produce a meteor shower. So.. I was in the airport, nearby a balcony. The meteor shower started. It was full of KSP-like asteroids in flames, raining down in clusters. And it was about the same size of the Moon from eye perspective. It was going by slowly, and it was very clear to see. It was beautiful, although morbid, because one of the most beautiful gas giants in the Solar System was gone. Then I was awake. What about you guys?
  2. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I'm really humbled to hear that! Thanks, I'm happy to hear that my replicas somehow inspired someone to take it up. Man, it's been a while.. Also, the P-47 looks great! The attention to the shape and form of the real thing and the tiny details are really good. That's another level of detail.. Oof, I wish.. Bearings are one of the few things I can never wrap my head around. The snoot would droop. The snoot drooped.
  3. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    WOO! I renovated the Concorde fuselage design from the ground up, and it looks a lot better now.. and actually gets to supersonic without shattering into bits! Took a while. I'm proud of it though. Here are some shots of it doing it's thing... I've still got windows to add but for the most part it's almost done.
  4. The Spacecraft Exchange is admittedly one of the most important and significant sections of the forums and somewhat straightforward as well. However, while it is straightforward and easy to learn via looking at a few threads, it's somewhat different from the other Forum sections and a few things need to be taken into account especially when posting a ship, making a thread for all your ships, and commenting on the work of others. This guide is by no means supposed to dictate how one must post his ships. That said, let's move on to the tutorial! 1. Before uploading a ship The Kerbal Space Program Forum has a set of rules along with a few threads made by both moderators and players alike to assist one in using the forums and giving one an insight on how things work. I'd suggest you read them along with a few ship threads in the Spacecraft Exchange to get a feel of what the forum is like. The Forum Rules are rather long but it's something that's essential to read before posting. This guide by Mad Rocket Scientist gives a nice insight to how the forums work. And the Good Conduct guide is especially important when replying to others' ships. After reading those, and a few threads on the Spacecraft Exchange, you should be good to go. 2. Uploading a ship The way one uploads a ship varies a lot, but most follow a certain format of images, description, stats and such. Note: Images are not necessarily required, but highly, highly encouraged. As some people might say, "No pics, no clicks." Photos (taken in daylight if possible) are essential for people to see what your creation looks like. You can take screenshots using F1 and accessing them in the KSP screenshot folder in its directory. And to take note, there are different categories of ships. If it is a modded ship, list the number of mods. If it is a replica, you are encouraged to name it by the ship you are replicating. If it is a cargo ship/SSTO, list the tonnage (if you can). If you plan to release it in a thread, here's what you need to do: -Find a KSP craft file site/file hosting website such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and host your craft file there to download. KerbalX (made by forum user katateochi) is a very good option if you plan on posting a lot of ships, and has extra features such as mod detection and a separate upvote-downvote and comment system. I suggest you go check that out as well. Note: Mediafire is banned from the forum due to the explicit content of the ads they host, which actually angered some after it happened. Links to mediafire will automatically be censored -- There are quite a few allowed aternatives out there, so it's best you use them. Make sure you have screenshots of the ship you are planning to upload. To make a ship thread, go to the Spacecraft Exchange section. There you will find threads such as the Open Source Construction Techniques thread and others -- Click on the "Start New Topic" thread. From there, you have a canvas to make your thread. Uploading and embedding images can be done by going to, clicking on "upload images", selecting your screenshots and dragging them in the webpage, and uploading them (if you upload multiple, you'll have an option to make an Imgur album. We will cover this in a bit.) From there, you should see either this: Or this. Depending if you have one image or an album of images. Now, you have two options: -Copy the link under "BBCode (Forums)" and paste it in. -Copy the link under "Direct Link", select "Insert other media" in the forum editor and paste the link. And I believe I should mention Imgur albums which are highly convenient for browsing through the images one by one. Alright, assuming you have uploaded multiple images in one go, it's mostly an album already. Look at the link of your album. See the part after the Copy it. In my case, it's "lygOg". Now, go to the Create New Topic thread. See this icon in the editor? Click on that, paste the "album ID" and there you have it. As of August 3, 2016, the Imgur albums have been borked in the forums for a while now because it underwent an update --- Will update thread further. Ship specifications Try to list the part count, length and width of your ship, as well as its capabilities. Most of these can be found in the Engineer's report in the editor. If you're making a modded ship and you're not exactly sure what mods are used, go over to KerbalX (you need an account but it's worth it IMO) and it will detect the part count, mods used and what you need. Many use it for craft file hosting and it does the task well. Now that you have these set in stone, most people usually follow a certain format of: 1. A