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  1. Hi @taniwha and @GregroxMun, I am also running Alternis Kerbol Rejiggered on Linux in 1.6.1 (without Making History), but I am NOT having problems with the mouse in the Main Menu. (I don't run visual mods so I am not seeing the problem with the planets.) Not sure if it will help you troubleshoot, but I'll post my mod list and log here if you want to cross check against yours. Oh and I was really excited to see that you can now tab through the entire solar system. Not sure if that was on your end or Kopernicus, but thanks!
  2. Really nice overview and some incredible looking craft! I have made a couple VTOLs in the past and had a lot of fun with both the engineering and flight challenges. I've been having some trouble lately in newer with respect to air flow. For the vertical engines, do you also need to have some vertical intakes? I have not had much success using only horizontally oriented intakes - the engines do not have sufficient air flow to generate enough thrust to actually lift the craft. Adding a vertical intake helps. Have you noticed this or do you think I might just need more vertical engines when using horizontal intakes only?
  3. I really like the suggestions you have made here especially in regards to the crew not being available due to mission training. I do like the research and building upgrade times of KCT, but agree with you on dropping the build point system. Maybe it was my settings (KCT default), but after completing the tech tree, I could build vessels so fast it felt like it defeated the purpose of the mod and it just became a matter of timewarping so at that point I actually uninstalled KCT. I liked playing with KCT but often found the interface to be a little clunky and I think the scaled-down description you propose here would definitely give a more stock-alike feel. A slimmer KCT without the rollout and reconditioning (maybe we can just assume they are built into the construction time) would really streamline the feel of things and potentially eliminate some of the problems with alternate launch sites since you would just be able to launch when ready. I never tried omitting those in the KCT settings. Have you tried BARIS? It also has a construction time mechanic that is both an alternative and compatible with KCT. It takes a different approach in that you hire workers (tied to VAB/SPH level) but does not have rollout/reconditioning just integration (actual building time). The mod does also include random events and launch failures, but @Angel-125 did an excellent job designing the settings to make it very customizable and easy to enable and disable whichever features you want or don't want. To be honest, I have not tried using it with alternate launch sites, however, so I cannot comment on how it handles that.
  4. Actually with the image you just posted (and in addition to the USI mods Tyko listed) you might also enjoy checking out Deep Space Exploration Vehicles and some of Angel-125's other mods.
  5. Not exactly the same as the image you posted here, but you might take a look at the Diamond Grid Trusses and Containers mod.
  6. I think @ARS gave an excellent overview already. One thing I might also add is that, if you have mastered rendezvous and docking of two ships with RCS, you might consider changing your Kerbal EVA controls to HNJLIK to match the RCS controls. For me this has always been a lot more intuitive (since WASD,Shift,Ctrl are usually for rotating while HNJLIK are typically for translating) and now I automatically make this change whenever I install a new version of KSP. Another thing is that you can press spacebar to reorient the kerbal in the direction the camera is facing. In other words, you will be directly behind the kerbal with him/her looking away from you. This is usually the first thing I do when going on EVA, well second considering you have to turn the jet pack on first! There is also something in the settings menu you might look at which is "EVA's AutoRotate to Camera." I cannot remember right now if I prefer having this on or off, but you might try with both to see which you like more.
  7. You might check these two mods although I am not sure at a quick glance if they have incorporated the fairings at this time: Kerbal Historical Institute Old Parts Redux
  8. I was in the mood to do some more testing regarding the contract completion in career mode we were discussing a couple weeks ago. I did a quick investigation using Kerbmun as the homeworld and both the "Launch First Vessel" and "Escape the Atmosphere" completed successfully. These were the contracts that were not completing on Mesbin.
  9. Fantastic! Thanks for the confirmation, that is what I wanted to know!
  10. I have recently noticed that some (always just one at a time) of my mod toolbar icons will appear in the top right corner of the main menu after exiting the game. Most recently, I have observed this with KRASH and PreciseManeuver although I have seen others previously and sometimes it is just the thin yellow and gray separator bar. I have seen this in various mod configurations and was wondering if it was a common problem or if it is indicating an incompatibility or installation error? (I should note that all of the mods appear to work fine in game. As it is not appearing to cause any issues, this is more to satisfy my own curiosity to see if it is widespread or not.) In the spoiler below, I list my current mod setup and after exiting the game, only the yellow and gray bar appeared in the main menu. (Again, I have seen this with various configurations as well as different versions of KSP but have not investigated what the minimal setup is for this to occur.) Thanks in advance!
  11. Really cool video, thanks for sharing! Sorry the action group idea did not work, but glad to hear you have made some progress looking into the Events. Good luck!
  12. This sounds really cool! I am by no means very fluent at kOS having only written a script to get a very basic rocket to orbit before, but I did have an idea you might consider trying - can you set the pivot to an action group in the VAB and then toggle the action group in your script? Certainly not as elegant as working directly through kOS to access the module directly like your mini-script above but it may provide a workaround.
  13. Thanks for all the outstanding work you have done adopting orphaned and abandoned mods! I know you are currently maintaining a whole slew of mods and am not sure if you plan on making any changes to the mods currently under your care. If so, would you be willing to consider adjusting the settings for StageRecovery? Currently any changes to the settings are applied globally and affect all saves in a given KSP install. It would really be beneficial, in my opinion, to be able to change the settings on a per save basis. For example, in a sandbox save I click the StageRecovery button in the KSC scene to open the settings menu and uncheck "Mod Enabled" to disable the mod since it is not really relevant in the sandbox. Currently, this also disables StageRecovery in my career mode save, where I do want it to remain active so I have to remember to re-enable the mod.
  14. Absolutely! It was quite fun and a nice change of pace trying to solve the puzzle. Good luck tracking it down the rest of the way!