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  1. Whatever is bound to "MODIFIER_KEY" in settings.cfg in the KSP directory. By default, that's alt on Windows and right shift on Linux (because some crappy desktop environments use it for global shortcuts instead of super like they should).
  2. This mod allows greatly reducing the frequency of GC pauses, exactly as advertised. It went from something like once every 4 seconds to once a minute, for only ~2 GiB extra memory usage. As an owner of a keyboard without a numpad, I am very happy to finally be able to use it, now that the window can be closed. Luckily, the important function (mod+end) isn't on the numpad, but it'd be even better if there was a way to bring the window back after closing it, or adjust the scale of the graph.
  3. Don't use RealPlume? The vacuum spreading effect is the entire point.
  4. Descriptions of semi-major and semi-minor axes are confusing in the context of orbital mechanics. People will probably read "center of orbit" as the focus at the center body, not the geometric center of the orbital ellipse. Would probably be better to describe as "half the largest/smallest diameter of the orbit". Or possibly length/width, if you don't expect users to understand diameter. Separator "creats" a line. I am unsure about the description of Thermal.CriticalPart. I haven't read the code, but my intuitive expectation is that it should be the part that is closest to it's maximum temperature. I'm not sure what it would mean for a part to be "most structurally critical", or how KER could make such a determination. Vessel.SpecificImpulse should probably be described as the "combined" Isp, not the "average". Calling it the average could make people think that it's an arithmetic mean. Surface.Biome should be correct even if the vessel is landed or splashed, so the description should probably not use the word "flying", and instead say "biome below the vessel".
  5. Yeah, the thing I've noticed about stock aero in the prerelease is that the slope of the Cd vs. AoA curve is incredibly steep. Trying to turn your trajectory with lift throws away a huge amount of energy. There's not much engine mass saving to be had by building a spaceplane instead of a rocket.
  6. You probably don't need a maneuver node for that at all. I just set the navball to target relative reference and burn retrograde until velocity hits zero.
  7. The aerospike is almost at the very end of the tech tree, and it costs nearly 4000 spesos. I don't think its a problem if it's strictly better than a couple of the other engines. The aerospike is not based on any engine that has actually flown on a rocket. Aerospike rocket engines are a real thing, but they haven't yet been put to real-world use.
  8. I'm not sure tweaker is right about their proposed changes, 'cause recessed mounting points in the MK3 bulkhead would mean it could only be used for 3-engine designs. But that said, breaking craft files/saves is not as big a problem as you lot think it is. If realism or aesthetics dictates that the overall length of an engine must be changed, just make the new engine design a separate part with the same title, and remove the old one from the parts bin and the part testing contract list. Old ships with deprecated parts will still load and function as designed, but newly-built ships will use the new, prettier engine design.
  9. But then there's no reason to use any engine over any other of the same class, aside from part count. You wouldn't have to think about decisions like whether to use the Spark to save dry mass, or the Terrier for its greater Isp.
  10. I'm having a problem. Due to an unfortunate graphics card mishap, I'm using an Intel integrated GPU. In order to maintain a playable framerate in flight, I have to run the game at 1280x800. But the initial position of the wing parameter dialog box seems to be specified in absolute pixels at a suitable position for a 1920 px wide window. On 1280x800, it's not even visible on screen. I have to run at 1680x1050 to get enough of it poking out the side to grab:
  11. I don't think either mod is intentionally interfering with the other, but if they are installed concurrently, the changes made by AJE to stock jet engines are undone. I was able to restore the AJE functionality by deleting jetEngineAfturburning.cfg, jetEngineBasic.cfg, jetEngineBig.cfg, jetEngineTurbo.cfg, and miniJet.cfg from RealPlume/RealPlume-Stock/Squad.