description of the ship or an overview of the replicated ship if replica 2. Images/an album 3. Performance notes 4. Part count, etc. Etc. So with that in mind, here's how a typical replica thread (which is pretty common by the way) for, let's say, a space shuttle. Note that the specifications are mostly fake and made up, and this is merely based on own experience. Make your thread as colorful as you'd like it to be -- maybe even make a logo for the ship. But it may vary. It's up to you how the thread looks. Just remember to add images, a description and a craft file at least. Once you're done, press the "Submit topic" button. Post-release You've gotten your first ship uploaded! It will now appear at the top of the Spacecraft Exchange, and maybe get replies, or be overtaken by other threads. Now, there are still a few things to take in mind: The Spacecraft Exchange is pretty crowded. There's a very large chance that your first ship may not do well in terms of attention, garnering 1 or 0 replies. This is pretty normal. It usually means that you're new and so may not get as much attention, your screenshots might be too difficult to see, or your thread may just be somewhat neglected. It's alright to "bump" your thread for an update on the ship, or something such as asking for feedback, but try not making it a habit. Constructive criticism Often-times, especially if you're new to social communities, you may be told something that's meant to help you but you might take it the wrong way. For example, if someone told you that the ship needs refinement in some areas, try your best to take that into account for your ship and improve it. You don't have to follow what everyone thinks, but try taking that into account. If you really feel that a post is merely slanderous, attacking or overall pointless, report it to the moderators -- It will get removed if it is deemed to violate the forum rules. At the same time, try to be constructive when commenting on the ships of others. Other important links The Work-In-Progress Design Thread Here, you can post about ships you're still working on and receive feedback from other forum-ers about it. It's a good place to see your creations in the eyes of someone else judging it. The Open Source Construction Techniques for Craft Aesthetics Thread -- Figured something out about how certain parts can be used to add aesthetic looks to a ship, or realized how certain parts can be used for aesthetics? Post about it here and share your knowledge. Spacecraft Fridays home thread -- Spacecraft Fridays is a weekly overview featuring some of the ships from the week that were found to be of interest. One can volunteer to hand-pick the ships and make the thread about it, being done every Friday. Happy craft-building!
  5. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I'll see, I'm still trying to iron it out and the engines are one of the more troublesome components of the craft. Yours looks good! And on the topic of airliners, i've been trying to redo a replica of the famous Aerospatiale-BAC Concorde. Unfortunately though, it's not going so well.. Here it is. And before you ask, unfortunately the nose can't change positions like the real Concorde does.. or frankly do anything good that the real Concorde does. The maximum speed i've been able to reach with it is 306 m/s so far and anything faster than that makes the plane break apart. Somehow, it's fragile despite the relatively simple structure. I would have gone for a fairing-based structure initially but that was even more prone to breaking apart than the usual Mk3 fuselage's layout. Picture dump! Only thing it has going for it, really, is its maneuverability and ease of control. I'm still gonna try to find ways to make it more structurally stable, and then I can focus on making it fly faster..
  6. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    For the past few weeks, I've been working on a bit of an experimental project on widebody airliners in KSP; Namely, a Boeing B777-300ER that's accurate to the size of the real thing. Being of this size, the aircraft flies relatively well but the entire thing blows up when someone breathes on it.. Landing it is an exercise in concentration and rage. It's a 514 part behemoth powered by around 30 or so Wheesleys within the fairings of the pseudo-GE-90s. The fuselage and its stuctural nature make for a very much flyable but fragile aircraft. This was more of a proof-of-concept to see how large I could push the boundaries with Mk3 fuselages to get it close to the real thing, but safe to say I wouldn't want to try it again. Total pain in the behind to stop the fuselage from blowing up!
  7. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I was wondering if there were ways to make my widebody airliners to scale by clipping Mk3 fuselages, and started building a B777-300ER around this idea. The result was something pretty magnificent.. but useless. Any attempt at putting on landing gear would cause it to get destroyed upon spawning, and sometimes it would stand on the runway normally when spawned and others it would rapidly blow up. Probably varies based on the mood of the kerbal replica gods. I figure it could probably be fixed with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement or something, but for now i'm leaving that for something else. I'm considering taking Kronus_Aerospace's idea of making the fuselage a fairing which might work, but that's for another day. I then built up a small, somewhat out-of-proportion Hawker Hurricane Mk. I. I tried fitting (clipping, really) a few Airplane Plus propellers into it but they were too small to look aesthetically in-line. Well, more of the replica was too big and slightly out of scale. My A350's fan blades were slightly improved on; And I remade an Airbus A320-200 replica. Pretty timid project, I know, but it was enjoyable to build. (sorry for the image flood..)
  8. Columbia

