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  1. thx Spanner monkey!
  2. haven't played in 8+ months and i notice there is a new expansion, while i don't have it yet i'm planning on getting it next payday as it seems to be right up my ally, especially the history pack part. with that in mind i was wondering if someone could help me pick out what mods i have that are still viable/up to date or worth keeping and not redundant? (also it's been a while i forget what some of these do ) my list of current mods 77industries airpark airplane plus abmient light adjust antennahelper b9 aero b9 hx b9 proceedural wings b9 animation b9part switch bdarmory (if i remember i think there was a huge update along with spanner monkey's where all the parts are now modular? i could be wrong? ) SM_afvs SM_armories SM_industries SM_Marine SM_static SM_Stryker SM_Waterlaunch easy vessel switch skandara heavy industries extraplanetary launchpads ferram aerospace firespitter fshanger extender interstellarmassaccelerator jsi kas kerbal foundries kerbal joint reinforment kerbal konstructs kerbal stats kerbinside kethane kfc kis kspwheel lshippartsmodern lshipparts ww2 magicsmoke industries mechjeb2 modular flight interrgrator mouseaimflight mputils nas navyfish north kerbin weaponry physics range extender planetary baseinc quiztechaerocontinued reposoftech scansat smokescreen squad tarsierspacetech tweakscale ubioweldingltd vanguardtechnologies vesselview i bolded the ones i know i like/want to keep if possible unless the DLC expansion offers the same or similiar fuctionality ultimately i like being able to mine resources to build things with (i believe kethane does this ? where i can mine for ore, and build rocket parts out of the ore for building off world space craft, i know extraplanetarylaunchpads is the "building part" ) , colonizing other planets/orbits, and building large space carriers so for example building an orbiting space station, where i can build large/larger ships in orbit then send them to other planets to drop colonizing pods/modular bases. i also like using mechjeb (it helps) and the internal cockpit flight view screens (i forget which mod this is but i know it uses other mods for different views, like an external camera view, or a ship statistic view )
  3. That could be my problem with the b9 wings. Does each addon have a different modular manager? Ive been using the most recent modular manager dll file instead of replacing with each new addon (unless the addon has a newer one then the one i currently have) Should i be copy/pasting all the things inside the various modular manager file and compiling them all together into 1 file?
  4. Is that the little far window when controlling the vehicle? Ive tried toggling those but vehicle still behaves more like a submarine in water then a plane in air. Works as intended with other wings, i apply enough speed and plane will lift itself off runway (and shows the lift direction arrow) just not the b9 proceedural wings =/ Is there a way to temporarily disable far for a single flight without removing the mod completely?
  5. Seems like far has trouble identifying b9 proceedural wing lift directions, when in hanger it'll show the center of lift, but no arrow showing lift direction and the plane operates as if its neutral boyancy (neither rising or falling in relation to speed)
  6. Hs.Panda

    KAS/KIS building in space help

    Going to necro this slightly because i have a new question but about pretty much the same thing: Building a planetary base now (same concept, peice by peice via building it on site ) but trying to attach modules to the ground plates, while at the same time connect them to the rest of the base, so i guess trying to attach 2 nodes at once i guess? Is this doable? And/or is there a way to "attach" parts that are super super close/touching to each other without my kerbal picking up the item first....i.e. using a mechanical arm to hold the part in place and just having my kerbal weld them together? Or even having the mechanical arm attach them like a kerbal can (im ok if this requires a mod)
  7. Hs.Panda

    [1.4.5] Throttle Controlled Avionics

    So airplane plus helicopter blades dont work? Or has this been resolved? I have a few helicopters using airplane plus parts i was thinking of using this mod with ="
  8. Hs.Panda

    [1.4.3 v 1.2.3] SM_Stryker BDA 1.22

    Do you have or have you considered making a depository for all your various craft build files? If i knew where to find them (ive checked kerbalx it had the omahesque and the Ck but no others that i can find) I could compile them myself and release them as a zip for you if you like? Combining the various SM packages craft builds
  9. Hs.Panda

    KAS/KIS building in space help

    Thx for the suggestions i did a combination of kerbals carrying ladders and made a grabbing utility arm using infernal robotics (i unno why i didnt think of that sooner )
  10. I have KAS & KIS, and extraplanetary launch pads (which allows me to build precreated assemblies/sub assemblies in space) so i figured instead of building a space station on the ground i'd launch the basics into orbit and then build the rest in orbit: Problem is i cant move heavy things over 1t with just 1 kerbal, i know i need to have more kerbals to move more things but. How do i keep my kerbals from floating away in 0g so i can move parts around using KAS?
  11. Hs.Panda

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    Oooo!!!! Goodie! :)...hmm i thought i had that mod but maybe not? =/ thx Love your mods btw, ive slowly been having all my kerbals blow each other up with everything xD
  12. Hs.Panda

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    I'll retest, i did also just update to the newest bdac so that might have fixed it. Hey SP, is there any chance of making maybe a modular version of the UD4 belly turret, i'd like to make a few bomber side, tail and roof turrets, like on the b-25 and the b-17, Ud4 is nice, but wanting like a machinegun, not a cannon
  13. Hs.Panda

    [1.4.1] ResearchBodies V1.9.7 (17th Mar 2018)

    Do the research buttons still exist in science mode? Im having some difficulties in actually finding planets without contracts
  14. Can anyone explain how to use the kinetic bombardment weapons? Or at least a good way to aim then
  15. Hs.Panda

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. See Note First post Ref BDA

    Seems the cruise missiles are not "cruising"? Tried launch both the v1 and v2 rockets and they dont seem to be target locking correctly, they'll launch and fly in what ever direction i point them in but with no guidance and will travel in an arch with gravity pulling them down, they seem to travel from launch to crash roughly 3km, (or straight up and then straight down if i launch vertically) ive tried gps targetting targets further then 3km, and closer then 3km, but they dont target. Other cruise missiles ive used from bdac seem to work fine