    747-8 Replica Full Stock

    I'm smitten. That 747 is just absolutely beautiful. It captures the real thing's shape and dimensions so well. I'd download it but.. the part count.. Amazing work!
  9. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I got a replica of the Airbus A350-900 aloft after contending with fuel flow issues from the engines.. I'm still looking to make aesthetic changes though, like how to make the wingtips sleeker-looking and thinner parts to make the curved fan blades.
  10. Columbia

    Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Replica!

    Beautiful! Great attention to detail, especially on the wing shapes.
  11. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I suddenly had an urge to do something airliner related, so i laid down the framework of what is supposedly an Airbus A350-900 replica. Aside from the engines, elevators, structural elements and everything else required to actually make it fly, there's still a lot of things I have to fix and correct. For instance, the winglets look somewhat odd in shape (God, those will be the end of me...) and the wing itself seems far too long. Of course, it might just be the FOV perspective of the hangar, but still.
  12. Hello! I noticed there were particularly a lot of KSP players who played War Thunder, a free-to-play warfare game based on military aircraft and tanks. I decided to make a common thread. If you have any precious screenshots taken at good timings, or if you'd like to squad up with others and such, post it here! I'll share some of my best moments: I was playing with a friend of mine who was trying to land a PBY Catalina, and I decided to ram him. It was worth it. Another friend of mine, being chased by a fighter. I loomed up so close. I was also battling with noname117, and there was a chase between two teams. It was chaotic.. Note the swarming enemies.
  13. Wow, these look really good! Certainly better than my really old ones, that's for sure.. Have you considered trying to make a P-47, or a heavy bomber? (The latter is a massive challenge, though..)
  14. We see these aircraft everyday, passing by our homes, offices and lives with their roaring jet engines with a striking harmony. We see them at airports, towering in their magnificent glory, and we board them anticipating a trip of a lifetime to places such as London, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles and such. Passenger airliners are some of the most advanced machines of today and have been meticulously designed, tested and billions of dollars spent on one aircraft. Here is my take at them. Some are still being added and others have been corrupted and are undergoing rebuilds where listed. Although more ships are still being added, I have spent about three months working on this Nearly a year. Boeing B707-320 This four-engined marvel was America's first jetliner and the first one to be truly successful, after Britain's De Havilland Comet was grounded and investigated after a series of accidents with the type, and it was derived from the Boeing 367-80, a prototype flown in 1954. Craft File: B727-200 Intended for domestic operations, much of the B727 and the future 737 had elements derived from the 707, with engines cut to three instead of four -- Two engines mounted on opposite sides of the rear, and one mounted behind the tail and connected to it's main fan via an S-Duct running through the rear. It was one of the first aircraft to use such a configuration. It is still in limited service today as a cargo carrier, although they had to be fitted with hush kits on the engines to reduce noise. Craft File: http://www./download/rv4z40yc3z574jc/Boeing+B727-200.craft B737-800 Evolving in the 1960s, the Boeing 737 has evolved to become one of the most renowned aircraft of today, from past to present, being revised, upgraded and redesigned to be on par with today's aircraft while still maintaining its old key elements from the B707. It is the only narrow-body aircraft of Boeing that is still being produced, from the Advanced -200 of the 1970s, the "Classic" -300, -400 and -500 of the 1980s and 1990s, and the "New Generation" (NG) -600, -700, -800 and -900 variants. Craft File: B747 Series The Boeing 747 is one of if not the most popular aircraft in aviation history, starting from a prototype flown in 1969. Until today, it is recognized due to it's "hump" at the front, used for extra capacity, a first class lounge and where the flight deck is housed. It is also the first aircraft with multiple aisles, also known as a "widebody." It has found economical operations as a cargo aircraft, having a nose that can be raised to make way for cargo. It has also been converted for many purposes. For 30+ years, it was the largest commercial airliner until the A380 went into service. B747-100 The first variant that went into service. Craft File: http://www./download/hn8ejgodme4zdlh/Boeing+B747-100.craft Boeing B747-100 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Modified to ferry the Space Shuttle Orbiter to the Kennedy Space Center when it lands on Edwards AFB and such, and was used to ferry the Orbiter to heights where it would separate and glide as part of it's tests, which this aircraft also replicates. Shuttle courtesy of inigma. Craft File: http://www./download/x21h1zcd7azdf6u/Boeing+B747-100+SCA.craft Boeing B747-400 The most popular variant to go into passenger service, and a big leap from the B747-300, having improved engines, more efficient wings, better fuel consumption and such. Craft File: http://www./download/s4z81t8p1g45w0g/Boeing+B747-400.craft Boeing B747-8i Much-redone variant with new engines incorporating chevrons, and is quieter. Made with more composite materials and new, "787" wing design, which is made with stronger and lighter materials and more efficient. Craft File: http://www./download/evkxbhszjnxfcuf/Boeing+B747-8i.craft Boeing B757-200 Boeing's longest narrow body design, and developed in the same era as the Boeing 767, and considered as it's narrow body sister. It was used commonly as a short-medium-range aircraft, and domestic and regional routes for other cases. Craft File: Boeing B767-300 The Boeing 767 was the second widebody airliner designed by Boeing, and as said above, made in similar eras as the Boeing 757, and both have similar type ratings, meaning a pilot trained to fly in a 757 is certified to fly a 767 without any extra training. It is still in production unlike the Boeing 757, although it is soon to end. Some aircraft fly short-medium routes, while ETOPS-certified aircraft can fly even longer, being one of the first aircraft certified to be able to do so. Craft File: http://www./download/pcp9i17o3thc5s5/Boeing+B767-300.craft Boeing B777-300ER The Boeing B777 is one of the largest twin-engine aircraft in service, and one of the first Boeing aircraft to use Fly-By-Wire instead of hydraulic systems, and the first commercial aircraft designed entirely by computer as well. It has one of the best safety records of any passenger airliner, having merely two air crashes with fatalities, although it has become notorious for being the aircraft involved in a handful of viral incidents in the recent years. Craft File: Airbus Airbus A320-200 The Airbus A320 is the first aircraft to have been controlled by Fly-By-Wire, a system that uses electronics to control surfaces such as the ailerons, elevator and rudder instead of hydraulic systems such as those used on older aircraft like the B737. Not oly that, but it has spawned a generation of aircraft, with some stretches and shortened fuselages such as the A321 and A318, and this system has been used on later, much bigger aircraft sucha s the A330 and the A380. Like the Boeing 737, it is still being developed progressively to new variants, with a new option for airlines to equip their machines with "Sharklets" -- blended winglets with an appearance to that of a shark's fin -- than the conventional "arrow" winglets found on other A320s. Craft File: http://www./download/qnx7qh36aj3edgb/Airbus+A320-200.craft Airbus A330-300 The successful competitor to the Boeing 777, the A330 is a twin-engined wide-body aircraft, capable of operating on both medium and long-haul flights respectively. After the permission of certain aircraft by the FAA to fly long-haul routes with twin engines, It has grown beyond the short routes of domestic and regional flights. Craft File: http://www./download/awqomctsbe5hgqu/Airbus+A330-300.craft Airbus A340-300 The A340 was an aircraft designed to fly long-haul routes at a time when the FAA only allowed four-engined aircraft to fly beyond a certain range. When this was lifted, aircraft like the Boeing B777 and A330 flourished while the A340’s sales died down, and production soon ended in 2012. Its superior ultra-long range capabilities, however, have kept it in the fleets of some airlines, and it still operates alongside its identical sibling that partly took its place, the A330. Craft File: Airbus A380-800 The A380 is the most gigantic passenger aircraft ever built to date, being able to carry up to 800 passengers in an all-economy arrangement. It is also the first jetliner to have a second deck spanning the entire aircraft, which gives it it's capacity, size and distinction. It has been flown by the most prestigious airlines in the world, and is still a marvel of technology. Craft File: Craft File: -BAC Concorde One of the most renowned airliners of it's time, Concorde was special due to it's ability to fly supersonic, or faster than the speed of sound and was the only civil airliner in full operation and production capable of doing so. It was retired from flight in October 2003. Craft file: http://www./download/9gwjp4tg4veojiu/Aerospatiale-BAC_Concorde.craft Airport Vehicles Mostly for beauty shots and tools if you want to start an airport in Kerbin City or similar.. but they're functional. Sort of. Good luck using them though. Pushback Tractor/Truck This is used to push (duh) aircraft back from the gate and into the taxiway, as engines cannot really reverse (well, they can, but it's generally a bad idea to do so when not landing). Pretty self explanatory.. to operate, make sure landing gear leg at the "claw" part is retracted, drive it into aircraft's nosewheel and extend. This would keep the aircraft clamped while either pulling it or pushing it forward. As you can see in the images, the landing leg is extended, locking the bogie and aircraft in place. Craft File: Pushback Tractor.craft?dl=1 Airport Stairway Truck Drive the truck where you wish, to whatever aircraft you have parked, and align it by the hatch. Disembark some Kerbals with it -- Something that's actually useful in place of a ladder. It's designed for aircraft moderately high from the ground, such as the A340 and B777. Craft File: http://www./download/a2jfbp948bib9xv/Airport+Stairway+Truck.craft Airport Shuttle Bus These types of buses shuttle passengers to aircraft when jetways are not available or when the aircraft is parked in a location other than the assigned terminal, or transferring passengers from terminal to terminal. Actually, you know what? Use it for whatever you want, it's a pretty good transport around Kerbin albeit somewhat flimsy. Custom01 opens doors. Craft File: Shuttle Bus.craft?dl=0 Airport Baggage Loader Mostly for aesthetics, park them near planes as if you were loading cargo. Good luck handling it near a 400 part plane though. Your computer will fry. It looks good though, at least. Craft File: Craft File: http://www./download/ibzc5iz29v82u8t/Airport+Baggage+Loader.craft Glamour Shots Download all ships (zip file) Thanks for viewing, and leave some rep or a comment if you enjoyed! And.. there's three months of work.
  15. Columbia

    KSP memes Megathread

    "when your parents ask where all your money went"
  16. 2.5m or 1.875m SRBs?
  17. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I haven't really done much in the past few days, mostly being focused on scale modeling. I'm still overhauling my outdated airliners, most recently the A330. The engines it had before didn't look the part of the GE CF6-80E, and the Trent 700s are becoming more common and so I swapped them out for RR Trent-like replicas. Since they were rather simple-looking, I decided to try new techniques with the fairings and fan blades - I was quite happy with the result.
  18. And IIRC over 1/3rd of Bf 109s were G-6s - It really was the definitive variant IMO, even if it wasn't exactly the best.
  19. What? I'm praising the part, and fantasized how good the game would look like if parts were finished in that standard of quality, not appearance and function.
  20. The later Bf 109 versions, like the G-6 or G-14 are usually neglected - Most replicas I've seen are usually based on the E-4. How about an He 111 for a challenge? It's a bomber that's usually forgotten, outshone by the American four-engined ones..
  21. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Yeah, the tail is positioned wrongly, and the degree of sweep is much higher than what I portrayed. I have a feeling, though, that the Mk3 Cockpit may also play a part - It barely resembles a 727's nose. And God would I want to do bowling with the aircraft I have now too.. The B747 is 394 parts, B777 is 147, A330 is 198, 757's 159, A380's 259, MD-80's 123, and B767 is 137. That totals to.. 1417 parts. Kind of a far cry from yours!
  22. Oh my god, someone shares my sentiment with this. I honestly doubt that there won't be tons of players classifying "stock" as having the DLC in their install and craft, or at least it would end up being part of the majority of people's creations. ..To think how much more serious and beautiful the game would look if all the parts were up to that quality of modeling..
  23. Columbia

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    So, uh, I haven't posted here in a long time.. I made this video back in October and pretty much forgot to post it, but once my airliners are done I'll have to start revamping the thread (with this included in it.) I revamped my DC-8, mostly focusing in the wings and engines. I'm just happy it can at least be distinguished from a B707. I did a few changes on the Boeing B777, most of which involved making the wings not rip, though some focus was placed into the wingtip rakes and making the tail thinner. Then the A320 was made to work, though it kinda looks like an A319. Puny, isn't it.. And the B727 was also revamped. There's something about it, though, that doesn't make it look right.. And to top it off.. a lagfest?
  24. Columbia

    KSP Making History

    All I'm hoping is that it's cheap enough for me to buy..
  25. Columbia

    Favorite Aircraft

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 for one; It looks like one of the few aircraft that a non-aircraft enthusiast can distinguish from, say, a Spitfire and a P-51D, and it's also pretty badass-looking. Would've put the Fw 190 in here as well but that thing keeps betraying me in War Thunder. Boeing B777-300, because it looks sleeker than so many other airliners, and not to mention it's GE90s; And Boeing B-29 Superfortress. Honestly, only the Heinkel He 111 looks more fear-mongering as a WW2 bomber, in contrast to the B-17 which seems to be on the lines of pure beauty. I would've put it here but my post's already pic-heavy.